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  1. The city buses that do connect to the LIRR stations in Queens don't get high usage because the railroad has a terrible off peak schedule in city stations outside of Jamaica and Woodside. Even in Nassau it's hard to tell when the next non-Babylon, or Port Washington Branch will arrive and where it will stop. I've always wondered why folks were complaining about the n22 or n23 not connecting to the LIRR at Intermodal Center until I found out that some trains were skipping Mineola and Hicksville, as if going thru those major hubs will somehow stop the frequent delays and cancellations that currently plaguing the Main Line.
  2. That explains it. I was thinking of Prospect Heights and Crown Heights as two separate neighborhoods when talking about the B41. I'm familiar with the area and always thought of Grand Army Plaza and Barclays as being located Prospect Heights, while Crown Heights was always everything east of Washington Avenue. I didn't know that developers lumping both neighborhoods together. I rarely visit the area since my relatives moved out years ago. The few times I go to Brooklyn, I see more foot traffic and subway usage on Flatbush than bus usage.
  3. The LIRR wants to isolate the Atlantic Branch so that it can't merge with any branch. Service on West Hempstead is already reduced to peak hours only while Bablyon remains committed to running half empty to Penn Station. This being done on the assumption that the East Side Access will give the LIRR additional capacity and streamline service.
  4. LIB Roll Sign on Ebay

    Here's the whole map courtesy of sub chat. There's nothing east of Glen Cove Road, or North of Hicksville on it. http://www.subchat.com/buschat/readflat.asp?Id=293309&p=1#293311
  5. The LIRR is planning to run shuttle service between Atlantic Terminal and Jamaica. They've said nothing about running full time service from Belmont Park. That was the Islanders talking as if they were sure the MTA will go along with the plan to keep Belmont open full time to serve the new stadium and entertainment complex being built for the team conveniently next to the station.
  6. LIB Roll Sign on Ebay

    I did some digging and found an old map of the bus system from the past. This comes directly from an old post on subchat. The map shows the n1 terminating at Elmont and the n2 serving Floral Park part time. I don't know if Hempstead Turnpike was treated as a major transfer point back then since theyforced to use the n6 for Jamaica like they do now.
  7. Select Bus Service Discussion

    Nobody running the LIRR cares about the reverse peak and off peak commuters. They're laser focused on transporting people from between Midtown and Long Island than inter-city, or inter-Long Island usage. It's the reason why the trains are near empty while the NICE Bus to Jamaica is always crowded during the rush.
  8. LIB Roll Sign on Ebay

    I don't think any route terminated at Elmont in 1974.
  9. LIB Roll Sign on Ebay

    The n2 used to terminate at Tulip and Covert Avenues in Floral Park before it got eliminated and brought back as the Elmont Flexi, which now stops at Meacham and Hempstead Turnpike. Floral Park is technically south of Jericho Turnpike, North of Hempstead Turnpike, and west of New Hyde Park Road. Mitchel Field is located in Uniondale. The same goes for Roosevelt Field.
  10. The city needs to do it's part by advertising the LIRR and express buses to city residents in order for the Freedom Ticket to work. Right now the mayor is content with letting developers build condos around subway stations and feed more people onto the overcrowded trains. I doubt DeBlasio would ever sell the idea of the Freedom Ticket unless there's a promise of Avalon themed apartments at East New York and Nostrand Avenue near both LIRR stations.
  11. The only people in Queens Village who have the longest commutes are those waiting for the Q27 along Springfield Blvd. They have to wait 30-40 minutes for the 27 to show up while other routes go by on their way to Jamaica. I've taken the Q4 and the only thing wrong with it is the terminal on Linden and 234th because the traffic signal gives automobiles priority over pedestrians, which makes it hard for those trying to cross the street to catch the bus. The factors slows down the buses in Queens Village and Hollis to Jamaica are the congestion on major streets like Hillside, Springfield, and Francis Lewis during rush hours. It's that and having buses use narrow side streets like 187th, 188th, or 212th just to reach Hillside so they can get people to the 179th Street . I find that Jamaica Avenue itself doesn't get congested until 168th Street, then it becomes a crawl thru the busy shopping center until Van Wyck. I get your point that Hollis and Queens Village have long commutes, but it's not as long when compared to someone further down SE Queens like Rosedale, the Rockaways, or even further east at by Floral Park who have 2hr long trips. The people on the Main Line would be more upset at the fact that they're not getting the Freedom Ticket than their train making two extra stops, arguing it's not fair that people from Long Island have to pay high fares and low service for the railroad while City residents have buses, express buses, subways, and City Ticket on the weekends. Traveling from points east of the Meadowbrook to the City via LIRR is generally agreed to be pretty long.
  12. It's a short bus ride from Hollis and Queens Village to Jamaica, even shorter on the LIRR. The Main Line just need to stop at those stations instead of letting the Hempstead Branch alone serve those neighborhoods. Only Hicksville, Mineola, and Merrilon Ave tend to get high usage on the Main Line.
  13. They do use the Q5/Q85, but they don't like waiting an out of service NYCT bus at Macys to go into service while the n1 zooms right past them on it's way to Jamaica/Elmont or Hewlett.
  14. Why are city residents waiting for the Freedom Ticket to take the LIRR?
  15. Blame Mayor DeBlasio for his Vision Zero campaign and the DOT's lack of planning for all the congestion on Flatbush Ave in that area. Prospect Heights is more pedestrian friendly at the expense of the B41 crawling on Flatbush between Grand Army Plaza and Atlantic Avenue.


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