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08-31-08 Railfanning in the Migh-T Bosstone: Pt 3 Longfellow Bridge Obsession

Fred G

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I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for railroad bridges or just trains going over a bridge. The Longfellow Bridge over the Charles River in Boston is no exception. There's construction going on and the inner lane was closed to vehicle traffic, but not to peds or one Fred G. Bonus!







The ever popular portal shot



The ever popular all up in yo face shot






Bonus Pic: have a laugh on me B)



Album here


I have more photos but am taking a break!


Thanks for viewing my photos.

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Nice photos!!




Very cool stuff!


- A




Haha, awesome! I love the Red Line up in Boston.


Thanks, I really like it too. Just north of where I took these pics it stays underground and it's kinda boring but the rest is way cool.


OMG that first shot is so damn good...Also LOL @ the last one...Passenger Ass Stanc :eek:


Thanks very much and I was cracking up when I saw that sign B)

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