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Requestable MTA New York City Side Bus Drawing!

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I will be accepting requests this time on drawing! This will either take a day, or maybe a week depends what bus request you want. I'm only available to draw these buses:


New Flyer Industries


- 1998-1999 New Flyer C40LF

- 2011-2012 New Flyer C40LF


Volvo Group Noth America


- 1995-1999 Novabus RTS (Maybe)

- 2011 Novabus LFS (Maybe)


Daimler Buses North America


- 1996-1999 Orion 5 and CNG

- 2002-2004 Orion 7 CNG

- 2003-2007 Orion 7 Hybrid

- 2008-2010 Orion 7 NG HEV

- 2009-2010 Orion 7 NG CNG

- 2011 Orion 7 NG CNG (1800's Series)


In order to accept your request, you must type out:


- Your Bus

- Bus Number

- MTA New York City Bus or MTA Bus

- Destination Sign


Request one, and your drawing will be made from scratch! You only can request for once every 2 weeks or until your request is done. If you say thanks for your bus, DO NOT ask me for another one because I might be busy with other requests if there is one. Use your time to do something else, then you can ask me. I will do each bus one at a time.


Here's the demonstration of the 2011-2012 New Flyer C40LF:




Hope you like it! Start requesting if you want to! :cool::tup:


I feel like I can use a little help. If you want to help, you can. But I need to see your drawing of your bus so I can accept you.

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Me like Nova LFSes! :(


I'd like to request:

- Nova Bus LFS

- 8070

- MTA New York City Bus

- NYCT Bus




Needed to start one from scratch! I'll get yours started tomorrow because I was busy working on these:


Daimler's Orion 7 Next Generation Hybrid




Daimler's Orion 7 Next Generation CNG




Your request will be here for a long time because I have school tomorrow for my first day of 8th grade! B)


I don't want anyone, including Casey Stengel, to edit one of my bus artworks without permission!

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Thanks for the B1 drawing. If you have time, may I have the same C40LF with a F to Kings Hwy sign?




Me like Nova LFSes! :(


I'd like to request:

- Nova Bus LFS

- 8070

- MTA New York City Bus

- NYCT Bus




Finally got your request, in 1 day!




Goodnight everybody, I'm going to bed now for school tomorrow!

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Hey everybody!


I made a promise with my best friend to pass 8th grade and Specialized High School test to get to a better high school, so my remaining requests will be delayed and NO REQUEST ACCEPTED until further notice.


If you need me about this, talk to me today. I will be in this forum for a very-limited amount of time starting tomorrow! Good day.

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I will be making buses smaller because it saves more time than the big ones. Plus, my big ones are more hideous than the smaller ones I made. So, here is my 2011 Novabus LFS drawn.


NovaBus LFS: #8074

Sign: (Q46) via Union

Division: New York City Bus






Can I get..


Daimler's Orion 7 Next Generation Hybrid




bus # 4407


I'll try to get your request on a smaller one. If you want the bigger one, you can tell me now.

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