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  1. What's wrong with the 2B? I tried the S1 to Farmingdale State College for a connection to the n70, and the guy on board the bus was complaining about how the 2B won't honor the transfer at Smith Street. I see SCT using small Arbok buses for the S20 at Sunrise Mall while waiting for the n71.
  2. Transdev or other global private transportation contractors start running services. Suffolk Transit takes advantage of the chaos and secures funding for their buses.
  3. The LIRR simply doesn't have the fleet to enhance service on the non-Ronkonkoma, Babylon, and Port Washington Branches. The agency also knows that their riders don't like the look of the old M3 fleet because it looks battered.
  4. Bee Line Randomly assign articulated buses because their 40 foot buses mainly consist of Orion Vs.
  5. I get the impression that Bee Line really wants to update their routes to 21st Century, but are simply too afraid to make changes. I give the 1 credit for going all the way up to Tarrytown and White Plains from the Bronx. I've been to Tarrytown and there's nothing really special about it. They're just capitalizing on the Sleepy Hollow legend up there. My issue with the 1 in general is that it's too much of a workhorse for Westchester. IMO, it's been this way ever since they started messing with the BxM4C.
  6. I've been seeing less of car services ever since the n40/41 got 24 hours of service. Car Services now serve areas north of HTC during overnight. It doesn't help that a lot of those cabbies will drive fast or do everything in their power to avoid the motion sensing traffic signals to get their passenger to the destination. A lot of Eastern routes got cut because jobs left the area and Briarcliff shut down. Some got saved because they served vital areas, like the n78/79 services Plainview Hospital. The Nassau Queens Routes have the highest ridership in NICE. The Inter-Nassau Routes with High Ridership are: the n88, n40/41, n15, n70/71/72, n25, n35, and n16.
  7. Transdev retired the Orion Vs because the tanks for the buses are pretty much expired and the county refuse to pay for the parts. They closed down RVC Depot in favor of those apartments under Mangano. There's enough buses to go around, It's just that most of the routes eliminated weren't profitable or redundant. The Mercy Medical and Flexi are exemptions because they're for hospital workers. The n80 is for Amazon and people working out of Bethpage.
  8. The agency just wants to avoid service Inwood and get directly into the Bronx.
  9. I think they want Articulated buses on the n4 during peak hours just like the n6. As for the n20/n21, NICE might be forced to recombine the n20 since it gets 7000 riders and East Meadow/Hicksville people don't want to do the xfer at Middle Neck and Northern Blvd from the G/H.
  10. Those express buses would be going out on the n22, n24, n20, n72, n4, n15, and n6. All the complaints about runtime would go down on those routes if people saw them. There's nothing wrong with the Orion VIIs, RTS, or even Orion Vs, they're just too "slow", and "dirty" for Nassau residents. Suburban riders treat their buses as premium service. LIRR is for people heading into the city for a party or a show. Express busses to Mineola-Roosvelt Field would benefit reverse peak commuters who want to shop till they drop or hate the Main Line with a passion.
  11. I don't like that plan to put express buses on the Henry Hudson. Broadway is faster if you're getting from Uptown to Midtown. The Henry Hudson can be pretty slow due to traffic approaching the bridge. The express buses are better off doing pick ups/drop offs on 12th Ave in both directions if they're serious about it.
  12. According to NICE's own statistics, the n15 averages 5000 riders daily and the n35 gets about 3000 riders. A lot of it has to do with service hours and since the n35 is mainly used by people shopping, it gets cut early. The n35 south of HTC used to end later, but it got cut for security reasons relating to Hempstead Transit Center. Now it's North of HTC that ends at 11pm.
  13. I think it was Jack Martins who said he was going to bring the MTA back. From what I understood, it wasn't Manago's fault, but the work of Nassau Republicans. Dean Skelos used to secure funding for Nassau before he got arrested. Nassau Republicans like to give their family high positions, and they tend to have spoiled kids.
  14. Long Island voted for Trump because they hate NYC. Including Nassau/Suffolk Democrats. Cuomo and Count Executive Curran bond over their mutual hatred of Deblasio
  15. It gets decent ridership South of HTC along Grand Avenue in Baldwin. The n37 leg of the route gets usage at the Shopping Centers, Baldwin Railroad Station and Merrick Road. South of Merrick is just used by people who want access to Baldwin Harbor, which is mainly residential. All NICE did was stop turning the n35 into a workhorse and let it supplement the n15/16 north of HTC. Riders at Roosevelt Field just prefer it over the other two because the n16 is very slow and non existent along Franklin/Hempstead Ave, and the n15's main focus is getting people in and out of Long Beach/Oceanside.

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