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Wanna ride a redbird in service?

Phil D.

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This video takes you back to the old days in the MTA. I would of ****** this guy up for 2 Reasons.


1. He calls our 4 Line the Green Line. This shit ain't boston!

2. Hes a redsox fan. And he comes up to 161 screaming go redsox? If he would of did that nowadays he would get his *** kicked or even shot! I love the hotdog guys outside saying like "WTF?!" when hes asking for "Fenway Franks" and I love the score at the end of the game and the little kid who rips his poster. Priceless.

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That guy is too happy to be in NY. Oh if I was in 161st Street! I would of popped him one right in the dang eye just for calling the (4) the green line! The "I'm a Red Sox Fan" sign would be the next punch.


Silly Bostoner, I pissed in you coffee too!!!!



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He said "you can wrap your balls around a cows neck, because it's so hot". Like I said they drop during the summer and heat. He put the stamp on that comment I made.


I should call the subway the tube while in (MTA) uniform, and answering question.

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