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Ken S.

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Nice Ken. How come none of you guys joined my forum at Usatransit.forumotion.com so sad :cry:


I've only got three members on my forum right now besides myself and my test account. It takes some time.


BTW, the NJT Bus and Rail sections have been uploaded to the site.

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I just reuploaded the Chicago Stuff since a few GIFs were missing from the page I uploaded at first.


Also, anyone who joined the forum and hasn't logged in yet should have received a reminder e-mail from me.


Now if I can detach myself from the X3-45 for a bit, I'll add another section or two.

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SEPTA Streetcars & LRVs

Misc. Railroad and Privately owned Locomotives

Misc. Railroad Passenger Cars

Missouri Pacific

Morristown & Erie


Now to update the avatar selection in the forum with some of this stuff. You folks are and as Harry said encouraged to join the forum. It's replacing my old guestbook and forum.


Oh darn, I forgot to upload the NJT X3-45 GIF. Hang on.

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Minor forum note;

Some of the spammers were getting past the current security system (user must activate account), so if you register, please use a name that I recognize (such as your username from here or SubChat) as I will now activate members manually so I can weed out the spammers and any potential troublemakers before they strike.


New pages;

Conrail, CSX, and NS sections are open. A bunch of new sections are being added right now including Union Pacific, Chessie System, and BNSF.

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I have opened all GIF pages starting with A, B, or C on the new site. So, the list of open pages has been moved to the old page with the entire collection located on it. Links are mixed between the old site and the new site.


As always, you folks are more then welcome to join the forum. Just use your name from here or SubChat so I don't accidentally delete your account as an unknown user or potential forum spammer when I check inactive accounts.


EDIT: I've also created an "Employees Only" section on the forum. Just let me know what agency you work for if you join up so you can have access to it.

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