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  1. NY1635

    NICE summer service change

    I can only assume that NICE had originally intended to release the summer schedules after the Transit Committee Meeting on June 28th, but changed it to the week before at the last minute. Only the n40/41 feels legitimate because I've seen new schedules installed at select stops in Hempstead showing the route with overnight service a few days ago.
  2. NICE's Summer Schedule will take in effect on June 24th. The biggest service change to occur is the n40 getting 24 hr bus service between Hempstead and Freeport starting this Sunday. I have no idea why older schedules are being posted for the other 9 routes. http://nicebus.com/Passenger-Information/Customer-Advisory-Committee.aspx
  3. NICE just introduced their new LINK service for the Bellmore, East Meadow, and Merrick area. http://www.nicebus.com/Passenger-Information/Safety-and-Security-(1).aspx
  4. The Babylon Branch is the fastest and reliable Line on the LIRR. It takes roughly 40 minutes to get from RVC to Penn by railroad, and another 15-20 minutes to get from Penn Station to 68th Street using the and . The passageways for the at Lexington/53rd are long and the trains tend to be delayed in some way. Ironically, the fastest route with least amount of transfers is taking the n6 to 179th for the (F), take the subway to Lex/63rd and walk to Hunter From there. Without traffic, it takes roughly 30-35 minutes for the n6 to get to 179th from West Hempstead around 5am-6am, and 40 minutes for the to get from 179th to Lexington/63rd. I've seen lots of people at Elmont and Hempstead use the n6 around 4am-6am to the subway, some of them hoofing it over to the Turnpike to catch the bus.
  5. The fastest and reliable way to Hunter College is to ride the n15 south to Rockville Center, catch the LIRR to Penn Station, connect to the (E) at 34th Street and then go thru Times Square to catch the (Q) for 72nd Street. Get off at the 69th Street exit of the 72nd St station and just hoof it west to Hunter.
  6. Summer Service for the n88 will be hourly this year. I'm guessing that they will be using the articulated buses to handle the large crowds coming off the Freeport LIRR station. http://www.nicebus.com/Maps-Schedules/Jones-Beach-Summer-Service.aspx
  7. The stop at Greenwich and Totten Streets in Hempstead is getting more usage ever since the Mineola bound stop got eliminated in April. It's definitely faster and frequent, but I wish NICE would have the n40/41 end service at 1 am as there are still people bound for Roosevelt and Uniondale coming off the n6 from Jamaica at that time.
  8. NY1635

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    This will definitely come in handy for late nights when I have to catch the LIRR.
  9. Truncate the Q2 and Q110 to the Queens Village LIRR station instead of having them terminate at Cross Island and Hempstead Turnpike.
  10. This is why I started taking the Q32 from Manhattan to 74th Broadway at nights. The is pretty useless nowadays as an alternative to the Queens Blvd Lines with signal malfunctions. I can already see the and being slammed as a result of this service change.
  11. NY1635

    Watered down Freedom Ticket

    Those low-income residents can take advantage of the City Ticket during the weekends for a fast and cheap ride into the city, or just take the LIRR over to Woodside catch the subway from there. I don't see how the LIRR can reasonably increase service in Queens without lengthening the platforms at Hollis, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, and other stops or increasing service on the Hempstead and Long Beach branches. Long Islanders don't want the Main Line or the Babylon Branch to make stops in Queens except for Jamaica because it will make their commute even longer. Keep in mind that it takes roughly a 40 minute to over an hour in some cases to travel from Manhattan over to the suburbs on the railroad, or over three hours total from Jamaica to somewhere out east like Montauk. There are plenty of suburbanites living in Nassau west of Mineola who aren't well off, don't live close to the subway, and yet take advantage of the various deals the LIRR currently offers to people using the rails or the few private express buses still operating service to/from Manhattan. I've even seen folks ride the n6 at 4 or 5 in the morning to take advantage of the light traffic for a fast 30minute ride into the subway to work if they don't live near the LIRR. The biggest problem with the city is that many of its residents don't want to change their traveling habits, or want a faster commute into the city that doesn't involve the MTA in anyway shape or form.
  12. NY1635

    Worst MTA/NICE/BEE-LINE Bus Route?

    I hate that the n1 terminates at Hempstead Turnpike and Elmont Road because it never connects with the n6 at that intersection and it's always a no-show on the weekends. Even the navigation app can't seem to track the n1. I'm not sure why it terminates in Hewlett either when people want to travel far south to Lawrence or Far Rockaway.
  13. NY1635

    Plan To Restructure The NYC Bus System

    The SI local buses getting 100,000 puts it roughly equal to Westchester Bee Line and 20,000-25,000 above NICE in terms of ridership.
  14. NY1635

    When a 24/7 service on Metro North?

    No. The last train out of Penn Station or Atlantic Terminal for most branches are around 1:40 am or 2am. LIRR trains start service again till 4 in the morning. The n4 and the n6 are the only things with 24 hr service between Jamaica and Nassau daily.
  15. NY1635

    MNRR & LIRR Planned/Unplanned Service Changes

    I already see NYC buses, and a NICE bus at Mineola today for shuttle service. The farthest the n27 goes on the North Shore is Glen Cove while the n20H doesnt really serve that whole area north of the LIE as it only stops at the colleges.


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