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  1. New York City has the strictest Gun Control Laws as to discourage vigilante style justice and leaving it up to the courts to prosecute corrupt cops and criminals alike. New York State also had a problem with the Attica Prison Riots in the 70s, high crime in the 80s-90s, 9/11, the Blackout of 2003, Hurricane Sandy, and a series of Anti-Trump Protests looming around Trump Tower. It's impossible for them to suddenly evoke the limits of executive power after the Governor shut the state down because of a pandemic, and the Mayor just shut New York City Public Schools. The lack of consistency is what's hurting them. Long Island had two days of peaceful protests with only one arrest in Shirley and there's one in Far Rockaway and Five Towns following the curfew.
  2. I've heard local law enforcement used contact tracing and state license plate information to catch that the looters weren't residents of New York but people using the death of George Floyd to go after luxury goods. Many Non Violent Protests like the one in Queens were shown to be peaceful with police and protestors bowing for silence. Many Shopkeepers have also heard the looters planning to do this before the riots break out. For the record, I do think that Trump is doing a very poor job of governing the country, it's just that the opposition is doing a poorer job of discussing matters.
  3. I wish I was joking but things are so bad in the city that Nassau is suspending bus service into Queens as early as 5pm today because of the curfew and the protests. The problem boils down to Cuomo and DeBlasio slacking off so much during the past 2 months and not having a game plan that they're unprepared for a situation that's beyond New York State or the City's ability to control.
  4. Due to a Curfew in Effect, the following changes happened last night to the Jamaica Flushing Routes: n4 ending at Hook Creek Blvd and Merrick Road n6 terminating at Hempstead Turnpike and Elmont n20G running to 162 Street while avoiding Main at Roosvelt n22/24 ending at Hillside Avenue and Little Neck Parkway n31/32 now ending at Lawrence due to protests at 5pm in Far Rockaway n33: now ending at Atlantic Beach due to a protest in Far Rockaway It will start at 7:30 pm in accordance to the Curfew set in place by the Mayor today, which has been extended to June 7th https://www.nicebus.com/Service-Alerts
  5. No, I think the MTA is relying too much on computers to instruct passengers. The plan could've been handled better with paper schedules and dispatches guiding passengers to safety.
  6. New Yorkers tend to hate Albany far more than the city although that's changed over the past years thanks in part by Mayor Deblasio's actions. Albany has always been hated for corruption with politicians taking bribes for favors to the party in power. The City is complex in that it's corruption has gone back to the days of Tammany Hall. Things quiet down when Fiorello LaGuardia vowed end corruption and crime. Everything wrong with New York City can be rooted back to Guliani taking credit for things he didn't do and reaching fever pitch buying into the myth of being America's Mayor and now Mayor Deblasio forgetting that he's mayor of NYC, not South Boston in his approach to governing. Bloomberg alternates between being criticized for being a Nanny to the other states or securing more power akin to a Roman Emperor. What makes New York complicated for me is that Trump, the once millionaire playboy celebrity matured into a law and order candidate while Andrew Cuomo is still desperate to live up to the high expectations placed on him and securing for himself. It doesn't make for good optics that Trump looks far more mature than Cuomo who spent 2 months doing frat boy comedy with his younger brother during a lockdown.
  7. From what I have heard, the rioters and looters are actually out of state residents or from Upstate. They're deliberately targeting luxury stores on Fifth, Sixth, Lexington and Madison Avenue from Soho up until Queesboro Bridge. Among the people arrested were a furloughed lawyer and friend going full Sacko and Vanzetti, and the mayor's own daughter.
  8. A lot of motorists in Nassau and Suffolk tend to dread the LIE from Glen Cove Road right up until Cross Island Parkway. I doubt NICE wants to serve those people since it would be torment. The n88 to Jones Beach has high ridership because it serves city residents who want to head to the Beach for concerts and has a ticket package with the LIRR. I personally do not know if NICE will run Summer Service to Jones Beach because the County Executive really hates the Mayor of NYC for that stunt he pulled over Memorial Day . Keep in mind she won the election by vowing not to be like Ed Mangano who is currently on trial for governing the county like a mob boss.
  9. The Night Bus Map for Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan looks better than their Day Map. I was pleasantly surprised to learn the Q24 actually ends just within a few blocks of the B46 at Broadway. I didn't even know the Q40 had overnight service. All I ever see on Sutphin at Late Nights are Q43, Q60, Q24, Q6... I typically see far more buses on Hillside coming in and out of 165th than Archer or even Jamaica Avenue. Overnight Flushing tends to be Q17 and Q27 on schedule as opposed to the 5 of them that show up on Main and Roosevelt while the Q44 is the only thing being frequent. Using Main-Union-39th to reach Northern must be the smartest thing the MTA has done for the Q28.
  10. How? The Subway Schedules feel unreliable and time flows differently in New York City Subways. I'd understand if they cut the from Jamaica Center to Union Turnpike or reduce the to a South Ferry-Walkefield trip but there's no way to measure time effectively in the subways the same way the LIRR does for trains coming in and out of Penn. This plan works effectively in places like Flushing at Main Street and Roosvelt Avenue, Hillside Avenue, Fordam Road, Midtown Manhattan around 34 to 59th Street, and Downtown Brooklyn. The problem is that the City never invested in some kind of Intermodal Center and they let the suburbs built one out on White Plains, Hempstead, Mineola, and Staten Island. So now everything's topsy turvy where the suburbs are stuck using the buses they hate and forced to make transfers at the multimodal centers while the city is stuck under the Elevated Tracks or out on the street at curbside waiting for the once an hour bus to take them home.
  11. I wonder how the MTA will sell the new Queens Bus Network because sub chat has been painting a less than colorful picture of the Private Bus Lines. Queens Bus Lines were funded by the city to cover the areas not served by the MTA and Bloomberg handed control over to the state when he was mayor. Sub Chat went into specifics where I think Green Bus Lines had the most beaten down buses and colorful bus drivers. In fact what brought the Queens Bus Lines down was focusing more on fare box recovery and they didn't get federal subsidies until they were made part of the MTA. I left out Queens Surface, Triboro Coach, and Jamaica Bus Lines because they have less colorful histories. Edit: Sorry, I have been practicing Social Distancing and aside from some recorded meeting from February at Jamaica showing the MTA admitting to working closely with NICE on one of the routes, I have nothing to contribute. Truth is they get verbally ripped by angry bus riders at the Private Meeting in February. It was low audio and uploaded on Youtube by Passangers United. Stumbled upon it a few days ago.
  12. The Problem with Nassau getting rid of the buses and the LIRR Commuters wanting do away with the bus system is that a lot inner Nassau Routes gets high usage among people traveling from South of Merrick Road and Sunrise Highway to places like Mineola, Hempstead, Hicksville, Roosevelt Field. People living in the Hub also are trying to head South to Merrick Road for the n4, or further South to Five Towns, Far Rockaway, Long Beach, South Freeport, Baldwin Harbor, or North to Glen Cove, Locust Valley, Bavyille, Great Neck, LIJ, or even North Shore University Hospital. They succeeded in gutting the bus system only to reveal a glaring flaw: No plausible way to get to places communities north of Hillside Avenue without a car. The people from Hempstead would rather bike to Rosyln than take the cab, and the people with cars tend to make for the parkway as to avoid Hempstead Turnpike near the Coliseum or Jericho Turnpike between Mineola Blvd and what I am assuming is Little Neck Parkway as the choke point. I am glad you brought up money because Baumann Buses went out of Business sometime around April because they couldn't afford to keep the buses running because of the shutdown. Transdev got in trouble for admitting that they make a lot of money funneling people in and out of Hempstead with the n6 being their biggest money maker due to high farebox recovery.
  13. From what I have heard, the homeless have traded the subway for the buses since the shutdown.
  14. I stand corrected, Public Transit in New York won't survive without a good deep cleaning and sanitation. Some time needs to be dedicated to cleaning the Sixth Avenue, Eight Avenue, and QBL, and Seventh Avenue Subway Lines before people can go back to work.
  15. The Belmont Branch exists for the horse races at Belmont Park. What's going on is that a new stadium is being built for the Islanders and it's set to open around 2021. No Service Plan exists yet but I was suggesting the LIRR eliminate it since the new stadium is gonna be built with a new station for Elmont that renders the Belmont Branch useless. The problem with that branch has been getting people in and out of Belmont Park in an orderly manner without leaving people stranded.
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