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  1. Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Only the n20G would benefit from the bus lane on Northern because it runs closed door in Queens and would make getting to the county line much easier. The Q12 would still be a slowpoke with the bus lanes.
  2. Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    The routes are definitely needed, but said routes don't need that many buses. Like the Q17 is needed more between Fresh Meadows and Flushing, less service is needed down 188th Street to Jamaica because those Archer trips usually carry air by they time they approach Hillside. I think more short turns are needed when needed, but it's very tedious to use precision when cutting routes.
  3. That type of enforcement isn't needed at Rockefeller Center that station is traveling right under private property. Rockefeller Center have their own security guards and they usually shut the entrance to the subway leading into the shops when all the shops and restaurants are closed after 11pm or around midnight.
  4. This study must have been done in predominately black and Hispanic neighborhoods around the city, specifically where they access the bus and subway to get to work. It doesn't seem to factor in the context of why they are being stopped, not understanding that the cops are just enforcing the law and have nothing against minorities. They're just being paid to act professional and enforce the law when necessary.
  5. MTA task force fails to stop fare-beaters on buses

    Off board payment isn't needed as a one size fits all solution to fare beating in the city. Folks just need to be prepared to pay their fares and don't expect the bus driver to let them on after explaining why they thought it was a good idea to board the bus without getting a metro card. They don't have time to hear a passenger's personal drama over why they didn't have the common sense to buy a metrocard at the MVM, or store. OTOH, dispatchers need to be on the stop to make sure people are using the SBS ticket machines. It sounds to me like a failure to communicate down there.
  6. Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Queens, especially South East part of the county has too much bus lines. Service needs to be streamlined in a way that doesn't clog the streets of Jamaica, Flushing, QCM, and LIC with lots of buses.
  7. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I meant that the Q17 is much more convenient for me take over the Q44. I feel that the Q44 will always be fast during late nights when there's less traffic on Flushing and less people walking around the downtown area, or when the construction on Main Street between Roosevelt and 39th Ave is finally completed.
  8. Broken Elevators Plague New 63rd and Lex Station

    There should be stairs leading directly to the station. Lexington Avenue-63rd Street isn't exactly new, it's been their for years and mainly used by the Sixth Avenue Lines. The whole station was given a face lift in preparation for the Second Avenue Subway opening and had it done in the style of the stations like 72nd, 86th, and 96th Streets at the Second Ave.
  9. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    This is why I rely on the Q17 as my main route for traveling between Jamaica and Flushing. There's less traffic on the 188th and HHE portions of the route than the Q44 has along Sutphin and Main Street. Sure Kissena has traffic, but at least it doesn't get bad until the 17 reaches Holly.
  10. Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    No, just streamlined to provide better service. Extending it from 165th over to Sutphin would help reduce crowding on the Q43.
  11. It's possible that the teacher was running late to work and didn't have the time to access their metrocard, or buy it before entering the station. He tried to jump the turnstile to enter the subway, but was caught fare beating by a cop because he did it right while they were watching them.
  12. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm pretty sure that the Q88 is crowded mostly because of the folks who use it to travel between the Mall and Fresh Meadows. I'm sure that if the 88 was short turned somewhere around 188th and Horace Harding Expressway, it might help the crowding a bit.
  13. Pols call for Q75 bus to be restored

    What other reason could he possibly have for reviving a dead route that ran thru residential areas? He even acknowledges that do alternatives exists in the last paragraphs. It's just that said alternatives like the Q27 and the Q88 take too long to get to the subway because they go thru areas with heavy traffic like Flushing and Woodhaven respectively, or too indirect to serve the small part of East of Springfield and South of HHE that he wants covered by buses.
  14. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    The Q46 and QM6 have bus stop signs designed by NICE since the n25 also uses Lakeville Road to serve the Hospitals on it's way to/from Great Neck.
  15. Pols call for Q75 bus to be restored

    The politician calling for the Q75 to be resurrected just wants a direct bus line to the subway that avoids all the major streets like Union, Springfield, and Hillside. If the MTA ever did revamp the route, it would be an Oakland Gardens to Jamaica-179th Street shuttle. I cant imagine the MTA ever going ahead with a proposal to add a second bus line on Union Turnpike to the station at Kew Gardens to relieve the Q46.


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