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The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Discussion Thread

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Welcome to The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Discussion Thread. In an effort to devise potential solutions to correct NYCHA's most persistent deficiencies, this is an opportunity to publicly share your thoughts while maintaining your anonymity. For years, numerous developments under NYCHA ownership have physically deteriorated due to NYCHA's failure to deploy employees to make crucial repairs. Tenants are consequently forced to live in hazardous conditions as thousands of apartments suffer exceptional mold damage, paint containing toxic levels of lead, and an absence of heat due to aged, outdated boiler systems. From a social perspective, NYCHA has seemed to have taken a step backward by allowing individuals with violent criminal convictions into developments to preserve family unity, a move that only compartmentalizes crime in developments further. The term "projects" is commonly associated with NYCHA's developments—a branding that holds a dark reputation in being synonymous with community ghettos paralyzed by widespread crime and poverty. In face of NYCHA resides two obstacles: their lack of activity in securing physically-sound developments for their tenants and the lifestyle they enable by allowing convicts with felonies to take shelter within their grounds, further excacerbating crime and poverty that gave NYCHA their name as we know. Share your experience with any of NYCHA's developments and include any feedback you deem critical to improve life for tenants, even if it may seem too minuscule to make traction.

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NYCHA needs to be dissolved.  Those housing projects are money pits and those buildings will only become worse as time goes on.  The City can't afford to keep throwing money at those buildings, which is why they are quietly trying to sell of land and so on that involves them.  The buildings are essentially well past their time and the situation won't improve given the fiscal constraints of all parties involved.

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