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  1. That should be reported. That is unacceptable. I had a union rep in my advocacy group that was trying to condone such disgusting behavior from College Point, and we gave him the boot.
  2. Yup! If you look carefully on some of those local buses with the screens, if they are malfunctioning, it shows an old Windows operating system. I was shocked... Like how are you using an operating system that old? Sure it still works, but Christ. My guess is they have some sort of contractual agreement or something.
  3. I got the impression that there's some sort of contractual agreement or something that may be prohibiting them from making certain scheduling changes. The person I spoke with wasn't at liberty to say, but just said there were certain things that didn't allow them to make certain changes. One thing I do know is that some depots pushed back on the run times when Vision Zero kicked in. The drivers were constantly late with non synced traffic lights and slower speeds, and it negatively impacted service, so on some lines, I do know that they pushed back the run times. Something else to consider... From the comptroller's audit, they agreed to make their run times more realistic. Pushing back the run times also makes on-time performance look better.
  4. I still use the express bus here and there and yes I have experienced the same thing. Some drivers don't want to pick up anybody and get an attitude when people board. Got into a heated discussion in my group yesterday about it. Passenger complained that his QM20 bus went by Not in Service with passengers on the bus, and then turned his sign on and went to Queens. He and a lady had to wait for the next bus.
  5. Truth be told, the planners usually handle the oversight of things like BusTime issues, and then changes are executed by someone else on the tech side. I don't know the full ins and outs of how complicated BusTime is to modify, but I do know that the schedules, stops, etc are loaded into each line. Any modification can mess up a line to where buses cannot be tracked, which is exactly what happened with some lines that went to modified schedules until they updated them. Yes, but think about it. There are about 55 express bus lines and I don't know how many local bus lines. Trying to keep up with changes in real time for buses is no easy task. Constantly maintaining and upgrading costs $$$, which is the main issue here. Remember that the tried for years to contract a bus tracking system and fired the contractor who could not get the job done so they went in-house. Not making excuses, but I believe the plan is to address some of the things you noted later on as these buses are switched over to OMNY. The does not want to waste money updating something that is running on dated software as it is. Some of these programs are STILL running on things like Windows from 10+ years ago... You should look into reaching out on one of the internships if you want to get that involved.
  6. Not really. I know some essential workers in my group that are first responders or work with the homeless. They now get a bus once an hour and yes, they are running out of their office not to miss that bus because the schedules were not re-written looking at BusTrek data.
  7. I have asked about run times and why some of them haven't been changed in years. I wasn't given the exact reason, but supposedly there are limitations in some cases on what can and can't be done. I'm sure some of it is $ related too.
  8. Yeah because our wonderful mayor is doing a horrendous job addressing the homeless problem. According to him, there isn't a homeless problem in the subways, and apparently there isn't one above ground either. https://www.nydailynews.com/coronavirus/ny-coronavirus-de-blasio-homeless-subway-20200423-v74454vxt5bjtd6rwiqm7sp3ke-story.html
  9. lol Despite what you may think, on there isn't a big group of people to handle things like BusTime. I originally spoke with the BusTime team (the people that created it). They stuck around for a bit to oversee any bugs and issues, but BusTime was created in-house. When there is an issue, there isn't a dedicated staff to deal with making changes (believe me, a few things have come up and I figured that out quickly). Changes are noted, and they get to them when they can. There's only a handful of people that deal with BusTime issues. They note the problems and then they are fixed whenever they can get to them. The problem with the is everything is compartmentalized. Drivers generally aren't going to get too involved with certain things. Unfortunately, the and the DOT are not always on the same page. They are two different agencies with a variety of stakeholders, and while they should work more closely together, unfortunately, with everything that happens, things move VERY slowly. The usual turnaround time for things like bus stop replacement can take months. I have spoken with both the and DOT reps about who does what. We had a huge meeting with dispatchers, superintendents, two DOT reps and several planners. A lot of it comes down to budgetary constraints and a lack of manpower. The DOT is responsible for things road repair, milling, resurfacing, bus stop and bus shelter issues and fixing a bunch of other things traffic related, and a lot of the work is contracted out and the DOT just oversees some things. There is simply not enough people to go around to handle everything (it would be too expensive for a budget standpoint) and so things like bus stops can take a back seat unless it's really important and some calls are made. What exactly is the problem? If it is express bus related, I'm happy to reach out and assist.
  10. That is true in SOME cases. MNRR and LIRR was indeed reduced because of decreased ridership. The subways and buses are another story.
  11. Like the old days. I got to the Upper East Side in 30 minutes.
  12. No idea what you're talking about. You're quoting comments about USPS blocking bus stops...
  13. We have lost three of our founding members, two in the last month... My condolences to their families.
  14. He also said lots of NY State teachers have a Master's Degree. I would certainly hope so, given that it is a requirement. lol
  15. One thing I will say is the does not have enough drivers overall to meet their schedules. I had no idea it was this bad. I think it's always been a problem, but there is a driver shortage around the country. They are always looking for more drivers, and one thing that has become abundantly clear since I started my advocacy group is this is a SERIOUS problem across the board for the . It's one of the reasons that they are so adamant about "redesigning the network". Redesigning the network works for THEM and their bottom line. The proof is in the cuts to the frequencies in service on many lines or the merging/elimination of service. What does it do for the ? 1. LESS FREQUENCY=LESS DRIVERS that are needed. Easier to make schedules. The "super routes" that you mentioned.... They would be maximizing ridership and their costs in terms of bus loads versus their overhead expenses, and so that is what they are fixated on. To hell with coverage... Let's get our costs down...
  16. Not surprising. Some of those express bus declines are due to TONS of missing buses. We have it documented and logged too.
  17. No... 57 people seated. With people standing, easily 60 more... Nicole Malliotakis just shared a response from the noting that added capacity starting tomorrow will provide 1,000 seats for SIM express bus riders to ease overcrowding.
  18. Yeah they're decreasing the frequency from 20 to every 15 minutes.
  19. Oh I was speaking with people and yes, they were indeed collecting data for weeks leading up to this decision, so they had a good idea of what lines were carrying and what weren't before deciding on this. Some people were trying to excuse this and say oh well lots of drivers were out which is true, (there were at one point over 500 drivers out on the island), but that isn't the point. You KNOW who have roughly X amount of drivers for the service you can make. Look at the data you have and come up with a modified schedule that makes SENSE based on what drivers you have. Instead they just threw out Sunday service, knowing that such a schedule would leave large areas of Staten Island with NO express bus service, especially areas of the South Shore. That basically forced lots of people to then drive to what... The Eltingville Transit Center and get the SIM1C, which has the most frequent service and is the only line with overnight service, so naturally more people are going to gravitate to that line. You can see lots of construction workers in some photos too because a lot of them still have to work, even though they may not look like "essential workers" to some drivers, but they are according to what the State of NY mandated as being essential workers, so yeah, after two days of issues, today was a lot better. They added service where needed, and the headways are 15 minutes at some points of the day instead of 20.
  20. You know how things are with the .... Poor communication... They promise one thing and there's always something that falls through the cracks. I'll give you an example of this. When I started the group, there were still tons of changes happening on Staten Island. They were as you know reinstating some stops, so I believe it was the SIM3 branch that they made a stop change to. They would start having them stop at Fingerboard and not just go all the way to Slosson and Victory for the first stop, which as you know is quite a difference in distance. What happened? Driver ignored the stop request for Fingerboard. Drivers were supposed have been told about the stop change, but for whatever reason, this driver didn't follow the change, so a furious passenger now is posting about how she has to now call someone to pick her up and how nasty the driver was about it when she asked why he wouldn't stop. I in turn contacted someone and asked that they make an announcement over the system to make sure all of those drivers on the line knew about the change, but it's difficult. Will every driver have their radio turned up so they can hear the announcement? What about drivers that are off, out sick or on vacation? These are how these mistakes happen because the often times poorly communicates, leaving the drivers unaware of some changes, and then they become defensive when passengers who know about the changes challenge them on why they don't abide by them. I wonder how the SIMC arrangement was set up in terms of whether or not a memo was sent out or if dispatch just made an announcement over the radio... Obviously the drivers had a special pick for this, but the extra buses along the route set up... If the driver doesn't radio in, dispatch would have no idea about the need to send a bus, even if the bus has the seat availability mechanism on it, because they are supposed to radio in once ~22 passengers are picked up. Dispatch can't tell from BusTrek how many passengers have boarded because the seat availability mechanism doesn't show how many people are on the bus, only seats available, limited seating or standing room only.
  21. Well yes, the City has to re-open at some point. A lot of drivers want the system to shut down. That is just not feasible. You and I know how many people are essential workers in this City and they must have transportation to get around. I am not an essential worker (technically), but I do work with numerous big hospitals that depend on services I provide, so sometimes I have to go in for paperwork, etc., and I have to use transportation. Perfect example... Some people I work with serve people that are transplant patients. They must follow strict protocol to remain healthy during this time, otherwise, they can deal with complications from the transplant, so this info is time sensitive, and if I need to go in to finalize paperwork, I have to go in. I certainly would not want some driver questioning me about whether or not I'm an essential worker.
  22. Yeah they knew about it because some follow our express bus groups, so as I said above, there was more to this story than just then passengers cursing. They were cursing for a reason, and the video is shown in the middle of all of it, not at the beginning. He didn't follow protocol and then became rude when people started questioning why. I will say this. Any driver that doesn't want to pick up essential workers should stay home. It's insulting to hear drivers b*t hing about how "all of these people can't be essential workers" (Staten Island has lots of them - cops, construction workers, nurses, City workers, etc.). There was one driver trying to deny a passenger entry on a bus who was an essential worker, which is ridiculous. Essential workers are not just doctors or nurses or first responders. We have lots of social workers helping people that are homeless or have mental health issues out here that have to go to work. Homelessness and mental issues don't just stop because of a pandemic. I have been speaking with some drivers about all of this in private. Most drivers have been quite professional, but there are always the few that are ignorant and crass. It's really about educating drivers on what essential workers are, because there are a lot of them.
  23. Two things... It was stated that the drivers were supposed to radio in when their bus was becoming too crowded because there were buses on standby to assist, both in the middle of the route and at the end. Some riders knew this from following our express bus groups. Second, it was said that he was rude first, so he didn't radio in when he was supposed to because they were supposed to, and then he was rude. Some drivers don't want to come in and don't want to pick up passengers, even essential workers. A number of drivers want the system the shut down, period, so what you saw was part of the video, not the entire video. You see passengers reacting, not the entire video. That paints a completely different story...
  24. You should've filed a complaint. I had a QM6 pull that crap. He drove past me with a not in service sign on and I made sure I got the bus number to see if he went in service further up, and like clockwork, he shows up by 57th and 3rd on BusTime. I had to wait 30 minutes and take the QM5. Next time I got him, he was trying to figure out who was pissed. He was being extra courteous.
  25. They don't need to get "creative". They were told which lines needed service and which ones don't. Run the ones that were requested and you take the burden off of the other lines. The SIM1C is overcrowded because there is no service on the South Shore, so EVERYONE does what they have done for YEARS, which is DRIVE to the Eltingville Transit Center for the SIM1C. Wow, what a surprise....
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