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N & R Pics From Today

Sea Beach

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Nice pics! ;)


Thank You :P


Love your pictures.


But the R32 (R) just makes me feel very strange.


Thank You :D Why does it make ya feel strange? Cause its outside and its on the Sea Beach?



BTW: I may be going RF Sat & Sun so more pics and vids coming soon!

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Okay, I'll say it, I just hope no one hurts me. I don't find the R32s remotely aesthetically pleasing. They function well, but I'm a little shallow sometimes.


LOL!! Everybody has there opinion,its ok. :D


*note to self: Hurt Amelia next time I see her*:(:D;)




if you ride a 32, or basically car through the Queens Blvd line, take the express train, and once you enter Woodhaven Blvd, they make this whirring sound the 32 is the best tho


I wonder why it makes that sound at that stop. and yes,the 32 is the best!


like thr R32




The Vinster got some brightliners!


LOL!! "The Vinster". I like that :D. Yep,im always catching those 32's and brightliners.

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