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Some PATCO pics 4/23/09

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On my way to the Brewers-Phillies game when Dave Bush almost pitched a no-hitter, I took some PATCO pics. I would have taken more but once I arrived at the Woodcrest platform, the train already pulled in. Also, I did not have the railfan seat on the way back.


My PATCO ticket:






Transfer ticket to SEPTA (MTR a while ago wanted to see a pic of this):




Into the Mickle Street portal:



Out of the Mickle Street portal before going back underground in downtown Camden:



Onto the Ben Franklin Bridge:



The prision:



Delaware River and North Philadelphia:



I-95 South and the MFL tracks. IIRC, if the PATCO train was arrived to this spot a tad later, I would have caught an MFL train in this shot.



Into the Philadelphia portal:



Train leaving 12 and 13 Streets:


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I would've gotten more but the operator didn't pull his little partition closed on both trips and Patco "doesn't allow" photography of their stuff. From what I heard this year Patco is overhauling all their trains. Stripping the exterior and interiors etc. Shame they can't get new trainsets cause those things ride rough.

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