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Subways and Regional Rail, April 29

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Thanks again Curtis! :tup:

Nice pix of the Septas and an Amtrak Acela set rocking that sad Septa car.

Can't compare the :septa: to Amtrak's bullet train lol. Thanks! B)

Like I said over in the Amtrak forum, Great shots!:tup:

Thanks again kaback9! B)

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nice photos dude

Thanks D.J.!

Nice photos we don't to see septa too often on here!

Well use the chance! B) I try to get some as soften as I can.


Now, I really want to go back to Philadelphia

Use May 9th as an excuse! Thanks for the comment.

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The station itself is a lot to see, and I heard they're gonna be giving tours of some Amtrak fleets. I wish I could go somehow, but that's my first day on my job... :cry:

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Breaker Breaker, DJ is in Philadelphia, i repeat, DJ is in Philadelphia :cool: 10-4

lol, I'll get some pics and videos for you guyses :cool:

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Next year make sure to take that day off.


It was so totally amazing & cool to be in the cab of a former metroliner EMU. Their indicator layout & design is similar to an airplane, too bad the equipment never lived up to expectations due to truck & other problems.


The Acela didn't disappoint either, i had no idea that the conductor got his own office on board. A very innovative and good idea. The whole trainset had one good surprise after another.


:septa: also stepped up to the plate offering (unplanned obviously) numerous married pairs, a few with singles hooked on, some oldies but goodies (single old school units) i even got to stop on track A at suburban station and wait for a replacement train on track 1. If i was commuting i may have been irritated, but being a railfan first & foremost, it was very cool. :tup:


- A

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