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  1. What really intrigues me is that according to Tripplanner the Bx99 starts running on Sunday, August 2nd, since I can plan a trip from Fordham to Houston Street on that date using the Bx99...
  2. They’re doing work along the Line, my guess is that the work is happening between Lex-63rd and 57th Street, which is why they can’t sent trains up there anyway. If that weren’t the case, then there wouldn’t have been a reason to send the to 6th Avenue in the first place...
  3. I’ve been seeing shots of 0023 at Yonkers. Is it currently there or did it go back to the facility in New Jersey again? Also, whats the status on those M99 and Bx99 routes that were mentioned a while back? Just curious, not being pushy.
  4. It’s already on KB’s roster. If I’m not mistake, it’s been at KB for a very long time. Edit: 4369 and a couple other KB buses were in storage for a bit, but they’re still at KB.
  5. It’s on all boroughs: some of the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens routes have them as well. As mentioned earlier, it works with every single bus that has the passenger counters, and every borough has a few buses with those features.
  6. This post should be in the bus section btw, but to answer your question, the XEs mostly run on the M42 and M50, but they've also shown up on the M9, M57, M66, and M72, as well as the M11 school trips from 110th to 34th. Quill tries to keep the XEs on the M42 and M50 since those two routes are close to the depot. They recently started running them on those other routes I mentioned towards the end of last year, but since 2020 started, they've gone back to only being on the M42 and M50.
  7. I haven’t heard anything about the Bx25 being cut, so I think it’s still planned to return. It could just be that the MTA doesn’t wanna put that route up on BusTime to avoid confusing people and making them think the Bx25 is running in service or something.
  8. I strongly disagree. Starting at Houston means that the route can pick up riders all along Midtown and Upper Manhattan. By starting at Grand Central, you'll be making things harder for people commuting from 14th Street and NoHo, and a lot of those folks are the ones heading uptown as well, so it doesn't really make sense to leave them out, or to make them transfer to get to the Bx99. There's a reason the B99 goes up to Columbus Circle and not, say, Penn Station or Times Square. It spans the entirety of Midtown, reaching more people.
  9. Someone sent the image to the MTA’s Twitter account and the MTA apparently shared it with the NYPD as well
  10. 4791 is at UP, 4794-4798 is still at Gun Hill, and 4799 has been out of service because of a fire that occurred about a year or two ago
  11. Unless I missed it, where would your route terminate in the Bronx?
  12. It might have actually gone up to Concourse. There have been three 10-car sets laid up for a while, and today there was an 8-car set alongside them, which wasn't there on Wednesday.
  13. The pilot for the new 2020 Prevost order, #1300. It was stated on the last page.
  14. 5441 is now in the local scheme, saw it along Fordham Road today.
  15. On a side note, the Q60 has one artic out on the line (#6240 if anyone’s interested)
  16. Actually, some of those Manhattan trips actually DO make the whole trip. Today's Bx12 SBS MJQ runs (#6107 and #6227) went from Bay Plaza to Inwood, and started again at Fordham Plaza heading Bay Plaza. But yeah, most of them are short turns. If I could fix your list up a bit, the typical weekday trips actually look like this: Bx1/Bx2 (MJQ) - Mott Haven to and from Fordham Rd Bx3 (MHV, MJQ) - Washington Heights to and from Kingsbridge Road (a few trips go up to Riverdale) Bx4 / A (WF) - Usually interlines with the Bx40 / 42 trips Bx9 (WF, MCH, OH) - West Farms / Riverdale to and from 225th Street & Bway (The trips will often run from either end of the route to 225th and then go back, or will just make the entire trip) Bx12 / SBS (MJQ, MHV) - Usually make the whole trip but some trips end at University Avenue or Fordham Plaza Bx15 (WF, OH) - 149 st to and from Fordham plaza Bx28 (MHV, MCH) - Co-Op City to and from Norwood, with some trips going all the way to Fordham Center (the first day these loans started, an XD60 from OH ran on the line) Bx41 / SBS (WF, MCH) - 149st to and from Fordham Plaza Bx40 / 42 (WF) - Whole route The weekend loans are a lot more interesting. One weekend, Staten Island did some trips. Another weekend it was Manhattan, and last weekend it was West Farms (an XN40 ran on the Bx7 and on the Bx28).
  17. And make the and lines even MORE crowded in the middle of a pandemic with those displaced riders?... Great idea! (not)
  18. 7087 and 7078 so far, they're only on the Bx15, but more could pop up on other routes.
  19. Looks like the Bronx is getting a ton of loans. LFSA 5524 is on the Bx1, 5596 was on the Bx12 SBS, 6057 is on the Bx28, and a few more
  20. The XE40s have shown up on the M11 in the past if you weren't aware. Here's a video of one

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