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Rail/Bus fanning pics on my Facebook


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So as of late I've been posting my rail/bus fan trip photos on my Facebook. If you wanna see em' , you can add me on FB (Raven Belleza) and I'll add ur name to the privacy settings of my album.... My rail/bus fanning album isn't open to ALL my friends since it's sort of a strange hobby and ppl tend to question me about it... so enjoy!

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ugggggghhhhhhh..... ok , why is it so hard to add me on FB just do it.


1) People may not even have a Crapbook account. I sure don't.


2) Why are you trying to forcefully have people add you as a friend? Seems to me like you're secretly trying to get a large number of Crapbook friends.


3) See photo below.




It took me EIGHTY SECONDS to upload that and 11 more photos. 3 seconds to copy and paste the link. (Cue Staples "That was easy")

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Looks like we have another "I need 400 friends on my Facebook page to make me feel important". B)


Hell, I'm pushing 500...ADD ME!!!!!!! :)


(a little attempt at humor)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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