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Friday the 13th - Afternoon in Freeport and Amityville with LIB and ST

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Took a little trip out to LI to kill some time of the afternoon.





Freeport LIRR Station






Amityville LIRR Station






And some shots in Midtown






And two shots from last week in Lower Manhattan








(Yeah yeah, the last four or so photos are off topic, just don't get fits)


Hope you enjoyed, comments are always welcomed!

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Brilliant pictures, especially of 3844.


1) Do you know what depot/what line 148 was on?

2) Where were the Midtown pictures taken?

1. 148 was on the Q32 and it is out of Casey Stengel.

2. The Midtwon photos were taken on 32nd Street between 6th and 7th Avenues.


Excellent shots!
Thanks Curt!


Nice pix from Long Island and nice bonuses from Manhattan!
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Beautiful Man! Ah, I see my 100 Series (148)! Now I must grab a ride on the Q32 when I return..:tup:
Thanks! I saw another on saturday too, Orion V #120.


Great pics!


Great shots Pablo, my favorite is the one of the Q23.


Great shots. Loving them as always!


very nice shots bro i didnt even know you posted these




Freeport LIRR station at night in winter = :cry:.


- A

Thanks guys!

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Awesome photos Pablo, especially the one of 3844. Hunting for NG CNGs are we? :cool:

Thanks Chris! Sadly I wasn't NG CNG hunting, the guys I met up with did before I joined them. I should be NG CNG hunting soon though when I go on vacation.

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