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  1. The City of Long Beach is cutting weekend bus service, and service to Point Lookout because it's running out of money. http://www.fios1news.com/longisland/local-long-beach-may-soon-run-out-of-money#.Wt6LdGEh1dg
  2. Bringing back the pre-2010 service would undermine the city's efforts to convert Midtown into one big pedestrian zone for the benefit of tourists. It's rather telling that I can make more progress on foot walking from Rockefeller Center to Penn Station than any of the buses running up and down 5th and Madison between that same span.
  3. Where's the funds for these new methods of payment enforcement on the LIRR going to come from? The city can't realistically outsource all the problems plaguing the subways onto the railroad without giving the LIRR extra money to handle the potential extra riders and make necessary improvements.
  4. Yes, I've seen people on here talk about sending trains to LIC or Atlantic Terminal for the benefits of city residents because both stations have the capacity to handle extra trains. Denying this only makes it more apparent that city residents just want a one-seat ride into Manhattan at the expense of people living on Long Island who currently use the railroad. This debate about overstaffing has plenty to do where trains run to because it sounds like some people want to get rid of the conductors so that city residents don't get thrown out the railroad for boarding the LIRR without purchasing a ticket at the vending machine.
  5. No. People Long Island want direct service into Penn Station, they're not interested in having their train redirected to LIC/Sunnyside and having to rely on the for service into Manhattan. Islanders fans have been pretty vocal about not wanting to go all the way out to Brooklyn to see their favorite hockey team play.
  6. I saw an Orion V running Westbound on the n6 @ Westiminster Road/Hempstead Turnpike on my way home today.
  7. I'm glad that the Queens community board fought against truncating the Q32 to E.52nd because the people who use that route do so to avoid taking the QBL or the and having to put up with the delays between 42nd and Queens Plaza. Less traffic in the city after 9PM means a faster rider into Queens on the Q32.
  8. The average LIRR commuter wants someone human to handle their tickets, speak to whenever there's delays or cancellations on certain branches, and listen to their problems. Nowakowski got fired in the first place because he refused to interact with the LIRR commuter and relied too much on technology to solve all of the railroad's problems.
  9. That's simply untrue. The LIRR has the worst on-time performance in decades, ESA is way behind schedule, and many commuters are getting fed up with being left stranded at Penn, Mineola, and Hicksville because of delays or cancellations on their branch. It's just that what happens on Long Island stays in News12 or Newsday.
  10. Will the city even commit to building an intermodal center at Flushing, Atlantic Terminal, Queens Village and Woodside for city residents who wish to use the LIRR?
  11. It's pretty easy for n6 riders to notice a blue accordion bus going thru Hempstead Turnpike and Hillside Avenue during the rush. So far the articulated buses are effective at handling the crowds on 168th Street and 179th Street without negatively affecting the n1's rush hour trips to Jamaica.
  12. NY1635

    LIRR boss fired for running it like NYCTA

    The biggest problem with the LIRR I see is the lack of communication. There's nobody from the railroad at Mineola or Hicksville to handle the crowds stuck there during the delays and cancellations. It's just you, the ticket booth alone at the LIRR station in Nassau or Suffolk at night.
  13. The whole thing sounds really confusing the way I say it because NICE markets the n6 Articulated Buses as if they're separate from the n6 local and express service. The stop outside HTC for when the articulated buses have their own arrival times that's separate from the 40ft buses stopping inside the terminal. The paper schedules even have AX to show when they run. Instead of being treated as part of the route, it's treated more like a variant: n6: local service n6x: Express Service n6Ax: Articulated Express Service http://www.nicebus.com/NiceBus/media/NiceBus-FrontPageSlider/NICE-n6_Apr2018_v2.pdf
  14. The articulated runs on the n6 aren't frequent enough for such a thing to happen. NICE only has 5 of them at Mitchel Field and they can only afford to put them into service during the weekday rush when demand is high. The n6 local and express runs that use 40ft buses still stop inside HTC and people from the NB n40/41 will still be able to make the transfers inside the terminal. It's just that the DOT forbids articulated buses from entering the terminals at HTC and 165th Street because of their length, so stands on Jackson Street in Hempstead and Merrick/89th in Jamaica had to be created to accommodate the articulated buses.
  15. NY1635

    Another great service day...

    The guy in the pic must've been a homeless person because they're the only people who I see on the or the line all sprawled out on the seats. I didn't know that the homeless on the ride down to Brooklyn, I usually see them begging people for money around 125th-181st on the , or sleeping on the stations around the Washington Heights area.


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