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  1. They could adjust the travel times to make room for the Q12 going to Great Neck, and people will still end up missing their connection because the city bus is delayed by traffic or has a hard time going around to traffic circle by the railroad station to get to the layover spot.
  2. The limited stop variant of the Q12 would still be outsped by the n20G running closed door in Queens, and cause a lot of people to miss their connection with the n20H, n21, and n25 at Middle Neck and Northern. The n20 has it's schedule due to a mix of traffic at Downtown Flushing, on Northern Blvd, and that small detour off Northern to go thru Roslyn Clock Tower.
  3. I just found out that NICE is expanding their shuttle service deeper into the Port Washington area during the peak hours. It looks like they're aiming to cover the area north of the LIRR station not served by the n23. https://www.nicebus.com/Passenger-Information/Shore-Road-Shuttle
  4. NICE most likely uploaded the correct schedule on their website.
  5. The n78/79 has an updated schedule that shows both routes running on Saturday during the peak hours.
  6. The Q5 and Q85 are enough to handle the crowds waiting for a city bus by the Macy's Parking Lot. It's the n1 that needs more service for people heading to Elmont, or Broadway and Sheridan to catch n31/32.
  7. I'm more worried that buses might get kicked out of Jamaica Center and Archer Avenue due to the sheer amount of development going on between 168th and Sutphin. I'm uncertain about what will become of the Q46 going to LIJ, Q5/85 going to Green Acres, and the Q113/Q114 going thru Nassau to travel between the mainland and the Rockaways.
  8. I've heard of Wyandanch Rising before and all the development around the area isn't doing much to improve the community. Most of Wyandanch's problems have less to do with the actual neighborhood, and more to do with the failing school district. When are they going to do the Route 110 and Nicholls Road BRT? I've heard about this for years, but nothing ever came out of the plan aside from a study.
  9. NICE said that they don't have the funding to restore service on other routes. The county didn't increase it's funding this year, and they got a minor bump from the state. Alternatively, NICE could just get rid of those n16NCC shuttles to reinstate Saturday service on the n16.
  10. I noticed an error on the n31/32 schedule. The Saturday Service is posted twice on the timetable and missing the usual Sunday Service for the n32.
  11. NICE finally released their spring schedule. The only noticeable changes are the n79 getting Saturday Service restored and some n22x trips beginning at Jamaica Terminal. https://www.nicebus.com/NICE/media/assets/NICE-n78n79_April2019_web.pdf
  12. There's one problem: The city residents who take the Long Island Railroad are mostly ones with jobs out in Nassau or Suffolk. It's the Jamaica-Central Nassau, Woodside-Long Island type trips who ride the commuter rails frequently. The Atlantic Ticket does nothing for them because they're coming from points east of Queens like Mineola, Hicksville, and other major work hubs on the island. The only other group of people who take the LIRR are either college students traveling to/from LI colleges (Hofstra,Adelphi, Stony Brook, CW Post), or people going to the city during off peak hours for fun and entertainment.
  13. It's normal for conductors to do checks as the trains are approaching Jamaica. It's not that easy to catch a free ride from Atlantic to ENY. If anything, I've seen more LIRR commuters confuse ENY for Atlantic.
  14. Do the Bus Depots in the city even have the proper equipment for ALL CNG, and Electronic buses? I can only guess that getting rid of the diesel fuel might take some time.
  15. I don't think the Forest Hills examples work because the delays on QBL lines during overnight hours are over 20 minutes due to the and all running local on the same track between Forest Hills and Roosevelt Ave because of construction. If I may use a different example that's slightly relevant to the topic, there's been times where I either ending up missing the n6 at 168th and Hillside and waiting 20-30 minutes for the next bus, or lucky enough to arrive at the bus stop with a few minutes to spare because of those delays. It doesn't help that there's no fast food joints open during the overnight hours in most places except for Flushing and Manhattan, making the wait feel longer than usual. While the n6 is fortunate enough to get decent ridership on Hillside around overnight hours, I can't say the same the n4 over on Archer because almost nobody wants to wait for the once a hour bus into Nassau at the 150th after putting up with a 2-3 hr commute on the during late nights. The can be tolerable once it's past Union Turnpike, but the is all local from WTC to Jamaica Center with occasional construction and the reroute over to 179th can make it unbearable during the overnight hours. I think Forest Hills might work better if the agency somehow learns to market the Queens Express Buses to its customers. I tend to see a lot of BxMs, SIMs, and BMs running along Madison in the city around 11pm and Midnight, but the QMs are somehow non existent. Some Q32 runs tend to go missing at night as well. Even the transit app on my phone tends to show huge gaps in service during overnight hours. Another issue is that the MTA just doesn't want to adjust the bus schedule with up to date travel times. I can only guess that they rather do everything by computer instead of placing a dispatcher at the scene to hold the bus so customers can make an easy transfer from subway.

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