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took the 4 today uptown


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I took the 4 uptown today right around rush hour and what they say is true. Very over crowded and packed like sardines. This is the first time I see this for myself.

That is the reason I will never get in the subway during rush hour. I always use the express bus.

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Yes the # 4 Line like the # 6 Line is very crowded. I jams up in the BX because most people use the # 4 over the D train because it faster and less platform waits. Its seems like in Manhattan most take the # 4 over the # 5 because the # 4 goes to Brooklyn and the # 5 turns at Bowling Green. The #4 is also crowded in Brooklyn because it the only Express most of the time. I worked the # 4 as a C/R and thought it was worst then the # 6 Line because unlike the # 6 Line you can't get a break the crowd is non stop. The # 6 Line ridership dies down in the BX.

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