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  1. We were down at the West 230th Street and Broadway stop this morning speaking with Bronx News 12 about USPS ongoing abuse of the express bus stops. In response to this news report, USPS stated the following:
  2. The Bx7 up Netherland Av, a residential street? Routing is absurd. BxM18 should not be cut. The bus runs down 5th to provide a quicker commute to Midtown workers that work East & West of 5th, in addition to the people that work in Midtown south of 34th Street.
  3. Yeah because service has been a lot better. We've been really on them to get the buses out on-time and track any missing buses. As I'm sure you know, the QM1 has been running quite well now for some months. We've also asked for a few buses on lines where possible to alleviate overcrowding. They've been trying to assist with that too here and there.
  4. I concur. If anything, what I have seen when I have taken the Bx7 from 207th Street is the bus will empty out considerably Northbound going to Riverdale at 231st. Lots of people that live or work in Washington Heights will get off in Kingsbridge. Both areas still have sizable Dominican populations. You may some Riverdalians that work at New York Presbyterian Hospital that may use, but their presence isn’t that large. The hospital types generally work at Mount Sinai and if they are at Columbia or New York Presbyterian some even drive. I’m in Hudson Heights and Fort George a few times a week. It is a lot faster to just drive or get an Uber, which is what I do. 10 minutes and I’m home. Just across the Henry Hudson Bridge.
  5. That makes a lot of sense. When you ride long enough, you know how things usually work. I’ll just put it like that. I do the same thing unless it is a City Ticket, then it doesn’t matter, but for a peak ticket... I am definitely not spending another $9.25 if I don’t have to.
  6. Never heard of that before. I usually can see when they are coming, so I just activate it as they are checking other tickets.
  7. The point is that both areas have the same set up, which is that the streets are owned and maintained by the homeowner's association, and the (MTA) can't just run a bus through there unless they receive approval to do so, which is highly unlikely.
  8. The homeowners association, hence why they are private streets. Same deal where I live. I live just below Fieldston, which has private streets as well. Any street repair is taken care of by the Fieldston Property Owner's Association, not the City, and thus, since they own the streets, they control what can and can’t go through the streets.
  9. Not only that, but Forest Hills Gardens is not going to go for buses running on their private streets. Not happening.
  10. Ascan Avenue is a private street, that’s the point, and Forest Hills Gardens is an entirely private neighborhood, so that means that unless the reaches some agreement to have their buses enter and use the private streets of that neighborhood, then they are not allowed to do so. You make it sounds like they are complaining just because. The people that live there pay for the upkeep of the streets and have the right to dictate what is and isn’t allowed there. That’s why it is a private community.
  11. That's interesting because that is not noted on the website. I will post it in my group.
  12. Queens Bus Redesign Slammed by Forest Hills Residents at Community Board Meeting Q23 Bus (Google Maps) Feb. 14, 2020 By Allie Griffin Rego Park and Forest Hills residents packed a community board meeting Wednesday night to denounce the MTA’s Queens bus network redesign draft plan. The residents decried the loss of bus stops and cuts to existing bus lines under the contentious plan that overhauls the complete bus network in the borough. Attendees of the meeting — many of whom are seniors or disabled — said the longer walks between bus stops and the greater need for transfers between bus lines would make it nearly impossible for them to get around. The MTA plans to change the average distance between bus stops from 850 feet to 1,300 feet across Queens. Council Member Karen Koslowitz came to the Community Board 6 meeting and called the draft plan “unacceptable.” She took issue with the fact that riders would need to take multiple buses to reach their destination —instead of just one. For instance, the Q23 route that runs north-south through Forest Hills would be scrapped and residents would need to take two buses to get from either end of the neighborhood. “I’m against this plan because this plan doesn’t take in the needs of my community,” Koslowitz said. “We have elderly people who take the bus…we have disabled people and we have children who take the bus,” she added. “We don’t want to send our people on a wild goose chase.” More than 19 percent of Forest Hills and Rego Park residents are 65 years or older, according to census data. The Queens Community Board 6 meeting was packed with residents concerned over the MTA bus redesign plan (Queens Post Photo) Several residents criticized the MTA’s changes to the Q23 and Q60 bus lines under the draft plan, which was released on Dec. 31. The Q60 bus route — that currently runs along Queen Boulevard and over the Queensboro Bridge — would no longer go into Manhattan. The line would become the QT60 and end near the Hunters Point South ferry terminal in Long Island City, said MTA transit planner Julian Bautista-Rojas. Board member Jean Silva, who is disabled and uses a personal mobility scooter to get around, said she takes the Q60 to get to Manhattan’s Hospital for Special Surgery, where she receives treatment. Silva takes the Q60 bus because it drops her off nearby the hospital and because many subway stations are not ADA-accessible — but under the draft bus plan, she wouldn’t have the option. Instead she’d have to get off the QT60 bus in Long Island City and ride across the Queensboro Bridge pedestrian pathway on her scooter — or take the subway from LIC to Manhattan and transfer to another bus in Manhattan to reach the hospital just on the other side of the bridge, she said. Another disabled board member shared the same opinion as Silva. “I’m disabled,” Pat Morgan said. “This will make it impossible for me to go into Manhattan easily.” QT60 Proposal Many Forest Hills commuters at the meeting were also displeased by the MTA’s proposal to cut the existing Q23 line, which runs from East Elmhurst to Forest Hills. The redesign splits the existing route into two separate lines — the QT11 and QT87. The current Q23 bus route To get between the northern and southern parts of Forest Hills, across Queens Boulevard, commuters would have to transfer from the QT11 to the QT87 at the Forest Hills-71st Avenue E/F/M/R station. Instead of crossing Queens Boulevard and heading south like current Q23 buses, the QT11 heads east to Fresh Meadows. Meanwhile the QT87 picks up the southern end of the current Q23 route, traveling from Forest Hills, south of Queens Boulevard, farther into Queens, to Little Neck — where several people at the meeting said no one from the community goes to. The proposed QT87 route under the Queens Bus Network Redesign draft plan The proposed QT87 route also utilizes Ascan Avenue, a private road within Forest Hills Gardens. Several members of the private community showed up at the community board meeting to denounce a public city bus using the privately-maintained street. “I have to assume that the Q87 routing on Ascan Avenue is an inadvertent error, is an oversight because these are private streets and private property,” said Tony Barsamian, president of the Forest Hills Gardens Corporation that oversees the community’s upkeep. Nearly every person in the room had issues with the draft plan, while the two MTA reps presented it as a “faster, more reliable” bus network. The plan, they said, aims to create straighter bus routes, end redundant routes and cut bus stops that are too close together in order to provide faster trips for riders. The MTA representatives repeatedly assured the packed room that they were there to gather feedback in order to make adjustments to the current draft plan. The agency said at the time it released the draft plan that it would have a final plan by the end of the second quarter. However, the MTA representatives at the community board meeting said there is no set timeline at this point. The draft plan and map are available online. Source: https://foresthillspost.com/queens-bus-redesign-slammed-by-forest-hills-residents-at-community-board-meeting?fbclid=IwAR1nFHU_SLbIYK_lxHzxHYIDUNroUminDIB9lzGpxzKmuCAdUt-s7NiAX4A
  13. Latest updates: We continue to work on bus stop issues: The bus stop at Henry Hudson Parkway West & West 236th Street that was damaged by an express bus now has new signage added on Wednesday. Old signage (taken by another commuter in our group) vs new signage (photo taken by me): For years, commuters have griped about not having official schedules on Presidents' Day. We were able to get it for the QM20: https://new.mta.info/document/14526 Staten Island also has all schedules available for Presidents' Day: https://new.mta.info/presidents-day-2020 Hopefully this will make commuting easier for those that work on this day. Important to note that the BxM18 will NOT run on Monday.
  14. It's not just a few kinks. The scanners suck, and what I don't like is when the conductors act as if it's your fault, telling you to hold your phone or iPad this way or that way as they're wincing like it's so painful to scan the ticket. If they want to scan tickets, buy scanners that actually work. It's almost harassment to be honest. Passengers PAID for the damn ticket, and the whole process is too long. It should be 1-2-3. You come by, I show you the ticket with it shown on my iPad the way that it always displays, take the damn scanner, I pull down the bar code, you scan the ticket and move on. I understand the fraud issue and all of that, but I have sat and it has taken them a few minutes messing around to scan my ticket. It becomes a spectacle as they stand there on a rush hour train trying over and over again to scan the bar code that is fully shown. I haven't had mine scanned in a while and it's much faster. Conductor comes by, sees my e-Tix activated, nods and moves on. The app overall is extremely convenient and much more eco-friendly, which is why I like it. If I had another episode like that where the scanner is a mess, I would write to Metro-North. I have rarely had any need to file complaints over the years, as Metro-North is excellent overall, but this is something they need to fix.
  15. I'll tell you one thing... Some people take the same train and get the same seat almost every day. You begin to realize this when you ride certain trains enough. If they are regular commuters, then the conductor will see their face again and again and should have inspected their ticket already. There is a train I take from Riverdale (the Spuyten Duyvil station that has the same faces now for years, and some of them go "Wowwwww!! Where have you been?!?!" when they don't see me for a while. lol Where was a time when I was a monthly Metro-North commuter and would take that train almost every day, but then I would switch to the express bus for a while, as the bus is more comfortable. I would just tell them that I had a pass for both and liked to switch to the express bus here and there. The ticket policy for month passes is that they "....will be inspected periodically by train crew members." You would be surprised at how many newbie conductors don't know the rules. I had one guy check my Metro-North pass one day go (I was going to a stop that was further out than I usually go to, but still covered by the zone). He's checking tickets alone and nods his head and tells me I'm good to go. A few minutes later, he comes back to me and says that I need to pay for a ride extension. I give him a puzzled look and go "WHAT?!?!?" I just sat there because I knew my pass was fine and I was not paying a ride extension, so I was prepared to hold my ground. At that time, he has his colleague with him. When the colleague hears what the situation is, he tells him, "No he's fine". He goes "Really?" They walk off with him explaining why and the different zones. LOL I just put my earbuds back in my ear slightly annoyed and went about my business and shook my head thinking, wow, don't they train these guys to know about this stuff? He acted as if he was hearing about the different zones for the first time. What I used to do here and there was use my monthly pass from the Hudson Line on the Harlem Line, again making sure that the stop I used covered the zone. All the conductor would do was ask which stop I was getting off if I was heading north. If I was heading south, then they already know that regardless of what the stop, my pass covered all of them, so they would just nod.
  16. @QM1to6Ave Hey, the QM1, QM5, QM6, QM31, QM35, QM36 schedules are all fixed. Had a conference call earlier today and it was taken care of. I checked while I was on the phone. The latest schedules are the Fall 2019 schedules. No more Summer 2019 links should exist.
  17. lol All of the more high-end coffee shops apply this (the no cash policy), and if you question them about it, the baristas are snotty. It’s crazy. I am terrible when it comes to swiping and going, so I keep daily tabs on how much I spend, but the problem is with swipe and go, the damage is done. lol With cash, once it is spent, that’s it. I think that’s another reason some stores like it. They get you on impulse spending.
  18. Please excuse the typos (my iPad has been having serious lagging issues to say the least). Yeah, in addition to what @bobtehpanda said, the reason the City is doing what they’re doing is because some people are saying that the no cash policy being enacted by more businesses is a form of discrimination. I would agree with that. Sometimes people want to use cash to better control their spending. More and more of the places I frequent no longer take cash, so you are forced to use a card.
  19. Same protocol. If you intend to pay with OMNY and it is not working, you take a seat.
  20. Can't say I disagree. Luckily I have not had an issue so far with the MNRR or LIRR app.
  21. Interesting: http://web.mta.info/lirr/MyLIRR/?fbclid=IwAR0wfoZu3fPyk0klfZMnZlPp4dJS1Uz_YBkjmT6-NCyfb-EaYdcxUOdxL2I#onboard
  22. The QM3 this morning... Full load with people still boarding... We have a number of QM3 riders in the group. They are all now aware that the MTA wants to eliminate their bus.
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