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  1. Q4-It's fine as is on Linden and gets to Jamaica Center with little trouble. Q27-I rather just take the route off Holly and Kissena. That's the only part of the route which slows everything down between Flushing and Cambria Heights. Q31-Needs more Service hours after rush hours. Not too keen on serving the Shopping Center, last thing city buses need are people crowding the aisle with their shopping carts and bags. Q66-Leave it alone. It's needed just in case the goes down. Q76-I wish they'd do something about this route. I keep seeing 2 or three of them on Hillside. Q94- What happened to the Q44? Are people giving up on it post SBS?
  2. Easily the n45, n50, and n73. The former (n45) because I'm not sure of NICE can get away with having a branch of the n43 go into Bellmore via Babylon Turnpike, the latter because all people bring up at the community meetings is wanting bus service on Newbridge Road east of Hempstead Turnpike. The n51 can pretty much stay dead unless NICE can figure out how to serve MSK at Uniondale and avoid the RXR Plaza at Glenn Curtiss Blvd. IIRC, the n46 got absorbed into the n47 before both routes got eliminated. I'm not sure if there's even space at HTC since NICE redid the bay assignments some time ago. I can also see the n73 coming back for coverage reasons.
  3. The only routes I see coming back are weekend service on the n27, n36, n45, n50, and n72 to Babylon at some capacity. The county would rather recombine the n20G/H back into the n20 for the convenience of Hicksville/East Meadow Residents, and college students who love their one seat ride into Queens. The problem still remains of what to do with the n20 between Roslyn Clock Tower, and Hicksville when the semester is over. The n20H runs nonstop between Glen Cove Road and Broadway Mall because the people who live there don't want bus service.
  4. I found one for their low ridership routes. It begins at Pg. 126 https://www.nicebus.com/NICE/media/assets/NICE-Title-VI-Large-Program-Executed-2019.pdf
  5. Q5 is used more by people coming from points west trying to get to Green Acres. It's also used by n4 riders using it as an alternative to the n1 when it doesn't show up. The n4 would get more usage on Merrick if it wasn't pushed back to the far end of the bays by 150th/Archer.
  6. There's no difference between the Q25/34/65. You can use one or the other between Jamaica-Flushing and not notice anything unusual. Q65 is used more by people who live by the Flushing Hospital Q25/34 is used more by people who live off Kissena and using it if they're not cramming themselves on the Q17.
  7. n1: Heavy usage on Central from Stuart to Valley Stream Rail Road Station, Light on Elmont Road during off peak hours. Elmont Flexi: Gets more usage on Meacham Ave, with Rockaway Ave at Merrick and Green Acres being most used stops
  8. I think there's high demand for the n1 to Jamaica, but it's still the invisible route along Elmont Road. Also noticing high usage on Sunday Mornings.
  9. I honestly think the Q85. I've been noticing a lot of 111s to Farmers leaving with 113/114s even though Rosedale-Jamaica thru Brewer and 147th is faster than that same trip going thru Conduit, Springfield, Merrick. Always liked 147th/Brewer as my go to route. But the fam likes doing Rockaway/Sutphin because it's even faster to Jamaica.
  10. I honestly think the 85s to Rosedale will be moved to 147th while Limiteds/Green Acres Trips handle the Conduits. I personally feel that those Green Acres Patrons are holding out hope that NICE somehow serves the mall since the n1 running between Elmont and Hewlett looks too "frequent" in comparison to the 5s and 85s laying over at the Ring Road. As for the Q27s, I've tried it before and there's usually enough gap in service past Hempstead Avenue that's possible to just go to mcDonalds, eat, and come back just in time for the bus to arrive at the stop. Really, the only people who use it at Cambria Heights are coming from Linden and Murdock.
  11. I see something similar happening on Grand Avenue in Baldwin as to improve road safety.
  12. The stop has been consolidated with the Q1/Q43 stand. That long line that usually wraps around 168th and Hillside are patrons waiting for the n1 and n6x
  13. Here are my thoughts. Q111-Most likely terminates at Rochdale Village and Farmers Blvd Q114-Sole Route Operating on 147th Avenue Q85-Green Acres-Farmers/137th Ave to Jamaica Route n1-Moved onto Mill Road and most likely terminating at Cedarhurst and Rocakway Turnpike, Finally taking it off those small streets in Valley Stream Q9-Finally gets moved into the Lefferts Air Train Station. Same goes with Q40.
  14. The only people who would use the Q27 going down to Laurelton are those who want access to the NICE buses at Merrick, Hempstead Avenue, Jamaica, and Hillside. The ones that are trying to head to Jamaica will just use the Q85 to Parsons-Archer for their one seat ride
  15. Yes, the human passenger counters operate out of Hempstead Transit Center 18,000 is an increase in ridership. Old CEO loved to brag about how the n6 got 14,000 riders.

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