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What will you miss the most about the R-32, R-38, R-40 NS/S/M and R-42 ?


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I won't miss the R32 or R38. My connection to the subway is the E and F lines, the D, the Broadway IRT. The E ran old trains, so did the F. They looked like R1s but maybe some of them were not. They ran up until the mid 70s I believe, but not on the E and F, though they occasionally appeared on one. The R38 was the first silver train I remember on the F line. A few months later the E. The R32 was a Brighton train, the D. The R32 ran on the D a lot, even while the E ran R46s in the 80s, then the D went R68. In my mind, the R32 is never a proper E or F train. It's a Brighton train. But the 32 was a successful evolution of the R11, a steel-silver train for that era, a different exterior look than the R15/16/17/21/22/26/28/29 A division similar to R27/30/ B division type of trains. The R11 was before its time, an extremely interesting train, IMO. Th 32's predecessor?, but with less corrugation.


The slant, however, is a milestone train. First train to have the big roll sign on the front, first train to have the extended window height (and I hate the ugly small 32/38 sized mismatched windows on the rebuilt R40/R42s). The slant was a dramatic train. It's way past its time and should be retired. But at least it has some style to it, and was a big milestone in design (though in many ways unsuccessful and impractical). The R40M is significant in that you can see the evolution of all of the trains to follow from it. Put a 44/46, 62, 68, and even the 142s/143/160s next to it and you can see the front and profile design is an evolution of it.


The 32. Great train, durable, solid, not attractive with the corrugation, not particularly quiet or smooth. The R38 had a more modern interior, the lighting area, and just a few were air-conditioned. The R32 had a few with the interior like the R38, just a few cars I believe. The slants had some air-conditioned, some not. Exclusively F and then E and F for awhile. The R42s were every line it seemed when introduced.


I'll miss the slants most due to their being the first step towards the more "modern" look and to this day, the newer trains have elements of its design.

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R32 and R38- The old SMEE car design. I loved the original box shape they had along with there side signs which were more informative then R44/46 signs.

R40- that slant, such an odd looking subway car. I think if August Belmont saw and R40s he would crap himself (if he saw a NTT he would die). I remember the first time ever seeing one and asking my dad what they were, he said they were an eye sore.

As for the R40M/42- to me they are the same train since I never operated one, but I will still miss them one they are gone. I don't know what I'll miss about them though.

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Even though i dont like the the R40S, the only thing i liked was the RFW, everytime i went to brooklyn on the (W) in the R40S, i would stand in the RFW till i got to brooklyn.


I will really miss my R32's, i always loved riding them

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Ill miss the R42 only because when I moved to queens many years ago I always heard the J train on the elevated line on jamaica avenue and i wud always see them. Its part of my past and there alot of memories on those cars...you cud say my teenage years cause I took it everyday to get to school and back. Its strange a little bit cause every car that came after almost looks like an R42 from the front. especially the R62. When the R68's retire I think only then can I be rid of the memory of the R42.

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Aside from the memories of actually riding them, it is the graduual evolution we see in those classes.


The 32 took the standard car form and clad the exterior in fluted stainless steel, and changed the widows to what became the current universal form.


Then, the later 32's introduced the indirect lighting, and new fan grilles.


The 38's picked up here, and reduced the fluting to the lower half of the car, eliminated the slanted panel above the windows (that began in an early crude form in the R1's, and then was used in the R10-32; I just always noticed it), and also introduced the new compressor and brake valve sounds. The last 10 would introduce air conditioning.


The slants would pick up from there with the new version of the picture windows and side sign, the same fan grills, but new ceiling vents and center lights, oh, and of course the slant end (with new large route sign placement and end of marker lights), as well as the futuristic new doors (a lot of doors in new office or school buildings were also using longer slim glass panes), the familiar end door latches going back to the R1's were now hidden in the wall, smaller fluting, and semicircular slot between the fluting and the smooth section. The last half then made air conditioning permanent on all new cars, with smoother ceilings and the center light now continuous making the cars brighter again.


The modifieds now finalized the new ends, and return of wider windows, at least to the A ends. First all A/C model, no more fans, door latches, etc. (although the latches would oddly be brought back in the 62's, versions of them retrofitted to the 68's, and a new type of axiflow fan built into the ceiling panel of R127/134 rider cars).


The 42 took all this, widened the fluting back, added the rectagular window to the B end. I also remember the distinct fresh A/C smell (I imagine the 40's had it too, but I remember them on the 42's). Even when the cars would be totally dark, it would be cool to ride in. Also eliminated were the old "fishbellies" under the side doors, also going back to the R1 (omitted only on the R11), which were a distinctive feature when looking at cars from below (especially the 32's). It wasn't until about 12 years ago I noticed they were on the 40's! (was applying for a job on Broadway, Bklyn, and would see the bottom of J/Z's go by in the window, and noticed them).


Now, in GOH, a lot of those distinctions were eliminated, and the cars lost a lot of interest for me. Now, working down here, they were jsut these uncomfortable beat up old cars I would get, (the GOH wearing old itself), when new stuff was more comfortable. Now, they are all gome from the lines I work, and I don't miss them at all.


Of course, I had also liked the similar progression of the R1/9-10/12/14-11-15-16/17-21/22-26/28-27/29/30/33-36 as well, though the ones preserved are pretty much in original form (except for the 11, 26/28 and 29).

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