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The week before the LIRR cuts

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A sad week on the Port Jeff Branch as 2 trains will be cut down as scoots, rather than through trains. Train 662 was always a train that was cut when needed as in this case, this will be cut permanently into a scoot connecting from Train 1724, but also for this to occur, Train 655 which originally was a scoot, was made a through train in 1999 due to crowds from SUNY Stony Brook, but now made back into a scoot as this connects to its original MU, Train 1715, the slow local out of Huntington as this makes all stops going into Penn Station at an hour, and ten minutes, for a total of two hours, and fifteen minutes between the two trains. Anyways, here are my photos combined between Sunday night at Port Jefferson of Train 6662's cab car 5011, and the others from Monday Night of Trains 658, 660, 662, 657, 664, 666, and 668 between St. James, and Smithtown in no particular order:


























Please Enjoy them all!

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You know, I never noticed the guy standing at the crossing until you mentioned it, lol! Anyways thanks guys, and now to show 2 shots I took today at Ronkonkoma of this M3 set to my luck after dropping off paperwork at my job, so what I must tell you all is get those shots of these as much as possible before these get replaced by the M9's. I don't want to see the M3's go:






These I took from behind the fence using my zoom lens to hinder the look of the chain link fence, and worked well here from my vantage point.

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Nice shots. Such a shame to see these badly needed trains go. Tomorrow will be my first (and last) ride on 655 (4:05 from Port Jeff to Jamaica for those unfamiliar). And as a weekly rider on 662 (5:11 Hunters Pt to Port Jeff), it will be a quadruple whammy for the commuters: first, the 4:54 from LIC leaves 10 min earlier w an added 4:59 HPA departure to replace 662 (no more PM lower montauk). Second, 662 riders from Penn will have to change at Huntington to the other platform and will have added stops at Jamaica and Mineola. Third, this unfairly impacts 655 and the connecting MU with crowded local service. Lastly, 662 HPA riders have to change twice :mad: There could have been a better use for a cut than this. RIP 662. :tdown:Ok, rant over.

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Thanks for the pics Neil. I know this is a transit site but for ppl. living *east* of Hunington you now better off in most cases driving to a major station like Hicksville or Babyolyn than it is to use the 'scot' aka shuttle from stations like Stony Brook and Pt. Jefferson.

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And bad thing in going to Babylon, Hicksville, Huntington, Ronkonkoma is on the weekday, there is lack of spaces, etc. I usually on the weekday when going into the city on a railfanning mission to drive to Port Jeff which is 15 minutes from my house in Nesconset, and backtrack west. Early AM, Port Jeff is less crowded, and the train comes fresh out if the yard. Weekends though, I go to Ronkonkoma which is 7 minutes away, but only bad thing is on the weekends, they only use M7's. I love the M3's better.

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