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Subway Bus Shuttles---anyone need info??


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MSH Route----


via Powell Blv,,NB,,153 street..Powell Blvd,,145 street,,Lenox av,,139 street,,5 av,,135 st,,Lenox av,,to stand IFO Harlem Hosp


NB via Lenox av,,147 street,Powell Blvd,,stand IFO Subway entr across from 145 street.


this is also the MSH Route

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2 shuttle


to 3 avand 149 st,,from stand on NB Lenox av,,at far side of 135 str,,r on 145st,..over 145 st Bridge,149 street,Bergen av,Westchester av,3 av,,stand IFO BX55 drop off only


Turnaround via 3avenue,,146 st,,Willis av..Bergen av,149 st,,stand in BX19 .pickup oly



to 135 st,,via.


from stand on wb 149 st,,at far sideof Melrose av,,145 st Bridge,,Lenox av,,stand far side 135 st..]


turnaround via Lenox av,,133 str,,Powell Blvd,,135 st,,,Leonx av,,,stand far side of Lenox av

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Barretto Point Shuttle


west Farms Depot


to Park via Hunts Pt ..Lafayette av,,,Tiffany st,,Vielle av,,to terminal stand


to Hunts Point av IRT,,via Vielle av,,Manida St,,East Bay Tiffany at,,Spofford av,Longwood av,Southern Blvd,,hUNTS Pt av,,to IRT Station





7 Shuttle to Queensboro PlAZA,,stand on NB 75 st,,far side of Broadway,,Roosevelt av,,Queens Blvd,,Northern lvd,,41 av,,Queens Plaza North,to stand betw 27 st and Crescent st


Turnaround via 21 st,,Queens Plaza south,,to stand bet 27 st and 28 st



to 75 st,,via from stnand then Queens Blvd,,Roosevelt av,,Broadway,75 st to stand far side Broadway


Casey Stengle Depot

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