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Your Favorite Aircraft & Ship Thread


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Air Jamaica A340. I been on this baby 2 times and I loved it. Its sad that AJ doesnt have an A340 on fleet anymore.



Im not a boeing fan, but I love the 747, been on this baby about a dozen times to London.


And the A321.


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For ships, i like a lot of them, but these 2 stand out to me:







And these 2 planes (among many to be honest), i've always found fascinating:







Some ships like the carpathia, hold a special place in my heart for their heroic roles in various harrowing situations, others for their unique design or technological prowess.


Aircraft are a lot harder to nail down my absolute favorite, for example those 2 are a lot of fun, but there are more impressive designs out there.. But i like them for the spirit of adventure and exploring the world and connecting places like never before back when they were the only way to get to some places, in fact before flying, you could spend months abroad, and that would be considered normal. Along with grand train journeys, these bvoyages have been mightily under-appreciated in the wake of modern jet travel.


- A

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