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Hello up there


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greetings all. I was doing a google search for model subway cars and came accross this forum. A little bit of a brief background: i was born and raised in Brooklyn. I grew up on the subway. not literally, but i used to love to ride the subway - even when I had the oportunity to get a ride, i would opt to take the subway. I moved to Atlanta Ga, in 1989 to attend school. After finishing, I never moved back to NYC. I have been a railfan for many years. My grandmother lived in a highrise on Union TPKE and i can remember as a child of about 4 or 5 yeras old running to the terrace to watch those old LIRR F units run. I was hooked on trains since then.

About a year ago i got into modeling and, well thats how i wound up here. looking for models of maily 1970-80 R series subway cars. I found some but they are very expensive, especially for HO scale. Ill have to put them on my xmas list. I dont plan on running them, but id like to weather them and replicate the subways from the 80s and 70s. i have tons of photos of old trains to work from...but anyway, i could go on for days about trains and such. glad to be here..


(A)(C)(J)(M)(:)(D)(Q6)(S)(J)(2)(5) were the lines i rode the most back in the days...

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