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how can one tell the difference?


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u can tell the difference definitely between the 68 and the 68a's..

Heres how :


Car numbers


R68 Car numbers range from 2500-2924


R68A Car numbers range from 5001-5200




Cab doors; Open and swing like a regular door on the 68's.


Cab doors; Slide back and forth on the 68a's




R68 Rollsign:



R68A Rollsign:




Route letters on the Outside of the train:


R68- 2500'S - 2790'S, The letter is displayed alot lower then the R68A


R68 display :





R68A Display :Higher then the 68s






hope this clears some air with the R68/R68A Hippo differences



then some people have a problem differentiating :




An R42, R62, R17, R32






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How can one tell the difference between an A or B of a subway car model bby looking at it? Like R68 and R68A.


Car with Full cab: A

Car with No cab: B

I'm not so sure, but i think a car with Half-width cab like R32's are A, but that i'll have to check

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no, that is far from a description.

he said how can you tell the difference between a A car and a B car of a train

that is how you tell the difference between A and B

A with cab

B without cab

easiest way there is.

forget car numbers and everything, the car number trick (odd being B, even being A) only works on R44's and R46's.

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