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  1. Reading is fundamental.... What's the point of having a separate SBS brand if ALL buses are going to have the same features?? Boarding through all doors and the payment set up will essentially be the same in the future. Those are two key things that distinguish SBS from other routes.
  2. Whatever... I'll let you keep playing in lala land.
  3. lol This is a plan to speed up buses in general along a number of corridors, so more bus lanes, OMNY and all door boarding are in the works along regardless. The SBS brand will likely be phased out eventually.
  4. No one said they were. What was said was what is needed, and some of those things will be implemented for all lines, SBS or not.
  5. Some of the things you mention are already in the works. Instead of complaining, take the time to read the Better Buses Action Plan. It describes in detail a number of corridors that are being worked on by the DOT and the City, and include things like bus lanes, Transit Signal Priority and so on. OMNY should be on all buses Citywide by sometime in 2020. Until then people will have to be patient and wait. What is concerning isn't what they're doing, but rather what isn't being done, and how long some of these things have been in the works. https://www1.nyc.gov/html/brt/downloads/pdf/better-buses-action-plan-2019.pdf
  6. lol Why would they? If they don't want to run the X27 and the X28, they definitely don't want to revive any other express bus lines in Brooklyn. The whole we need to be on guard is on in Southern Brooklyn. We expect the to try and pull a fast one, and we are ready and waiting. We fought like hell to get the X27 and X28 back on weekends, and we are prepared to fight again. For the X28 it took almost six years, with them saying that people could just take the train, even if they didn't have a subway nearby, esp. areas like Dyker Heights. When they were threatened with a lawsuit on ADA accessibility grounds, then they changed their tune.
  7. Yeah, I spoke with a planner about the BxM18 proposal to Hudson Yards. He could only say that it was a new service they were trying. What I haven't seen is any data showing the need for such a service, and our comments reflect that in our review of the BxM proposals. As for Staten Island service, I think it will happen eventually, which is why that private vendor was run out that wanted to start the service.
  8. Sure they can, but I don't see that happening at the moment. They've expressed wanting to run a service directly to Hudson Yards. Maybe that'll change. We'll see...
  9. Sharing a letter from the MTA regarding the no coins policy and other matters... Additionally, I am looking to get an update on the new express buses, as in an actual timeline for them to start rolling on the streets. Heard 2020, but no vendor has been chosen yet. We will keep you posted.
  10. Now I see.... Thanks for the clarification. I was wondering because they haven't done anything with the bus.
  11. That much I know... Doesn't quite answer the question though... lol
  12. Is that bus a loaner or what? I saw it about a week or so ago up by Broadway and 63rd waiting for the BxM2.
  13. While we're on the topic of private express bus service in Bay Ridge, there's apparently already one operating, at least during peak times. I believe the service costs $5.00 and is cash only. Runs along Shore Road (IIRC). The one being considered would primarily run via 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge, like the old Metro Apple express bus service.
  14. I posted about it in the Express Bus Advocacy Group thread. The service remains "pending". The guy is my group and still has desires to run the service. However he needs a permit, and he is asking for signatures to get permission to start the route, otherwise he would face being served a "cease and desist order" like the other private provider that was considering operating from Staten Island to Hudson Yards. He also hasn't quite worked out the payment structure just yet. Last we discussed, he was looking to use iPads or tablets in addition to taking cash, but as I told him, the payment structure needs to be quick. He's also looking to provide service off-peak. I'm still waiting for him to provide me a list of the stops in Bay Ridge and Manhattan, so for now it remains a pipe dream. The plan however is for the service to be cheaper than $6.75. From the feedback I've received, many in Bay Ridge would consider the service. I also am not so sure he has enough buses to meet demand. That one old RTS bus is not going to cut it. @Deucey @Gleasonbus7560 @Eric B @Nova Fly Guy @NewFlyer 230
  15. Outside of the Staten Island NYCT express bus lines, Bay Ridge west of 3rd Avenue has the ridership and $$$ to afford the service. Bay Ridge along with Dyker Heights as well... That is why they have the express bus along Shore Rd. It's a schlepp to the subway and it's MUCH quicker via the express bus. I talked with the about the train actually during the first meeting for a bit (it just came up in conversation during discussions about Bay Ridge express bus service) and while the is considering some things for the it still remains quite unreliable overall, not to mention the ADA accessibility issues.
  16. Yeah, it may happen eventually. I know people who used to work by the World Trade Center. Offices moved after 9/11 to Downtown Brooklyn. They would take the express bus into to Downtown and transfer to the subway. Not that big of a deal quite frankly. I'm not even sure what sort of routing you would take.
  17. It's been discussed numerous times going back to the redesign. At that time, the didn't want to do it. They've maintained that they want to run the service as a new service to Hudson Yards. I brought it up earlier this year when I was over at Hudson Yards one morning, and spoke about it with another person who runs one of the Staten Island express bus advocacy groups who interacts daily with the . One idea thrown around was to extend one or two routes further north that runs Downtown. Seems the doesn't want that, as they are concerned about Manhattan congestion. They want to focus on more direct, shorter routes. As for a Downtown Brooklyn route, I don't see that happening, at least not now. They are focusing on "latent" demand, and for now latent demand means serving the Central Business Districts of Manhattan.
  18. MTA to consider express bus service to Hudson Yards Today 6:00 AM Jan Somma-Hammel Commuters board a SIM6 express bus. (Staten Island Advance/Jan Somma-Hammel) By Erik Bascome | tbascome@siadvance.com STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- As more and more companies begin setting up shop in Hudson Yards on the West Side of Manhattan, the MTA will monitor the changing transit demands and consider adding direct express bus service to the area. In a recent meeting with the Staten Island Advance’s editorial board, when asked about the possibility of direct express bus service from Staten Island to Hudson Yards, MTA New York City Transit President Andy Byford said it was something the agency will consider as demand increases. “Transit should be demand-led, and obviously, with huge development that’s going on in Hudson Yards and all the new office buildings going up, we’re keeping a very close on eye on that,” Byford said. “So that is something, absolutely, that we’ll want to keep under tight review, and as and when we believe there is sufficient latent demand there, then we will need to address that with service,” he added. During the meeting, Borough President Oddo noted that Staten Island’s fast ferry service, scheduled to launch sometime in 2020, will service the West Side of Manhattan, with stops at Battery Park City/Vesey Street and Midtown West at Pier 79/West 39th Street. “The fast ferry service that will start in the summer of 2020 will provide some options for some folks on the West Side. And let today be the last Aug. 15 that Staten Island does not have fast ferry service,” Oddo said. Source: https://www.silive.com/news/2019/08/mta-to-consider-express-bus-service-to-hudson-yards.html
  19. It's pretty simple... Even if they wanted to start up they couldn't. They were served a cease and desist order, which pretty much means what it says. They apparently did not go through the proper channels to operate their service, and could've been sued had they tried to circumvent the order. They were shut down from operating the service before it even got off of the ground. The has said that they eventually will operate some sort of new express bus service from Staten Island to Hudson Yards. As to when is anyone's guess, but they want it to be its own service, not any sort of revision of any current lines. The only express bus that is planned as a new service right now to Hudson Yards is the revised BxM18 route. The price point of that private operator was also very high at $12.00 per trip, or $24.00 per day. It would've operated as a Super Express service via Hylan Blvd, making I think about three stops or so on Staten Island, and then going straight to Hudson Yards. I told the person who was dealing with them directly that it was cost prohibitive, which was communicated to them. They were trying to offer a few perks, but even if they were allowed to start up I didn't see it working. They also didn't know the market, or offer any marketing material for the route, so that was another obstacle. They briefly had a website, but even that disappeared. @Lawrence St See above...
  20. I think on the local they haven't done much, but they most certainly have on the express. That was something we discussed back in February when I had the planners all in the room, which is that I didn't understand the run times... For example, I told one of the planners who oversees the Bus lines.... I don't understand why the QM1, QM5 and QM6 all get 10 minutes to do the Midtown Loop ALL week, yet the QM15 gets almost double the time going down the same corridor. The problem is some lines just aren't touched. They copy and paste the run times and call it a day, and when they want to look to cut down on costs, then they will look at the run times more closely. This is essentially what these redesigns are about, which is cutting down on the run times to cut down on costs.
  21. What some people don't realize is they have actually been tweaking the schedules. @SoSpectacular makes it sound like all trips don't have enough time. Simply not true... Lots of trips have been pushed back considerably, 20 - 30 minutes in some cases. There isn't a budget that can just allow for buses to take more and more time to do one trip, citing traffic as the reason. One thing I've been happy to see is that express buses are leaving terminals at the times stated versus 10 - 20 minutes after. That is something that needs to be looked at Citywide, which should include the local buses too. Given that the has real-time data to analyze versus years ago when they had buses run empty to gauge run times, they can look at that data to not only examine the run times, but also choke points.

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