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  1. Remember there's extra R32's now since the R179's are in service.
  2. I think it's safe to say that they need to split the R32 fleet again. Having all at 207th isn't cutting it. When they had the fleet split like before (ENY and 207th) they ran alot better. They need to just bite the bullet and just send 102 cars to Coney island for service while the rest can stay on the or lines. They can just turn the R32's at Jay st since the switch was redone. Coney Island gonna need extra cars anyway so it would just be smart to run them on the (B), originally the was gonna get em but the is staying the same way. So the is the only option.
  3. I doubt they'll do that, if it's staying 8 cars then it'll be R32's or the R179's from ENY. They ether gonna make the 100% full length or it's staying 8 cars with them removing the 3 R46's on it. The went from 5-6 sets of 46's to 1-3 sets. Right now everything is tbd, we all know the isn't getting lengthed. The we have no idea.
  4. If they were to get rid of the bqe, I would just convert it to a subway line As for the city taking over the subway, buses and etc. Is not happening. The city ran city buses and that didn't work out too well in the later years.
  5. To late to edit but I ment to say 12/31/18 , not 1/31/18
  6. This is outdated There's about 8-10 sets of R32's on the There's about 4-6 sets of R32's on the After 1/31/18, 0 R32's on the / After last month 0 R160's on the All 222 R32's are at 207th st
  7. It would be nice in the summer if 1 set of 10 car R179's run on the rock pk shuttle between rockaway blvd and b116th st. That would be nice.
  8. If they really need a train they'll run the R42 on the (A). This was confirmed but until that happens it's strictly storage, they're basically on stand by. So far some returned to ENY for service just to go back to pitkin. I was hoping the R42's could go to the as originally planned but that obviously changed.
  9. They only have the large surplus because of R179 issues, R143's always being in the shop and prepping the R160A-1's 8377 and up for Queens CBTC. That's why the they need all the R32's and R42's. This is probably the reason the won't see an increase in car length yet. The however still has a chance. MTA did not mention nothing about the not being full length. Plus you have the 10 car R179's coming in, those alone would cause the to go full length. They're not getting rid of anything yet.
  10. The mta only mentioned the Not the (C), if the MTA annouces the isnt going full length then yea but it wasn't mentioned so the plan still stands unless changed.
  11. I agree 100%, I was looking forward to that regardless of what equipment run on it. R160's would have been nice for the (G). Also back to the R179's It seems like the run a lot better on the vs the and
  12. Spare factor, bumping out R68's that concourse lost back to concourse. Plus CI is already getting the R46's from Jamaica. The R160's require a lower spare factor than the R46's due to age. It wouldn't make sense to give CI the R32's if the isn't going 480 feet. That was the whole point of the R32's going to CI to supplement the 8 car R160's. It's better to keep the 60 foot smees at 207th for easy retirement once that time comes.
  13. The only thing I see happening if CI does get R46's, pitkin would loose some sets as well and it would make sense. The G isn't going 480 feet so there's no need for R32's and 8 car tech trains. However there would be a need for more R46's. Jamaica R46's wouldn't be enough since the R160's require less spares than R46's. Plus concourse has a low spare factor since 2nd ave opened so 2770-2791 would have to go back. It's possible the 13 trainsets of R179's is pushing out 13 R46's instead of R32's. Meaning the R42's would be needed for or service If it's 10 cars to have increased spare factor for the 60 foot smees at 207th.
  14. The R42's might just go to storage until they're needed.
  15. No, some people use it more than 2 times, especially if you work those delivery jobs. They should have just raised it to $3. It's not fair that subway and bus riders get a break while regular people who use lirr,MNRR, Express buses and tolls gotta get hit hard. Especially if they're doing the fair fares program, meaning they're even paying less than $2.75 (50% of that) while the city pays the difference.
  16. With the Westside developing, you're gonna need full length trains.
  17. Here's something very simple 96th st-Coney Island Broadway Express. Late nights no service remains the same remains the same, probably extra service Rush Hours: Astoria Ditmars - kings hwy Middays & Weekends: to Whitehall st Late nights: to Coney Island via sea beach, replaces service. Would see service increases to balance out the ridership of Astoria. Astoria Does Not need 2 services, this is what's hurting the (R). Have the locals go to Queens, the Express go 96th st. No merging and the and can stay on the local while the and stays on the express. Do this and the amount of delays on the would drop, make the 100% R160's and it'll even drop more. This would make a lot more sense and there would be no need to extend the (J), have 2 merging points and having 3 lines in one tube. Excuse my language but f**k Astoria, they don't need 2 services. The local is a better option for them anyway since the stops at popular stops along broadway.
  18. They didn't do it yet due to the R179 issues and etc. Once all the R179's are in then you'll probably see 10 car R32/179's with full length R46's.
  19. ENY is keeping all of their cars, the R42's would only be the ones moved. The R160's have to be worked on for Queens cbtc, the R143's keep having issues as well as the R179's = ENY needing a large surplus of cars. Plus everything isn't official and it's subject to change meaning the can still go 8 cars.
  20. In the end we will end up with extra c40lf's, when the Q25 becomes sbs, Its moving to BP due to it having artics (subject to change). Even if the Q64 goes back to CP, there would still be extra C40's. Those C40's could go to WF to bump out those XD40's to other NYCT depots.
  21. If the stays 8 cars, the will only have 10 trainsets of R179's meaning 8 sets of R32's would have to cover the rest of the (C). The uses 12 trains already, 3070-73 would make it 12.5 trains. The in theory would loose some R46's if the R46-160 swap happens between Jamaica and Coney island. CI would need extra R46's for increased spare factor since they're loosing 80% of their most reliable cars. 13 R179 trainsets would bump 13 trainsets of R46's. You have 222 R32 cars. If the stays 8 cars, you'll need 64 cars to create 8 trains of 8 car trains. If the continues to use R32's it would likely only use 6 trains. That's 60 cars, in total that's 104 cars needed for both services. 207th would need to keep about 60-80 cars for spares, Thats 164-184 cars. If anything the whole R32 fleet would stay and the and would have a large spare factor. Meaning the can rotate between R46's and R32's. They probably do that now. If the goes full length, the would still use R32's alongside the 10 car R179's and R46's. Maybe the R42's to keep the spare factor high. It would make more sense for the to loose the R46's to Coney Island yard if it gets the R46's from jamaica. No point giving coney island R32's now since the isnt going 8 cars.
  22. Also there's more than enough cars to make the full length, there's extra R32's that the could use to go 10 cars. If the doesn't go 10 cars then the will stay with 8 car R179's and 8 car R32's while the rest of the 8 car trains stay at ENY. MTA moving backwards instead of foward.
  23. Kiss those R42's goodbye, but in all seriousness the needs to be 8 cars. It gets packed during rush hours. The is still going 10 cars since nothing had been mentioned. It's likely that the will get extended since there's a huge surplus of 8 car trains.
  24. I rode it to beach 60th yesterday afternoon and these cars handle crowds a lot better than the R46's. If it were up to me the would be 100% R46 or 70% R46 and 30% R32's. And the would have all 14 R179 sets with 10 R32 sets with the rest being R46's. There needs to be less R46's on the (A), it's very obvious by riding both the R179 and R32.
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