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A Few Boston MBTA Photos from 3 years ago Today

Fred G

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Yep, 2005, when we needed a permit to take photos on the system. What baloney! These were shot with a Sony DSC V1 point and shoot.



Commuter F40's at North Station



Green Line Trolleys at Beacon Street



Government Center



North Station



Sometimes they didn't see the permit I was wearing on my vest :P


Seeing as I live halfway between NYC and Boston, I need to travel east and capture some of this cool system again.

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Nice shots, my favorite is the second to last one.




Awesome stuff!


It's good to see another city aside from philly still has their trolly cars!


Why do they have the metal grates over the cab windows?


- Andy


Thanks Andy. The grates are protection from rocks and other projectiles

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Nice pics!! My favorite is the first one.


Btw do you still need an photo permit to take pics of MBTA?


Thank you.


No, you do not need a permit after 2007. You'll need to carry some ID because you may be asked to produce it. Other than that, click or video away :P


http://www.nycsubway.org/faq/photopermits.html is a handy page to bookmark as it shows all major transit systems and their policies with contact numbers. Dave updates it fairly regularly.


There used to be a downloadable MBTA Photo Policy PDF at http://transitpolice.us/Photo%20Policy/Photo%20Policy%201.pdf but the site is under construction. I included the link here for someday when they're finished :P

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Since I will be out of here early tomorrow, here are photos from 8-27-05, three years ago.



Green Line E Trolley



My kinda RFW



E Trolley on Huntington



The Forest Hills Station in Boston. Those are Amtrak & MBTA tracks on the right.



Orange Line at Mass Av



Back Bay Station



Commonwealth & Brighton



Blue Line train at Aquarium station.


That's it for now; I hope you enjoy and thanks for looking!

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These are really great shots, I never saw an ad wrapped train before, and they look great!


Thanks, Orion: here's a better view of the side of a Green Line Trolley with the Ipod ad you see all the time :)




I love those pics, and those trolleys!


Thanks UlmerPark B6! B)

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More MBTA pics=Excellent:D


Oh, I have more B)


I'll leave you with one more.




ok, 2 more cuz that one was kinda grainy :)




well it is part of a set, so make it 3




Ok, 3 and that's all. See what you do?




Enjoy :P

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