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Designline Pictures and Videos


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Finally got the ECO Saver IV Designline bus today. This bus is pretty nice. I heard a Designline and a MTA inspector talking about its flaws like "Flimsy pull cord, the bus shudders sometimes when braking, when the B/O makes an announcement, it is unclear, the door sesnor for stand clear of the doors is too sensitive.


Anyway here are the pictures.














Enjoy the pics.


Videos probably coming tomorrow because of there huge file size.

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Awsome Pics Dave!=)

Thanks Mark!


Great stuff Dave, of course with anything new, there are bugs to be worked out. I think this will be an excellent addition overall to the (MTA) fleet.

Thanks Joe. And I think so too.


Here's ONE of the video's.



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Wonderful pics and vids!

Thanks Curtis!


Is that black rectangle on top of the bus the exhaust? And above that, a spoiler?

Not sure if the black rectangle is the exhaust, could be. And yes above that is a spoiler.

Great pics dude....love the vid.....it sounds sooo slick....and smooth.....nice









Excellent photos but you zoomed in too much on the last photo.

Thanks and yes I did a little.

Awesome shots! I have got to ride on of those!

Thanks! It's a sweet ride on it.


Here are 2 other videos.







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