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Model MTA Fleet pics

East New York

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I statred this thread cause i've recieved a few questions about my models.

I have 11 NYCT buses. 4902, 5024, 5095, 5213, 6270, 6702, 6751, 6879,

8614, 9016, and 9525. I did all the RTS's myself. 4902 is my "Flagship Bus" out of JAM, but with ENY decals. A friend of mine did a couple of the "pretend Orions," and the O5. I use decal print paper. Its available at most hobby shops. I'm in the process of "Level II-ing" my RTS's. LOL! :D All of them now have depot stickers, and will stay the same despite the "real" depot moves. I'm also in the process of painting all the doors. So far 4902, and 5024 are done, and look brand new. They look a lot better than they do on my youtube. 9016, and 9525 are pushing 12, and 10 years old now, as they were my first 2. I wasnt even in high school yet! Not sure if i want to paint the backs white on any of them, so i most likely won't. I also have 8 ex-private lines RTS's that i am converting to MTA Bus livery. Why? I don't know, but I guess it's too late now! I'll have updated pics soon, but for now they can be seen at my Youtube. Enjoy! (MTA)



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that was kool


Nice slideshow. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks guys!


I've finally redone (Level II'd) B) all 7 of my NYCT RTS's, all complete with new trim and depot stickers. I also finished converting 4 ex-private lines RTS's to MTA Bus livery, also with depot stickers. 5 more to go! I'll post pics soon. I also have my 1st 4 MCI's on order:


1926 UPK

3474 CPT

4319 YUK

7423 ECH


Can't wait! Those 4 will bring my total (MTA) fleet to 26 buses from 12 NYCT Depots, & 7 MTAB Depots! B)

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how did you make them? were they part of a kit? details man!


As I explain, you may want to open a second window to my YouTube , to follow along with some parts. Ok, Here's the secrets. First, you have to get the bus. RTS, Orion V, D4500, or the NABI which I use as an Orion VII look-alike. RTS's, and MCI's are the eaisiest and cheapest to obtain. MCI sells them, but they are not posted on their web site. You have to call them or you need to know the part number, which is NPN-RTS. They are $5.40 each. The MCI is posted on the site and also costs $5.40 (T21-2115). The Orions are available at collect-corner.net but they charge $30 if you want the bus detailed, or $17 if you want plain white. Doing it yourself is much more cost effective, and it adds a personal touch. You have to get Decal paper from Staples, or my favorite spot called Pearl Paint (Canal & B'way). Not sure how much it costs at Staples, but it's about $10 per pack at Pearl. You need a really good color printer. Print out a section of all blue, measure, trace, and cut out the stripe. Now you have to do some cut and paste. You can get the NYC Bus, and MTA Bus logo off wikipedia, or i can e-mail it. Change it from blue to white, and affix it to the stripe. Don't forget the bus number. 8pt Times New Roman Font works best. If you want the Wide Right Turn sticker (as seen on my RTS at my YouTube), you can get a digital photo of one off a bus, then cut out the extras, and reduce the size. For the Depot stickers, I can e-mail you the correct size, or you can copy and paste from wikipedia, and reduce the size to a half inch. Print on the same paper, or on paper with an adhesive backing. Now back to the RTS, which requires a bit more attention because you need to add the exhause pipe, white out the old style back windows, and for an extra touch, add the mud flaps and that little black piece thats located under the rear driver side engine vent. Does anyone know what the hell that piece actually is? After 12 years, and 22 RTS's (5 i gave away), and finding out the hard way, this is the best order for the finishing touches. First add the muds flaps and a fender. Cut the mud flaps to the width of the bus. I don't measure, so your on your own for this part. Use the cardboard back off notebook paper, color it with a black marker, then put a pice of scotch tape half on, and half off the flap. When you stick it to the bus at the edge behind the wheels, taping it on gives it a swaying back look. Size up another piece of the blackened cardboard under the vent, and at the rear, cut it at an angle. I glue this part on using Testors model glue. Let stand for 20 minutes. Next I do the rear side windows. Now on some regular white lable paper with an adhesive back, cut out an inch by inch (aprox.) Use the corners as they are already rounded off. Stick it to the window panel, and be sure not to press to hard over the part where the old style window is, or it will dent in. If you want to do a '90/'91 RTS, just cut the paper at an angle, so the window is still visable. Now your ready for the exhaust pipe. If you get this right the first time, thumbs up to you! Get a pack of those thin party straws (white or striped works best), some silver Testors Paint, and the Testors model glue. Cut the straw to a 45 degree angle, measure about a half inch if you have to, and cut the other end slanted at about 60 degrees. Put a dab of glue on the bus where the exhaust pipe goes, stick it on, position it, then squirt some glue inside the straw. Prop the bus up so the front end is down, and the back leaning up against something so the piece can set. Wait 20 minutes, then paint silver. REMEMBER to be careful as the part has not fully dried yet. You should allow 2 hours to dry. Now that old RTS-04, is a brand new RTS-06! You can also paint the rims white, with the blue in the middle if you so choose. All but one of my RTS's still have the silver rims. You can also paint the doors white, but be VERY careful not to let the paint run. HAVE FUN!


**** The first person to quess all 9 depots represented will win a custon detailed RTS! I haven't decided if i'll supply the bus or not! LOL. We'll see!

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**** The first person to quess all 9 depots represented will win a custon detailed RTS! I haven't decided if i'll supply the bus or not! LOL. We'll see!


LoL... ok i want a bus ... Here goes nothing lol

1. La Guardia

2. East New York

3. Yukon

4. Flatbush

5.Queens village

6. MJQ

7. Ulmer Park

8. Manhattanville

9. JFK



those are my guesses... cant really see them

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Here's the Level II'd RTS's from NYCT & MTAB (sorry, but i'm no photographer. LOL)






Heres what i see on the bottom.. i see

La Guardia, (First bus

JFK (Second Bus

Far Rockway ( Third

that last one is Killing me!!!!!!.. im Gonna assume Baisley Park


and The Top I see Think i see

East New York (First Bus

Flatbush (Third

Queens Village (Fourth

MJQ ( Possibly The Last Guessing

Manhattanville ( second to last GUESSING

That Second Bus is soo Blurry... i have t go off of color scheme...... heres another guess... it can only be one of 3, so im guessing again, and ima roll with................... Fresh Pond

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