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  1. 2 R160's from ENY are on the I don't know if any R32's were sent to ENY yet.
  2. I don't know off hand but its a very low amount, I wish someone can confirm the amount of cars that were stripped.
  3. They are not coming all out, a portion of cars were stripped for parts.
  4. They'll still do phase I of reopening, Some stores will still open
  5. Once that warranty goes away, transit will fix em up to be reliable. They will Have to get a top to bottom Heavy SMS and it would be alot easier too since its only 316 cars. The R142's had their issues but Transit fixed them up and by 2010 they became very reliable. the only reason it took so long for the R142's is because there's over 1,000 of them. As long as the body and frame is in good shape, they can make these cars reliable. Hopefully they'll be smart and invest in doing that since they're still new.
  6. Remember, It's hot out, Making the 100% R32's would be a very bad idea knowing the the HVAC issues of the past
  7. I don't think making the half R32's is a good idea, the needs to have a more reliable fleet. if 198-200 R32's are available, they will need to have atleast 70 cars in service if the fleet were to be split. remember the lost 50 R42's so its surplus was lowered by 6 trains. now with the R179's OOS. they will need something to cover for that and the R143's aren't enough. When they first took the R179's OOS and brought back the R42's, the was crush loaded and the had to be cut that day. this time it'll be different since the ridership is lowred but they'll still need some cars to help out It's Documented that 110 R32's were to remain until Q3 2021 with the remaining going in Q1 2022, The Cars were needed to keep a healthy spare factor until Albany requested the to retire both the R32's and R42's early due to their age. TA spent a good chunk of money fixing up those 110 cars to keep em going until 2021-22. Half the R32/ all of the R42 fleet were always planned to be replaced by the R179's. when the R42's retired, ENY lost 6 train surplus out of 11, so now they have or now had a 4 train surplus of cars. 70 out of 110 R32's were supposed to be used for or service until retirement so the R46's spare factor wouldn't be lowered. If anything by them doing this, the got screwed because between 2016-present day it has lost over 5 trainsets to CI yard to keep their spare factor healthy. when the Jamaica - CI swap took place, CI took a hit due to fleet age, now you got R46's running on 4 24/7 routes instead of 1 full 24/7 route. Since the R46's run alot more now, they would need a higher spare factor. By putting R46's on the the Spare factor dropped to 5 trains which isn't enough for both the / combined. ALSO all 222 R32's aren't coming back, a small portion were already stripped for parts. So I would say 180-200 cars at best.
  8. ENY would still need some cars, I think 36-48 R32's would go to ENY unless they reactivate the R42's as well which would be a big oof because they did their last run. I think what they'll do since the weather is getting hot is do the the R32/160 swap. have the have half the R32 fleet and the rest goes to the while the is R46/160. that makes the most sense.
  9. full service is supposed to start when Phase I is started, they don't want to risk people being crushed loaded into subway cars like late march.
  10. they broke apart in the middle of service, that's alot worse than the door problem and even after the door problem they still had issues that covered up just to put them back into service. Byford is laughing his ass off right now in the UK. and with everything going on right now its gonna take longer. with the OOS the can use the R46/68's until next week. the is the only line that might need extra cars since its an 8 car line.
  11. R32's gonna return but it probably be about 140-150 cars. I don't know how many were stripped but i know it was a small portion.
  12. They're gonna need the R32's for full service next week, both r32's and R42's will be needed because a portion (don't know how many) are stripped for parts. all Hell is gonna break loose. the are retards, never should have Retired the R32's yet.
  13. This is why the JACKASSES Should have never retired a single R32 yet. I knew this would happen. They kept covering up the problems and this happens.
  14. 3146 and others are on the I don't know the reason but that came from ENY yard.
  15. Lsat train of R46's were transferred out of Jamaica This evening, so This ends the R46's at Jamaica
  16. R179's were not supposed to retire all the R32's, only half of them. hence why they were suppose to retire 110 cars by Q1/Q2 2022
  17. I don't even know why they're bothering with getting a scrap contract when the first R211 isn't even here yet. they're gonna have to remove R46's as well when they retire. It makes no sense.
  18. they might have to re enter service, I read an article saying once the subway is 100% and the shutdown is lifted. They still want people to practice social distancing, Can't do that with 4 car trains. The its 50/50, but in order to do that plus dis infect and clean cars every 24 hours. They are gonna need extra cars as spares to do all of that plus the social distancing. this is WHY They shouldn't have Jumped the gun on retiring cars during this whole situation.
  19. a small chunk of cars were stripped already, since they need parts
  20. Just like the R32's it's age and now since they're on 3 other 24/7 routes the mdbf is expected to drop. the difference with the R32's on the they ran mainly rush hours. the R46's count up for 78 to 80% of the lines fleet plus the spare factor drop due to the needing 72 R46's.
  21. IMO lets just wait and see on what happens. But you will still have a large chunk of people using the subway even if the city opens back up, but ridership would drop like what someone pointed out, they will have to run more trains regardless in order to provide social distancing. before the crew shortage, the subway was great after the shelter in place order took place, when i was doing deliveries the had no standing room and it was decent but lines like the were packed throughout the day. there's more i wanna say but im gonna stay quiet, Might cause the current things to change.
  22. they'll go to pitkin for service vs. 207th. i think the only reason why they're talking about this is the fact the only has 13 NTT's and the R46's MDBF is dropping. So putting 10 more tech trains on the would have the be 50/50 and the R46's would dominate the .
  23. This is exactly what i was thinking and i don't know why if things go back to normal, why can't they just run longer trains to spread out the crowds. the is a mixed bag because they have the 8 car R179's. even when all of this is over alot of people will still use the subway. question is if they'll have enough manpower? this is why retiring anything right now is a dumb idea, They should have said the R32's are on reserve and if service doesn't meet demand then they will be retired.
  24. I don't think things will be normal for awhile. Not enough man power since thousands of ta workers are out in quarantine and over 70 have passed away. This is probably why the just said screw it and retire the cars. IMO they should have been sidelined as reserve fleet until they're sure that they'll have enough service without the useage of these cars. But if the city reopens you will see a high amount of people using the subway, the unemployed would be going out looking for jobs plus people returning to work. But there will be issues due to the lack of manpower for the system. I doubt may 15th the city would slowly reopen.
  25. the is terrible with the R46's since 2nd ave has high ridership. the to me is fine with the R46's
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