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  1. I wish I can find the numbers under the LIB. The ridership data for Nassau Queens Route goes as follows n6: 13,500 Riders under LIB, 14,000-18,000 Riders as of 2020. It gained riders when the rush hour trips on the N2 and N3 to Jamaica were cut n4: 9,000 tied with the n40/41 to Freeport under LIB, 10,000 as of 2016 for the n4 with the n40/41 down to 7000 n20: 7000 Riders *Route Separate to cut down on delays into Queens n21: 900 before it was cut back to Great Neck Station n22: Currently at 6700 Riders n24: Currently at 5'400 Riders n31/32: This one is tricky because combined it's at 6000 riders. Under LIB, the data showed the n31's ridership lower than the n32. n1: Down from 1900 to 1500 and up again to 1770 with peak hour trips.
  2. According the Queens Chronicle, there was looting going on around Queens Center Mall-Rego Center with protesters throwing water bottles and rocks at police while running around. The MTA forgets that I cannot see anything on Queens Blvd because Lefrak City is blocking the view of everything. The article mentions Slattery Plaza at Woodhaven and 63rd Drive at Rego Park as the area of where looting takes place. This sounds like the Queens I know. I am assuming that something similar is happening at Kings Plaza Mall around Flatbush. The Valley Stream Residents elected to build a barrier by the Nassau-Queens Border at Green Acres sometime ago in response to the Q5 and Q85 serving Green Acres from the MTA. South Valley Stream tends to be more upfront about not wanting Queens while North Valley Stream welcomes them. It seems neither are cluing in on the shoppers at the Macy's Lot merely waiting for the Q5 to go into service. I haven't seen much commuter vans in the area since Bronx BBQ, Toys-R-Us closed. The Mall recently opened an Aldi's Grocery Store where the old theater used to be. There were a similar demonstration at the Queens Boro Hall at Queens Blvd near the Union Turnpike Station on the lines held by the assemblymen and John Liu. It seems that Black Lives Matter are smaller in number but boast their power while the local politicians are well organized.
  3. The MTA isn't acknowledging that the commutes on buses are getting shorter because the trip times are getting longer. In Flushing, there's more usage along Kissena Blvd and around Flushing Hospital from the Subway at Main Street for the or people using the stop at Kissena and Main for points East. They seem unwilling to move buses over to Union Street or Bowne Street when the road was narrowed in Main between Roosevelt and Northern Blvd. The only routes I see for the long lines are the Q17/27 for Fresh Meadows, n20G at Sanford and Kissena for Little Neck Residents. The Q12's ridership is coming from Northern right after Bell and Before Marathon Parkway. The Q13 scoop up those people. The Q44/20 is now used by people who want direct service from Jamaica to Flushing. The Q60 nowadays is used by people between QCM and Queens Plaza, while the Q32's usage is increasing between 59th and 60th and Broadway-74th Street on Roosevelt Avenue. On the Express Bus Service Side, the Dutch Broadway and Elmont Road route into Manhattan isn't going to get any riders. Those Elmont and North Valley Stream residents are upfront about being clueless about the n1 and prefer to just walk over to Linden for the Q4 or north on the Elmont Road avoiding the side of the Cemetery for the n6 at Hempstead Turnpike. Elmont and North Valley Stream is merely 20-30 minutes away from the at Hillside Avenue and 179th Street, 30-40 Minutes away from the stop Subway at Archer Avenue.
  4. Long Island tends to grouped based on the LIRR station they live in or Fare Zone. A lot of new residents do not Transfer at Jamaica or even Woodside for the Subway and merely want to head into Manhattan as fast as possible. Over the past decade the LIRR has been marketing themselves as direct service into Penn Station and dread that their line might be cut once East Side Access is completed and having to transfer at Jamaica for another train to Penn or Grand Central. The Railroad Employees do not mention the buses and rails at either Jamaica or Woodside. They go with the assumption that people will take the subway at Atlantic Avenue-Barclay's Center in Downtown Brooklyn, or the same Lines at Penn Station.
  5. This explains why Nassau County has been tearing itself apart over the past two months. The LIRR has been handing out Discount Fares to the City and Nassau Residents cannot do the old Park and Ride at any of the Queens stop. The truth is that a lot of newer residents are more budget savvy and merely by Off Peak Fares or travel during Off Peak Hours. It's been the Weekly and Monthly Riders who go to Hicksville and Mineola, or the Babylon Line at Rockville Centre, and East of Freeport screaming their heads off. The South Shore West of the Meadowbrook is use the train for Brooklyn and the Bus to Subway to Manhattan as to save money. For the record, I take the Hempstead Branch and merely rely on the Port Washington Branch. The Main Line is too prone to delays and the Bablyon Branch feels like it's competing with the n4 and n19 for customers. IIRC, the Main Line is losing customers to the n22/24 between Jamaica and Mineola/Roosevelt Field and is only used by n40/41 riders heading South or n23 riders heading North to Roslyn.
  6. I read in the local papers that there was a protest in Five Towns organized by the residents over there which and given the approval of the Mayor in Cedarhurst. It's been causing NICE to terminate the n31/32 over at Rockaway Turnpike this week but we haven't heard anything about the Q113 or Q114. It's tricky because Five Towns is more organic and doesn't mind the n31/32 running into Queens since it's used by Lawrence and Cedarhurst residents to get into Mott Avenue. NICE has been moving the n31/32/33's stand around from Subway Terminal to avoiding the stop at B.21 and Mott. I thought the city knew that those mile long lines by the and on Rockaway Turnpike by the n31 were people getting fed up waiting for the Q22 and Q113/114. Nassau Residents around Hewlett have been baffled by the sudden increase in the 31/32's ridership South of Broadway at Sheridan. They would faint if I told them that Inner Far Rockaway usage and Mott Avenue to Cedarhurst Avenue usage is increasing on the n32 while the n31 is used by health aides heading to work along West Broadway. In short, they're oblivious to the Queens Residents who use the n31/32 as a means to connect to the n1 at Hewlett for Green Acres as to avoid 5 Towns Shopping Center. In short, NICE's knows Queens Residents use their buses for reverse peak travel by the law prevents them from fully serving Queens. Old Bus Drivers thought that the fare beaters would get them in trouble with the MTA for breaking the law in exchange for a free fare. Newer Ones know that they're being filmed on security cameras which were installed in response to the assaults on bus operators on the n6 at Hempstead, and n22/24 at Roosvelt Field done by Queens Village Residents heading to the Mall. I tend to omit that Nassau County Residents hate that they are reliant on Queens Residents to work at their Malls in Green Acres and Roosevelt Field or drive out to Broadway Mall in Hicksville using the local roads and avoiding the Parkways.
  7. The MTA should've gotten Railroad and Subway Conductors to handle the Twitter Feed. Their in house data people seem to be using the speech I usually see recommended at every place I worked in the city. The general idea seems to be "Don't Say No!", always use gender neutral pronouns, and avoid coming off as judgmental or rude. The thing is these guidelines are aimed at helping tourists navigate the city's subway during the season. There's also a push to not hurt their feelings as New York has a reputation from people out of state for being rude or anti-social. I am saying this as a person already trained as to avoid Southern Vernacular.
  8. The thing is that Traffic is expected to be a whole lot worse on the parkways and expressways when the Long Island Region fully reopens. Protests and Riots aside, this might lead to an increase in bus usage in Nassau since Mineola lots fill up nicely before the peak hour and there's not enough space at Hicksville for people in the surrounding area to use. I've been straining to think and merely operated under the assumption that NICE will focus more on Nassau-Queens travel and linking Hicksville with Oyster Bay and Suffolk. The only blind spot seems to be the central part of Nassau.
  9. Suffolk relies heavily on making connections at transfer points across the county with the app being reserved for tracking when the next bus will be available. Long Island tends to be arrive 5 minutes before the bus arrives at the stop and turn it own before then and show it to the farebox.
  10. Apparently, there were protests from Black Lives Matter in the Freeport and Roosevelt area. They were marching along Merrick Road in Freeport, and another demonstration took place along Bablyon Turnpike into Merrick. It was peaceful right up until the protesters tried to march on the Meadowbrook at Southern State Parkway exit forcing police to act quickly. There were also similar demonstrations at Cedarhurst organized by the village itself which forced NICE's hand to pretty much end the n31/32 at Far Rockaway. Surprisingly their numbers were in the few but undermined by Merrick Residents and an NCPD officer got fired. If the local paper is to be believed, the Black Live Matters in Long Island are made up of Young Adults from the Valley Stream, Elmont, Roosvelt, Freeport Area. This is baffling because there's already chapters of the NAACP located in Hempstead that perform similar functions. Long Island is already in Phase I and it's about to open at Phase II this Wednesday. The Rioting in NYC was made terrible by the city being shutdown. NICE just released their summer schedule and service has returned to normal. I was getting confused about how disorganized the MTA ran their service during the lockdown and it took the Interim President to pretty much restore any semblance of order with a few words.
  11. Right now the crossing at New Hyde Park Road is being worked which forced NICE to divert the n25 away over to Covert Avenue between Stewart Ave and Jericho Turnpike in both directions till September. The ones on Covert Avenue and Urban Avenue had already been completed. The new station being built at Belmont Park has been called Elmont and will be completed around 2022. Floral Park is more afraid that the n1 and Elmont Flexi (the n2 cut from Covert to Meacham Avenue) will be extended over into their territory following the completion of the platforms. NICE themselves have stated they cannot remove any stops on Jericho Turnpike without Floral Park's approval.
  12. Long Island is on the fast track to be reopen under Phase II this Wednesday. Suffolk and Nassau base their service hours on the local businesses around the greater Long Island region. Suffolk has been working on linking SUNY Farmingdale with Bablyon Railroad via Route 109 and BRT linking Amityville, Republic Airport, SUNY Farmingdale on 110 and Nichols Road linking Stony Brook with the railroad stations. Suffolk is more good at collecting fare payments since they don't rely on Metrocards while Nassau is more reliant on the MTA for buses, Metrocards, and pretty much getting into the city. In short, Suffolk's self governing nature prevents them from falling apart like their neighbor west of Route 110.
  13. None of the Transit Agencies in the New York Metro area have enough ridership data to make an estimate. A lot of the data they relied on comes primarily from the fares and electronic tickets on the LIRR. All that is known is that there will be more traffic once the shutdown lift. I've been trying to stop short of stating that a lot of Nassau-Queens and Bronx-Yonkers and Westchester routes will see the most ridership increase once the city reopens. Within the city, this would mean more Interborough travel while avoiding Manhattan below 59th Street and above 23rd Street unless it's on business or leisure.
  14. For some odd reason, we in Nassau County have been getting our ideas from Yuki and he's been repeating what Pine Power has been saying. The Bus Transit Committee Members get a laugh every time reading Pine Power's words on Yuki's Papers. Nassau is okay from getting their ideas from Yuki directly since he speaks thru a translator even if it means not listening to Pine Power, Fredrick Wells, or Wally Horse. I have been wondering if the MTA is plagiarizing NICE, or of they're been relying on NICE for ridership data. I've been wondering if Cuomo is telling the truth, or if he's waiting for the federal government to fund the Third Track, Second Avenue Subway, the New Penn Station, and Air Train to LGA. Queens Residents tend to such as myself embellish their speeches when promoting or speaking at a private party. He could've save himself the trouble by citing conflict of interest along with the Mayor.
  15. I've admitted to Cait Sith that the Transit Committee members know Yuki, Fredrick Wells, and Pine Power are personally. I attended the meetings and I've seen them appear multiple times with Matt Kamper. They ask the same questions. NICE merely hires a court stenographer to take notes as to keep Pine Power in the dark. They hate Pine Power since he almost got ran over by a bus twice: an out of service one in Freeport and the n20H at the Roslyn Viaduct when he was filming on both occasions. They knew he films his videos at Mineola Intermodal opposite of the Bus Terminal AND at the Newbridge Road under Hicksville LIRR right by the n48/49 stand. He tends to outright omit that Nassau County's Executive building is at Mineola on Franklin Avenue and is served by the n40/41 or the Courthouse on Old Country Road right by the n22/24 stand stop. A lot of LIB Drivers were laid off or retired when Mangano was in charge of the county. He's currently on trail for corruption out in Islip waiting to be face a verdict unrelated to the handling of NICE. Laura Curran on primarily because her opponent wanted to do away with the Private Company and find a new person to run it. Nassau Residents do not understand that the county owns the fleet and garages and merely hires a private company to run the buses for them. A lot of bus drivers admit that the MTA is not coming back because they hate Nassau County Residents.

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