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My first night time shot - D60HF


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ok plz ive seen pix u took at nite XD heh, anyways love it :( , parkchester? and tremont...?:D
Sure those pics were from me? Well anyways this is Westchester Square. Thanks for the comment. :D


EDIT: Those screenshots I took from my videos don't count hahaha...

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That's real nice
Excellent man!
Thank you.
Nice stuff man!


- Andy

I was suprised how well auto setting worked for this shot.
Nice pics. U did better than me when I took my first night pics in manhattan.
Thanks man.
I love the shot!
Thanks UP!
Nice photo!!
Thank you.
Nice shot man!!
Thanks ENY.
Nice pic I have yet to see how mine come out with night settings
This wasn't even night settings, it was auto lol...Thanks.
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