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My trip to orchard beach.


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So as some of you know , I went to Orchard beach yesterday with my friends , (Amber , Elisa and Kalila). It was a EPIC trip. We got some good food , played fun games , and I got some AWESOME footage for my movie I'm making with my film program(Reel Works). Elisa is in the program too and she got good shots as well. The thing was... We were caught in a heavy rain storm and It was really strong. It was thousands of clouds whizzing all over us. the rain got so strong to the point where it took us 5 minutes to find the bus terminal. The paths were flooded so much and the blindness of the environment made my adrenaline going... IT WAS AWESOME!!!! Anyway , when we got to the bus , all three of us were sooooo F*cking soaked! We could barley move since our shoes and socks were ultra soggy as well as out pants and stuff. and being on a crowded bus with soaked beach goers made it a bit uncomfortable. When I took out my camera to check my shots , I discovered it had water damage. As well as my PSP and Elisa's camera too. So Until I fix my camera or buy a new one , I can't show you guys the pics.




So... Here are the subway and bus routes I took...

(G)R46 to Hoyt street

(A)R46 to Inwood-207th street

*Regular Bx12 bus( 2003 New Flyer D60HF) to Orchard beach

*I wanted to take the select+ Bx12 because they had the new NovaBus LFS artic , but The bus stop machines did not take metro cards and I could not make change in time , So Kalila pointed out a regular Bx12 bus across from us. I Tried to convince her to take the select but then she saw that the regular one took us straight to the beach. So THAT closed the Argument. and because we were in a hurry to get back home because of the rain , We did NOT take the select+ Bx12 bus back! Oh well , there will be OTHER chances to take that model. I still think they should run NovaBus LFS Artics on the regular Bx12 for next summer.


Well that's my trip , Pics coming soon... LATER!!!

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I was out there too in the storm I officially they declared that a tornado. Worse storm I've ever been in .... My blackberry had water damage :) just got a replacement. BTW I hate the Bx5 routing thru Crosby Ave.

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