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  1. Yeah I haven't seen one in a while, and I figured they retired them since they are so decrepit. Where does it run to after leaving Midtown?
  2. So what ever happened to those old white, gold and red buses that I used to see in Midtown? Sounds like a crazy question, but this bus line is so shrouded in secrecy.
  3. It's the B110 for Williamsburg and Borough Park. I thought there is another bus that goes to Manhattan though... https://brokelyn.com/welcome-to-the-magical-mystery-bus-tour/
  4. I thought I responded to this one.... In any event, part of it is because of demographics and the subway lines and the route from former private bus lines. Additionally, Borough Park has their own private bus service to Manhattan.
  5. Yeah and how well are those buses doing running down those narrow streets? Not too hot... You can walk faster... In fact, Ridgewood and Glendale are esp. bad in that regard.
  6. That's precisely it. Instead of having the Bx24 loop around in Country Club, they would rather have it run through the heart of the area and the only main street is Stadium Avenue. However Stadium Avenue lacks sidewalks in certain parts (Country Club is one area in the Bronx that resembles more of a suburban area as it is very low density, similar to what you see on Staten Island with all houses and few commercial areas), and it is narrow in parts, so having a bus run through there is not ideal from the community's standpoint.
  7. That depends on where in Country Club you are. Some streets have no sidewalks and are too narrow to park there, so parking thus becomes scarce.
  8. The neighborhood is low density, so the only people using the buses are those who truly need it. You have to remember that sometimes it isn't necessarily the people that live there that are using the buses, but rather people that go to school or that work there. Country Club is almost all residential (think Shore Road, but without any apartment buildings - just houses) with a very small commercial area (the bare basics - small store for food, etc., pizzeria and that's about it), so yes it is quiet and the residents move there specifically for that and it is understand that you drive to get around unless you can't. There are many neighborhoods like this in fact around the City. Service is not that frequent at every 30 minutes, but service is needed in some capacity for the people that need buses such as the elderly that live there, and the school kids that go to Villa Maria in Country Club.
  9. Ay yay yay... I posted the full letter of opposition. Please read it.
  10. I guess... I was on another one from Rome to Florence and the turbulence was HORRIBLE. We had an emergency landing in Pisa... It was an Alitalia plane (what else is new)...
  11. I don't remember the exact planes (I was too busy either eating, sleeping or freaking out about the damn turbulence, but I'll list some trips taken and the airlines: -JFK to FCO (Leonardo da Vinci International Airport) (Rome Italy) - Delta -FCO to FLR (Florence Airport, Peretola) (Florence, Italy) - Alitalia -FCO to FRA (Frankfurt am Main Airport) (Frankfurt, Germany) - Alitalia -FRA to JFK - Lufthansa
  12. It's crazy.... Its just a cell phone, but people have become obsessed to the point that they can't do anything without using them. Can't walk down the street... Countless people walking down the street with their heads down texting... I've seen people have their cell phones knocked right out of their hand in the middle of the street.
  13. Really out of control... I was just picking up my lunch a little while ago. Man in front of me is waiting for a drink. Meanwhile he has finished paying at the register and is standing there texting blocking access to the payment portal and the register. I had to tell him to move out of the way. Ridiculous.
  14. What numbers would you like to see? The real issue, and why congestion has become such an acute problem in general across the City, is because of the explosion of for-hire vehicles and delivery service. The DOT has noted that our streets are now flooded with hundreds of thousands of for-hire vehicles. Meanwhile, they allowed the situation spiral out of control before trying to address it. Just throwing in some bus lanes is not enough. There needs to be a more comprehensive plan in place to keep traffic flowing to the extent possible. How about looking at how traffic lights are synced and using Transit Signal Priority to keep buses moving along in that corridor? Many people use the cabs along Broadway. Where will those cars go, and how will they impact congestion overall? Something else that I discussed with the DOT at the second meeting I had with the down at 2 Broadway was the truck study that they had undertaken. Unfortunately, neither rep (there were two of them there) could provide information on what that study revealed, but one of them did note that they continue to try to encourage deliveries to happen overnight to the extent possible, or outside of peak travel periods, keeping in mind costs associated with such arrangements to the merchants. That said, even the truck loading areas have been crawling along at a snail's pace from an implementation standpoint, so all of these things should be looked at for this particular stretch.
  15. And how exactly did that happen? Walking and texting, or walking and playing video games?
  16. Here are the full comments: "FOR THE RECORD: No Misunderstandings, No misinterpretations MTA OPPOSITION LETTER SENT TO EVERY LOCAL ELECTED Spencer Estate Civic Association 3243 Ampere Avenue Bronx, New York 10465 Dear>>>>>>>>> The May 2019, MTA question and answer event designed to be a fountain of information about the proposed subway and bus route changes was more of a dry well. Much to our chagrin too many pertinent questions lacked adequate responses. The expectation of garnering community support for a prolific alteration to our mass transit without producing vital information is totally unreasonable. The following is a partial list of unaddressed concerns of neighborhood residents and Spencer Estate Civic association. *Start and Stop Times of Bus Routes * *Specific bus stop locales, not general vicinity* *Affect on parking in our parking deprived neighborhood* *The potential need for “day lighting” to create safe sight lines and room to accommodate the turning radius of the large buses* * How the two-way traffic flow of large noisy vehicles will affect our quality of life and home valuations? * The MTA proposal to streamline area bus routes will profoundly affect low-density communities including Spencer Estate. Under this proposed plan our neighborhood bus service would be covered by an extension of the Bx24. The money saving linear pathway presented by the M.T.A. for this bus service will create two-way bus traffic on narrow stretches of Stadium Avenue, Ampere Avenue and Kennelworth Place. These narrow streets in our quiet residential neighborhoods are not equipped to handle noisy two-way traffic flow of oversized vehicles. The elimination of certain stops, most notably the widely used hub at Research and Ampere avenues, will create a hardship for many of our elderly residents reliant on bus service. These individuals will now be forced to navigate the steep Ampere avenue incline to utilize the newly proposed stop at Ampere and Stadium avenues. According to the A. D. A. sidewalks must have a slope of less than 1:20. Simply meaning, for every one hundred feet of run (length) the rise (elevation) cannot exceed five feet. The Ampere avenue incline clearly exceeds A. D. A. standards. Those that use assistive devices such as canes or walkers to independently fulfill ambulatory needs should not face the choice to either confront a hazardous situation or forego their independence. This insensitive action by the MTA clearly violates the Spirit of the Americans with Disabilities and emits a bias aroma. The MTA commentary policy disenfranchised our neighborhood seniors and those without Internet access, creating an aura of exclusivity that teeters on the edge of discrimination. The MTA’s dubious methods left many bus riding area residents unaware of the proposed redesign. Proper announcement procedures would have included posted signage on buses and bus stops on affected routes. The MTA Bus Redesign Draft Plan clearly states the May meeting is to be followed by a September 2019 final release to area community boards. “We want to be sure any proposed route changes are implemented in an easy customer friendly manner.” (P, 7) However, reports in NY Daily News July 22 indicate the MTA is initiating the plan in September irrespective of community wishes or concerns that have a July 31 deadline. In late June test buses were witnessed navigating the proposed route change in Spencer Estate and Country Club. The MTA indicated that this plan had no financial motivations; however, the Daily News reported that several million dollars would be saved through this redesign. The MTA’s practice of customer friendliness was exposed by polar opposite sources. The NY Times and Fox News recently reported that 22% of all bus riders ride free due to a lack of enforcement by the MTA. The MTA’s blind eye policy toward fare evasions resulted in over 200 million dollars of lost revenue in 2018. Now, many low-density communities including Spencer Estate must risk further devaluations to their quality of life due to the ineptness and “Customer Friendliness” of the MTA. Please preserve our communities quality of life and prevent these unwarranted and unnecessary changes to bus services that are likely to negatively affect many communities. Our community is depending upon you to be the voice for the disenfranchised and a champion for the cause to preserve our Quality of Life. Sincerely, George Havranek Vice-President Spencer Estate Civic Association"
  17. No, traffic doesn't just disappear. There are tons of cabs, delivery trucks and the like serving the businesses along that corridor... I think that's just being gullible. That area needs a comprehensive traffic mitigation plan. If you told me that the City was moving to further restrict the number of licenses for the TLC, then I'd say that would help, along with more truck loading areas. I haven't heard of anything else aside from bus only lanes. Those bus only lanes would only be for a small segment of Broadway.
  18. It came down to a few things... #1 The Spencer Estates Civic Association said from the start that they did not want any bus running down Stadium Avenue because they didn't want all of that noise, etc. #2 Putting the bus on Stadium Avenue meant longer walks, particularly for the elderly, and they were esp. opposed to that. Since I started my advocacy group, I have been meeting quite a few people, and the person I got this from is heavily involved in the community there. They said they were going to fight months ago, and they did just that. They got the elected officials involved, and got petitions going and so this is where we are. Ultimately it's their neighborhood and that's how they want it, although others may not feel that it's as good as it could be. They like it quiet there, and quite frankly some streets are simply too narrow or lack sidewalks to have a bus coming down them, so I get it. Aside from that the people in Edgewater said they would raise hell if they tried to remove the bus from serving Edgewater Park or any other funny business given the nonsense that the has tried in the past. That's a sizable community and they spoke. Whether or not a route carries that much should not be the deciding factor. These areas lack subways and serve numerous areas with several complexes. Smaller versions of Co-op City to some extent in terms of the population size.
  19. Well if they do it, I expect them to cut something somewhere else. Byford is on record as saying that they are operating with a "shoe string" budget.
  20. Interesting. I use some old school Westone earbuds and the tips keep them nice and snug in the ear. I had a pair of HTC ones from one of my old phones that were still new in the box and I've been ordering those since and they too fit nice and snug.
  21. Come to think of it, I have tried Apple earbuds, and I don't think the fit works at all. They don't fit snug enough, which is likely part of the problem.
  22. Word was just released via Facebook that the Spencer Estates/Country Club waterfront Bronx communities in CB10 will NOT see changes to the Bx8 or Bx24, thanks to strong opposition from the aforementioned area and thanks to Assemblyman Benedetto and Council member Gjonaj whose offices made the announcement.
  23. What I can't figure out is why people are standing so close to the platform edge to begin with...

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