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I am Arthur P. Bloom, and I am a newly-registered member. I live on beautiful Shelter Island, just across the water from the Greenport LIRR station.


I first rode the subway as an infant, and now, 62 years later, I still get a chill and a thrill when I pass through the turnstile, smell that distinctive mixture and hear the wheels on the rails. I play with trains.


I am a retired telephone company engineer, part time tutor, and the President-for-Life of the www.SIBTA.com which is described best here:




I hope to be able to increase my knowledge of all subterranean RR things.



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Mr. Bloom,


Welcome and thanks for joining the community. There's a lot of very, very knowledgeable members who are always willing to share their knowledge of subways, buses, and anything else transit.



Webmaster & Administrator


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Welcome to the forums. I read the rticle, that was some funny stuff.

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