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1997 - 1999 Orion V CNG Assignments ?

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IIRC, SC had 708 - 751. The 98/9900s were entirely at CP before quite a few got sent to WF and JG, I don't remember the exact numbers of units that went to NYCT.



7200s were ex Triboro and CP had most of them, I can't remember if any ever made it to SC.

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Man, you'd need one of the old TTMG rosters for this. Those buses went everywhere in later years. Trainfan is right that the Command buses went to SC, the Triboros to CP and the Queens Surface buses at well. If I remember right the Command and Triboro buses originally had semi-suburban seats and were used for express service (though later bumped down to local), while most of the QSC buses had transit seats and ran on local routes (and in turn ended up in NYCB service at the end). SC did get a handful of 7200s before retirement. Looking back on my records, I photographed at least 7216 and 7219 out of SC--think they got the lower numbers and CP kept the higher ones. A bunch of 9800s and 9900s bounced around NYCB in their final years--WF and JG each had a large batch once the 1995 V CNGs were retired, at one point LIB even had a few buses during a pinch, and finally they retired from NYCB out of JG. Gleason's last buses were 9827, 9829, 9843, 9846, 9911 and a couple others. The last bus to run systemwide was 9849, which became a foamer favorite in those last few weeks of kids chasing them around Queens (the CP buses ran LGA routes for many of the final days), and 9874 was the last operable bus as a maintenance shuttle at CP.

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So yeah like everyone else said the 708-751 were ex Command Bus units (SC) 

7214-7285 were from Triboro Coach (LGA)

8568-8581- were from Queens Surface (CP)

9827-9999 were also from CP

9827-9931 were 1999 units and 9932-9999 were 1998 units.

9999 was renumbered to 8582.

In the days before the NF C40LF’s came in back in 2011;

WF and JG had several 1999 units. Several of those units never made it back to CP however some did. 

SC primiarly had the 700’s even though they also did have 7214-7219 and 7221

CP did have 711, 713, 717, 748-750 and the rest of the 7200s all the 8500s and all the 9800 and 9900 units that weren’t at WF/JG.

I remember even later on in 2011, Long Island Bus borrowed several of the Orion V CNG’s from the city while their own buses were being fixed up. 

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