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  1. It's wild to me that they've been having this track work and they have no staff around to answer questions or provide tickets to re-enter the system. It also shows that a lot of people use the pay-per-ride option more than we may realize. I almost always buy passes because I travel around a lot, but obviously those cost more, and if you are on a limited income every little bit counts, especially with the bonus being cut. I would be pissed regardless of having to pay again for something like this.
  2. This just confirms what I was saying yesterday....
  3. It's true... I'm in a LIRR group on social media, and the other day someone snapped a photo of this nut job that takes the LIRR. Gets on at Penn Station, and the train is so crowed that the conductor doesn't even bother to collect tickets so he rides up and down on the LIRR harassing people for free. As expensive as the LIRR is, there is no way in hell that I would tolerate that on Metro-North. That's precisely why some people opt for the rail road to avoid that nonsense.
  4. I haven't seen that before but I've heard of people pulling that. Of course if you ride long enough, you'll see the scammers begging for money claiming that just need a few bucks to get home. There's actually a guy that I've seen several times now that seems to work Midtown from as far as 6th Avenue to as far East as Grand Central. Same story every time... Just needs a $1 to make up his fare to get home... I was disgusted the first time because he looks well dressed enough to afford his own fare, but then seeing him several times since then pulling the same BS nonsense... With my earbuds in I usually just look at them like I'm confused. lol If they continue then I look even more confused as if to say this guy must be crazy, let me avoid him. LOL That usually does the trick when I start looking elsewhere.
  5. Via Garibaldi 8


    Good for you... Welcome...
  6. LMAO... There's no petition yet, and when there is one it'll likely be me doing it, since the person that is interested in running the service isn't exactly gifted when it comes to grammar. LOL I'm waiting to be provided with a list of the AM and PM stops first, which should happen later this week.
  7. No one said that they trust the . We are simply saying that this is the way MANY businesses are going (the is a public agency, but you get the point - our society is heading to a cashless one). Do you know how many "card only" places I go to? Do I support it? No, because they shut out customers entirely that don't have cards. Most of the time I like to pay with a card, but sometimes I use cash to ensure that I don't go crazy spending, as it is easy to just "swipe and go". I ALWAYS over spend when I use a card... Always.... May just be a few dollars, but it happens, as it did just this weekend. I went in wanting to spend about $40.00 at the Whole Foods Market, and spent almost $50.00. That said, you are getting into a lot of "what if" scenarios here. The fact of the matter is, you can still buy paper tickets with cash at an array of vending machines, and the has all sorts of warnings about the higher fares on trains, etc., so people are not shut out of the system if they want to pay for their ticket in cash, provided that they do so in advance, prior to boarding the train. They are doing away with the cash option to deter people from paying on the train in the first place. They want people getting their tickets in advance. This avoids the conductors having to spend time making change and having to hold on to money. We would be talking about a VERY small segment of people that would face some sort of problem in any event, and usually the conductors give you the option of paying or getting off. If someone only had cash to show proof of payment, well they could still show that they made an attempt to pay, which would be the point. If you're so concerned about the "gubment" and "big brother", you had better get off of this forum immediately, and trash all of your electronics too because that's the way we're going in our society.
  8. I think it's because it comes down to responsibility. What I have seen on SBS lines annoys me. When I get my paper receipt, I put it in a place that is easy to retrieve it for inspection. However, what I have seen some people do is crumble it up and stick it somewhere... Out of sight, out of mind. You know that your receipt can be inspected at any time, so it is your responsibility to make sure that you have it ready. An Eagle Team came on the M86 once and this guy had just got on a few stops before with me. He could NOT find his receipt!! In fact he had his earphones on and didn't even hear what they were saying. Eventually after patiently waiting and asking for his ticket, he was pulled off of the bus. That is a perfect example of people having to be responsible for their actions. I doubt he was given a summons, but he was pulled off of the bus since he was unable to produce his receipt in a reasonable amount of time, which was holding up the entire bus from proceeding with its trip. I was just thinking that's probably why I haven't noticed it on the LIRR trains. I've only seen a handful of people on MNRR trains do it. Either older women who don't know or don't want to use the machines and want to be waited on and will gladly pay the fee to do so (and yes there are some prima donnas on the trains that don't want to deal with the "hassle" of getting their tickets at the machines ), or some clueless person traveling that can't be bothered to read about the zones and where to get their tickets.
  9. I'm sorry, but it's the truth, and it is clearly stated. Before you get on the train, you are to have your e-ticket activated or your paper ticket ready for collection. If your phone fails, that is not the 's fault. It's the equivalent of you losing your paper ticket. Would you expect special treatment because for whatever reason, you lost your paper ticket? You would still be expected to produce proof of payment. This is why I have the app installed on both my phone and iPad, and another reason why monthly passes aren't available for purchase with the app in most cases, because if something happens with your device, you may be out of your monthly pass, and when some cost over $400.00 each, it is not a cheap thing to replace. If you are that concerned about it, buy your ticket at the machines, in advance, which is what I've done for years prior to using the app. Did I have concerns about using the app?? YES!! That's why I didn't for so long, but as I said, it's a risk that you take when you opt for e-tickets. The fact of the matter is you are supposed to buy your tickets in advance, not on the train. NJ Transit came up with something similar where they stopped allowing people to board at the Port Authority on the bus to buy tickets. It holds up service when you have ample amount of vending machines to buy your tickets.
  10. Oh give it a rest already. As I said before you are supposed to activate your ticket BEFORE you board, and if your phone fails that's the risk you take for convenience. That said, I have the app installed on my phone and my iPad in case one has a problem. You can switch from one device to another, but you should only do that if there's a problem. I'm also cognizant of making sure my device is charged, etc. beforehand.
  11. I get the impression that people buy their tickets beforehand...
  12. Fast Food just means being made quickly. It doesn't mean it has to be junk per se. I eat pizza a lot and it is healthy since it is loaded with veggies, etc., but I would not eat Dominos regularly since that stuff is heavily processed. If you buy a pizza made fresh, with fresh ingredients, it can be quite healthy and quick.
  13. I'm not sure to be honest. I have only bought e-tickets for LIRR rides of late, mainly City Ticket. Works beautifully. It has allowed me to catch trains that I wouldn't get otherwise as I have bought them right on the platform as the train was ready to depart,
  14. There have been portable credit cards on Metro-North trains for years now. Years ago I once couldn't find a ticket, so I had to pay the difference for another one that I did find. Conductor swipped my card right there and it prints out a receipt for you too. It makes the whole process quicker and easier for the conductor and for the to not take cash. The railroads did better in terms of having the e-ticket program and credit card readers available now for years. Very few people pay with cash now since so many use the app. Keep in mind that you are supposed to activate your e-ticket BEFORE you board so if there is a problem you know about it in advance. I never do because I know that I can get signal and depending on where I'm at I may or may not be checked, so no point in activating a ticket if it won't be checked. Save it for the next time... For monthly passes, the e-ticket is not fully available just yet.
  15. I think it is and I don't think he ever started the other thing. He's still sorting out particulars with his partners, but I gave him some feedback to consider.
  16. That's only because you aren't aware of the ultimate plan. Now I'm not happy with how they are going about it, but I do support the ultimate plan. I actually spoke with them about it briefly again on a recent conference call. You have to remember that the is using outdated technology. I actually applauded them in my first meeting, which wasn't exactly nice (we had some very heated exchanges lol), but on the move to OMNY, I agreed that they were moving in the right direction based on what I knew about the system, and how flexible it will be. Now there are still some hiccups with it as they roll it out, but it will make paying much easier, and even people that don't have smart phones, etc. will have payment options. Having to have people go around and service those clunky vending machines is labor extensive, and is a cost expense that needs to go and be reinvested elsewhere. There's also all of the paper waste that will be eliminated with OMNY. That is the one thing I love about buying e-Tickets. My purchases are in my electronic "wallet" and I can move individual purchases to my e-mail folder.
  17. A few more updates on the Bay Ridge service: The operator is proposing a fare of $5.00 each way, with the bus stops being similar to the old Metro Apple line (photo is not mine). They are considering using tablets for payment and accepting cash. The operator seems to have plans for off-peak service as well... These are NOT the final stops, but the stops will be similar. I should have them in the next few days.
  18. I think we'll see about that. Andy Byford came up near my neck of the woods to present the Fast Forward Plan on July 18th, and we asked him a lot of questions. One thing I have been trying to get the to do is commit to express buses using Transit Signal Priority, so I asked him (my question was read by an MTA representative) and he stated publicly that, yes, express buses will be included in the TSP plan. Now we need to pin them down with specifics. We were given assurances that they are listening multiple times during the MTA's visit. The meeting was held down down the hill in Kingsbridge, but apparently it was meant for us in Riverdale, as the noted a few times by addressing the neighborhood specifically. We had everyone there, including one of my contacts who came over to shake my hand beforehand. There are some things that myself and others like about the draft, and others that we have questions about. I'm just about done with my comments about the draft, which incorporates feedback we've received from riders on various lines, and I'll be sending them over to my contact for review a bit later this morning.
  19. E-tickets have been around for a few years now. There is no reason anyone should be paying the step-up fare when you can buy tickets right on your phone. I have the Metro-North and LIRR apps right on my iPad. It allows you to buy your tickets anywhere, even when you're in a rush. Proof of payment is simple because more and more of the conductors have scanners, so they can scan the bar code on your e-ticket.
  20. Latest news: -A private operator has renewed interest in trying to operate express bus service in Bay Ridge. -The route would start @ 97th 3rd Ave and end on 57th St & 6 Ave in the am -PM, the route would start @5th Ave, bet. 57th & 58th Street on 5th Ave, travel down 5th thru Broadway,to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and drops off starting at 65th & 4th Ave to 97 st. -The operator needs 300 signatures to send to Albany to approve it, and would like to start in September for the holidays for everyone, so the quicker the signatures the better. We are working with the operator to assist where possible and obtain more details such as a detailed listing of the stops, as well as the cost of the service. -Finalizing bus shelter and bus stop requests for the DOT -Finalizing comments for the Bronx express bus redesign
  21. Drivers aren't allowed to idle, so sometimes the bus will arrive and it will be hot. A little while ago I got the BxM2 to the City. It doesn't take long for it to reach my stop so I waited a bit to see if it would get cooler and it was tolerable, though it could've been cooler. It isn't hot outside, but it is quite humid.
  22. If the overhead blowers are off then the driver didn't turn them on. Just ask the driver to turn them on. Not sure why you would sit on a bus and not inquire. I certainly do. I am not paying what I do a month to sit on an express bus with no AC.

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