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  1. I don't really see much cabs out on Long Island. I think it's now Two Brothers, Hub Taxi, and All Island Ollie's Taxi and Airport Service. All the smaller cab companies have folded because they can't compete with Uber and the buses for LIRR commuters. IIRC, more drivers are simply choosing to work for Uber/Lyft because they don't want to pay for the medallions.
  2. Which NICE brought the JFK Flyer back. Hourly Frequency can work. Same goes for the n8 Jamaica-Archer Avenue, Hempstead Transit Center. I think the Flyer can be brought back if it made the following Stops: Hempstead Transit Center, Franklin at Fulton Avenue, Newman's Court, Mercy Medical Center at North Village Avenue, Merrick at Five Corners in Lybrook, Merrick at Rockaway Avenue, Merrick at Central Avenue, Green Acres Mall at Macy's, Rosedale LIRR, Farmers at North Conduit, and head to the Airport. *Routes n65-67 where school shuttles for Catholic Students. *n8 was supposed to be a Hempstead-Jamaica Center Route, or Hempstead-Green Acres route but got cut due to lack of funding from the State.
  3. They could just extend the n43 into South Freeport via Guy Lombardo Avenue. The n62 will work better as a Nautical Mile-Freeport LIRR shuttle.
  4. n36: It's mostly for Atlantic Avenue between Lynbrook and Freeport. Needs to be extended from 5 Corners at Merrick to Green Acres via Merrick Road. n81: It was mostly for Briarcliffe Students, Briarcliff shut down ages ago. n45: Pointless with it turned off Uniondale Avenue at Park Avenue. Needs to use Bablyon Turnpike to reach Bellmore and Camp Avenue. n50: Newbridge Road North of Hempstead Turnpike is served by the n49. Only South of the turnpike needs bus service. n19: Currently runs to Westfield Sunrise during Peak. People heading to Bablyon already use the LIRR from Freeport Station. n72: Currently Ends at Route 110 in Farmingdale. Can be extended to Bablyon via 109, turning off the turnpike at the Junction. *Nassau resdients are more concerned with heading to 110 for a connection to the S1, 2, and 3A-C. n20: Just recombine the route and short turn n20 locals at Roslyn Industrial Park during the Peak Hour, Hicksville Off Peak. Only College Students want their one seat ride into Nassau. n20 ridership peaks at Roslyn Clock Tower and Great Neck Plaza. n51: Merrick Residents want North-South Travel. It can be done if it makes a stop at MSK in Uniondale and use Corporate Drive to reach the Mall instead of Stewart. *They use the n54/55 for East-West Travel. Most used stops on n54/55 are Uniondale Avenue, Wantagh Avenue, Merrick Avenue, Gardener's Avenue, Broadway at LIRR (n55), Washington Ave at LIRR (n54) *Broadway At LIRR is Massapequa *Washington Avenue at LIRR is Seaford. *There's a huge preserve in Massapequa and it's implied MS-13 uses them to kill and dispose of the bodies around that area.
  5. Abridged Version: n31/32: Nassau County Roads West Broadway, Central Avenue and Hempstead Avenue. Q113/114: New York State Nassau Expressway, Queens County Road Guy R. Brewer and 147th Avenue. Q22: Queens County Road Beach Channel Drive and Rockaway Beach Blvd QM17: Queens County Road Beach Channel Drive, Crossbay/Woodhaven Blvd. n33: Nassau County Road Beech Street If it's that hard than extend the n1 from Grant Park to Five Town Shopping Center via West Broadway, Rockaway Turnpike.
  6. How do I put this? Cuomo is just too cheap to physically change the control panels for the subways and wash the room.
  7. Nah: Last Stop: Hempstead Avenue at 225th Street. 110 goes out of service and lays over inside the park. This can be solved if the Last Stop of the 2/110 was moved over to Hempstead Turnpike at Locustwood Blvd or Elmont Road and layover at the n1 stand for a safe transfer between NICE and MTA. Passengers on the Q2/110 start boarding at Springfield Blvd at Hempstead Avenue. They don't use the stop at 225th Street because it's the entrance to Cross Island Parkway.
  8. No, I think Brooklyn Borough President is driving everyone nuts by not putting restrictions on automobiles on his street. Everyone is resigning in the MTA because of Eric Adams. City is trying to stop double parking, but the Boro President isn't doing anything. Upon closer inspection, some of the motorcades have TLC Liscense Plate.s
  9. To answer your question in the other thread. I wasn't marketing for Nassau. Nassau County Residents just don't want to physically leave the county. It's the Dubliners! Byford was in charge of NYC, but he keeps getting undermined by Upstate and Westchester.
  10. Those Jitneys are bound for Jamaica via Nassau Expressway and Guy R Brewer or Rockaway Park via Beach Channel Drive.
  11. The Station's Physical Structure hasn't changed in over a century. Rather than demolish and rebuild everything by the railyard, MTA just did nothing with the property. The MTA doesn't even want to program a transfer between the and the for East New York and Canarsie Residents. Is Brownsville Haunted by the Mother Gaston or something?
  12. Trump and Cuomo are from the same area: Jamaica Briarwood: West of Parsons Blvd Jamaica Estates: East of 164th Street and North of Hillside Avenue Trump was born in Jamaica Estates. Trump is older than Cuomo by nearly 9 years.
  13. Beach 20th is a one way street. n33: Left from Beach 19th to Mott, Left from Mott to Beach 20th, Last Stop: Beach 20th at Cornaga Avenue. This could've been avoided if the n31/32 just used Beach 9th Street to reach Mott or Seagirt.
  14. Oh that explains why MTA is going slow. They are restructuring to give the state more control over the system. This only works with the Governor in Charge. It's highly likely that Cuomo is losing political power. There's also a 6.1 Billion Defecit in the Budget.
  15. Thanks for the diagram. It Helps. It means the n31,32, and 33 are travelling South on Beach 20th for Seagirt, North on Beach 19th for the Subway and Central. BTW: Westfield Sunrise on the n54/55 is a Mall in Massapequa. Amityville is the Railroad station for Suffolk County. n54/55 is used mainly by Hospital workers for South Oaks on Louden. It's really hard to navigate in the dark around there.
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