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NYC... capital of the world?


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Say for some reason the planet Earth had to represent itself to aliens... would you say NYC would be picked as the planetary capital?


Other choices IMO would be:


A) Tokyo

:P Paris

C) London

D) Moscow (?)


I'd say NYC is the capital of the world. It is a social, political, cultural, and economic mecca that just cannot be compared to.



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I understand that what the Prime Meridian and GMT are.... but eh... that doesn't define the "CENTER" of the world.


That can't really be determined, and if you were to be completely accurate, wouldn't it be where 0 latitude and 0 longitude would be? (Atlantic Ocean south of Ghana IIRC)

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I would tell the alien that it's subjective, and that he can choose whatever he wants.




It would be up to the alien to observe all of our characters and make an educated, informed decision in regards to which city would be picked, if they indeed wanted to see a city to represent Earth. That would be a good alien (lol Beowuf reference, school is getting to me... :confused:)

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