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  1. Today I had the pleasure of being witness to one of the most inconsiderate transit passengers I had ever seen. He decided to change clothes while on the bus, stripping down to his underwear (and sitting on one of the seats whilst in this state of undress). The bus was crowded so the driver couldn't see him. Then (he was sitting on a sideways facing seat), he proceeded to put his feat up on the seats across the aisle and blocked everyone's way, taking a while to move his feet when some...

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    2. Missabassie


      Must've been an escaped mental patient. Or weed. Maybe he was on weed, that stuff makes people do some weird shhh.

    3. MysteriousBtrain


      There's this one video I saw that had a grown drunk man butt naked on the (6) train showing his junk and everything. Scariest thing I ever saw.

    4. ttcsubwayfan


      No, this wasn't a mental patient... it was a student. I've been in classes with him, I thought he seemed like a normal guy, LOL

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