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  1. The QT67 is just the Q112 taken off South Road and put on Liberty Avenue. The Redesign would rather have the Q111, Q113/114, what I think is the Q85 traveling on Guy Brewer and branching off at Baisley, Farmers and 147th Avenue to balance the loads. IIRC, Q111, 113/114 get usage at Hillside-Parsons, Jamaica Center, York College, Rochdale Village (Guy Brewer Side), 147th Avenue, Five Towns Shopping Center, and Far Rockaway at Mott Avenue and Seagirt. The Q85 gets usage around the Beddell Street side of Rochdale Village with neither covering 137th Avenue or Baisley Blvd.
  2. It's a moot point. People would rather travel east on the n22 or 24 to catch the n25 at New Hyde Park Road for LIJ and North Shore University Hospital, and Northern Blvd, or use the same n24 on Jericho Turnpike for Jamaica travel. The n24 always gets crowded whenever the Q36 doesn't show up. As for the Q36, it's now in an awkward position where Floral Park wants to oust that route off 257th so they can eliminate some stops along Jericho. In short, more people around the 257th-268th Street area would rather take the n22 and n24 into Queens for a faster commute than wait for the Q36 and Q43 to go into service.
  3. The n25 will be traveling along Covert Avenue between Stewart and Jericho Turnpike starting on February till Fall because they're doing construction on NHP Road to eliminate the grade crossing at the LIRR Station. The new stop will be at Stewart Avenue and NHP Road https://www.nicebus.com/Service-Alerts
  4. Who's going to pay the LIRR to increase service on the Hempstead and Far Rockaway Branches while taking away from service from the Babylon Express?
  5. I saw the Q77 bound for Springfield Gardens fully seated on Francis Lewis Blvd while heading to Jamaica on the n24 heading to Jamaica. I'm guessing that it's ridership is growing because less people are cramming themselves on to the Q85 at Springfield and Conduit Avenue or using that stop as a major transfer point. I also noticed the paper schedule listing 145th Road as Laurelton when that area has always been known as Springfield Gardens. Even the Front Sign of the Q77 is showed Springfield Gardens. Maybe Queens needs Clever Devices similar to the ones used on NJ Transit and Suffolk Transit. The ones the city uses keeps advertising travel destinations for Staten Island.
  6. The MTA had shut down Jamaica Center and Sutphin-Archer Avenue last year during nights and weekends to do repairs and give both stations a wash. Subway Riders weren't happy with the shuttle from Crescent Street or 121st Street ending only at Jamaica Hospital and being told to transfer to the at Van Wyck during overnight hours. riders had it slightly easy in the sense that their shuttle ran from Jamaica Center to Union Turnpike, but the shuttles pretty much took up most of the bays on Archer Ave from Parsons to 153rd. The poor signage and lack of directions didn't help. Flushing's problem is pretty much figuring out how to balance the loads coming from Corona going to or thru Flushing to get to points east, and people from Bayside, Fresh Meadows, Little Neck going to Flushing all without cramming themselves on the same . There's also Citi Field and US Open Patrons at Willets Point to consider.
  7. Why eliminate Sunday Service? Sunday is the one day of the week when buses actually run on time and people are far more relaxed. Any delays on routes is mostly caused by people shopping Queens Center Mall and the Rego Center. Those new bus lanes and new traffic signals between Grand Avenue and 71st/Continental on Queens Blvd are what's causing most of the delays. The Q60 and other routes are now traveling on an orderly single file line with no space to manuver around on the Outer Lanes of Queens Blvd. It's now safe to cross Queens Blvd, but now buses are slower thanks to the lack of turns till a major intersection. There's also Traffic at the Five Towns Shopping Center and Green Acres Mall heading into Queens to consider. People love to shop till they drop during the day. From what I've seen at Flushing, most shops are doing away with 24 or Midnight and closing up around 9pm-10pm the latest. Same goes for the shops at Jamaica except the Movie Theater and the Clubs.
  8. The n33 needs more service hours. IIRC, it's terminal in Far Rockaway was moved away from the one near the station to the stand at Mott and Beach 21st with the n31/32 and Q22, creating a longer conga line. the n33 gets in and out of Far Rockaway pretty quick, usually right before the n31/32. IIRC, the n33's ridership comes from Long Beach LIRR, Seagirt Blvd, and Mott Avenue.
  9. Off peak ridership on express buses plummet because more people are taking the MNRR or LIRR into Manhattan. The PW Branch gets most of it's riders from NE Queens and Great Neck because it's faster than the (7) and the Express Bus. It doesn't help that most of these routes end at Herald Square or go thru Herald Square just to get to Lower Manhattan or Manhattan above 59th Street.
  10. IIRC, SCT wants to modernize their routes and increase service hours but not overdo it like Nassau did with their bus system.
  11. Never thought I'd see the Q53 get killed off to promote the Q52. Nobody's going to Arverne Proper, they just want to get to Far Rockaway for a connection to the other routes. Far Rockaway has the Hospital, LIRR Station, and the n31.32 and n33 over at Seagirt Blvd and Mott Av. It seems like Byford know what he's doing, but is making the Governor and Mayor look bad. To his defense, Cuomo and Deblasio are shooting themselves in the foot. Those Far Rock residents love the n31/32. They hate the Q22 because it leaves them stuck waiting at Mott/B.21 for hours.
  12. Rosedale. Queens Village, and Laurelton seems to be high trip generators for the Atlantic Branch. IIRC, aren't those station served by the Far Rockaway Long Beach, and Hempstead Branches? That Babylon Express is slowly losing ridership skipping Queens to head to Penn Station.
  13. It's been that way ever since the Q12 got articulated buses and NICE made it clear that they don't pick up in Queens traveling to Nassau
  14. The state lost 6 billion last year, apparently BOs have been hitting F5s like Control, Alt, Delete every five seconds. Tell them stop using F5 like a panic button and tell those teens stop fare beating.
  15. Apparently the State has been fudging the numbers on LIRR ridership. Might have something to do with that 6 billion deficit the state has this year.
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