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08-31-08 Railfanning in the Migh-T Bosstone: Pt 1 Red Line & Mattapan Visit

Fred G

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I visited Boston yesterday, arriving at Quincy Adams station near Braintree at about 6.30 am. Since I live almost equidistant to Boston as to NYC, it's not a big deal to drive the 2 plus change hours either up to Quincy Adams or Riverside station, if i'm up that way.


I had a short itinerary where I'd ride.


Red Line to JFK/UMass, then change to Ashmont Red Line

Red Line to Ashmont.

Mattapan PCC Trolley to Valley Road and back.

Red Line to Park Street

Green Line to Lechmere and then to North Station

Green Line to Science Park, and then to Park Street.

Red Line to Kendall, walk across the Charles River to Charles MGH.

after this I winged it.


I bought a $9 all day pass which entitled me to:

unlimited rides on all subways, trolleys and buses

free zone 1 commuter rail fare

unlimited rides on MBTA harbor ferries (there are 5).






This is where I parked mi coche and rode the Red Line. It's Quincy Adams, the Taj Mahal of parking garages/rail stations. I rode to Ashmont where I boarded the Mattapan High Speed line, with its gorgeous PCC cars.












I got the shots I wanted, headed back to Ashmont and then to JFK/UMass, which is Red Line Subway and Commuter Rail also.



Look, bilevels!



And a nice dirty GP40 pushing 'em B)












Never a dull moment at JFK; still it's time to move on to part 2 when I get them uploaded, etc. Stay tuned, and Here is the first part album

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Excellent! I have yet to do one day trips to Boston. Ok, maybe a 2 day trip so I could take the Bolt Bus up and enjoy the trip to Boston. B)


Thanks, and you won't be sorry, Pablo; Boston has some cool transit.


Awesome shots fred!


I believe all of the diesels in the east have the soot from the rain the last few days. Before that they were all clean!!


- A


LOL, right and magic ponies come out of the vents at night? B):P Thanks for the compliment, Andy.

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