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  1. The North Shore of Nassau is the lightly populated part of the county. It's mainly residential with a few clubs and stores spread out. The n27's weekend ridership got cut because it feeds people directly into Roosevelt Field from Glen Cove without serving Mineola.
  2. Getting Good for the Q36's sake means full time service to Floral Park, and resurrecting the Q79 to have it run between Little Neck and Queens Village LIRR, or serve that new Elmont LIRR station that's being built by Belmont Park.
  3. It makes sense since that stretch of Jericho has businesses and people tend to use the n24 whenever Q36 is a no-show.
  4. The NICE Link didn't serve the two common destinations that people in Bellmore, Merrick, and East Meadow wanted to go: NCC for the college students, and Hicksville Railroad station. Those neighborhoods used to be served by the n45, n50, and n51, but those routes got eliminated due to low ridership and budget cuts under Mangano. People living there have been calling for their restorations. Another factor seems to be that a lot of newer residents living on the South Shore want to be within reasonable walking distance of the bars, shopping centers, and railroad station for the travel into the city.
  5. The n31/32 tends to get stuck around Five Corners in Lynbrook, held up by the railroad crossings at Hempstead Avenue in Malverne and West Broadway in Hewlett whenever the LIRR is passing thru, crawling around Central Avenue in Downtown Cedarhurst. Those factors can slow the route down.
  6. I just now remember that new houses are being built by the Stewart Avenue entrance/exit in Roosevelt Field and that might be a factor in the n15, n22x, and n24 running with some delays during the rush since those routes enter the mall at the Ring Road before the Meadowbrook instead of East Gate Blvd-Zeckendorf- and accessing the terminal from points west.
  7. Hempstead Transit Center closes around 10-11pm and the buses still active around that time do pickups/drop offs on West Columbia Street by the LIRR station. The n35 is getting cutting back most likely for security reasons as that part of Hempstead is pretty dangerous at due to the number of assaults and robberies happening near the Terminal.
  8. I'm guessing the agency wants to take the Q114 off Brookville Blvd to avoid that marsh between Rockaway Blvd and 149th Avenue because it's prone to flooding.
  9. That's actually a good question. NICE's Ridership was around 87,000 in 2017 due the severe cuts in service caused by Ed Mangano cutting their funding at the time. It might be a little higher now because of external factors like the new County Executive restoring their funding, the n40/41 getting 24 hrs service, Saturday Service on the n78/79 being restored, ridership on the Elmont Flexi growing enough to warrant more service, and n88 concert service being restored. If that PDF file they put on their website is anything to go by, NICE's ridership is growing during the evening rush hours and weekends.
  10. The n31/32 is actually one of the most reliable routes in the NICE system. It just starts running at combined 30 minute headways after 6PM even though it's ridership is pretty heavy between Five Corners and Mott/B.21 in Far Rockaway during the PM rush hours.
  11. The n40/41 and n31/32 are both running on a schedule for the summer. They're not on Headway management.
  12. I've heard that the n78/79 has an average ridership of around 1,200, and the restoration of Saturday Service might add another 200-400 to it.
  13. NICE just released their Summer Schedule. I'm surprised that the Elmont Flexi is getting more hours, with the first trip to Green Acres leaving Meacham Ave and Hempstead Turnpike at 4:50 in the morning.
  14. The best solution for the n24 is to have it turn off Jamaica Avenue at Springfield Blvd to reach Hillside Avenue. Closed Door service on Jericho between Cross Island and Little Neck Parkway isn't an option because that stretch is within Nassau County's borders.
  15. I'm guessing NICE uploaded it intentionally because they secured enough funding to restore concert service on the n88, but didn't have time to create a completely new timetable for it.

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