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  1. I have that listed as a Major bottleneck on my map. If there’s anything you know about it that I don’t, then enlighten me please. I also recommend that you look at my map that I have attached to the initial post in this thread.
  2. My intention is to show bottlenecks of all types. That includes ones that affect our current service patterns and poor design choices. As for why I put Essex as a greater bottleneck as opposed to Marcy is because of That sharp curve going S/B (Broad St bound , FH Bound ) The poor signaling along the Williamsburg Bridge is bad enough time of itself, and that affects both ends of the Bridge. Not to mention that going N/B, either a or train has to be held at Essex before proceeding which can take up to 1-3 minutes. Correct me if I’m wrong, it’s been a while since I’ve taken the going toward Brooklyn. As for Marcy, there are a few tight curves (And timers ofc) that force trains to go at around 10-15 mph. However, trains are pretty quick with getting in and out Marcy from what I’ve experienced. Sadly, I’ve never experienced how Marcy is during the Morning Rush, so I can’t make a proper judgement of that yet. Anyways, thanks for the feedback! If there’s any bottlenecks that I missed or didn’t label accurately, please let me know. It’d be really helpful. Going N/B or S/B? I didn’t think of that, so thanks for pointing out that bottleneck to me. It didn’t come to my attention since Williamsburg and Ridgewood does have a high demand to go to midtown Manhattan, but I do see your point about the Culver Express issue. Does this occur during all hours of the day or only during the rush? I’m asking Cause I barely ride the around the general area of Avenue X and Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue.
  3. @Q23 via 108 52nd, 69th, 82nd, 90th, 103rd and 111th will all receive upgrades at some point. It’s already planned if you look at the Capital Dashboard on mta.info. Sadly, I can’t send a link right now.
  4. Since bottlenecks are interesting to talk about, I decided to create a thread about nothing other than bottlenecks that plague the overall capacity of our subway system. I want to focus this thread solely on the Bottlenecks themselves. I also understand that there was another thread that talked about NYC Subway Bottlenecks, but I didn't want to necropost in that thread since the last reply was from 2014 or something like that. Without a further a do, here's a map that I created lying out the different types of bottlenecks throughout the system. This map is something that I made for fun, but I also want to be accurate with it as possible: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zW5OcTK4Zkc1_vlH-8LQ73k6UdrhA8hV&usp=sharing
  5. I’ve seen this before and I disagree with some of the ideas presented on this page. I’ll do an in depth analysis on this whenever I have the chance.
  6. Since Deinterlining has popped up many times in this forum, I have to ask a question that I’ve not heard many people answer. How much money would the saves if they deinterlined (parts) the Subway system?
  7. It’s not even that. Do you really think that Half a mile of TBM’s is worth $2 Billion?
  8. I’m pretty sure that LIRR trains scheduled to use RBB are heading straight to Penn Station and GCT, but I agree with this alternative as well.
  9. Coming to think of it, I wonder why they didn’t consider that option.
  10. You could add those extra ’s as short turns to 2nd Avenue until the capacity constraints along the Williamsburg Bridge are dealt with.
  11. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Though it seems like the prefers the LIRR option. I personally think the NYCT option will go through but I don’t know. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Liberty Avenue and 101st/103rd would be in too close proximity from one another I agree with Myrtle Avenue. Union Turnpike, Maybe. But then you also have the Q52+, Q53+, and the Q23 at Metropolitan Avenue. Fleet Street, its where a portal might be located for trains to enter a tunnel, so I don't know.
  13. Personally, I'd do a Q60 Local/Limited Split Service starting from Sutphin/Archer, down to QBP. Local Buses Terminal at/or near the QBP area while Limited's continue to 2nd Avenue. Q101 Service in My opinion, should bypass QBP and head straight for Hunters Point.
  14. I’m on the subway while reading this, but couldn’t you have just added this to the existing Rockaway Beach Branch Thread?
  15. My Guess as to why the won't install Platform Screen doors: 1. Train Lengths are different. (This is specific to the B Division only where you have 60' and 75' trains) 2. It'd be hard to maintain on a regular basis, and certain parts of the Subway (if not the entire system) will no longer be able to run 24/7 (considering ;'s current maintenance habits. Correct me if I'm wrong) Its disappointing that this is how people end up losing their lives. Whether it'd be suicide or some other case. What happened to using common sense?
  16. I was about to question the same things. Its good that they want to increase service on all lines receiving CBTC. However, with the current circumstances that we have to deal with the Subway now, would not allow for it. This quote speaks for itself.
  17. Judging from a Satellite view of Co-Op City, If the Baychester Station were to be effective to Co-Op Residents in any way, some adjustments would need to be made at/or along the New England Highway. Even then, I'm not sure if changing that part of the Highway into a Boulevard is even worth it since Co-Op city seems like its been shut off from the rest of the Bronx to me. I could be wrong though.
  18. to Euclid. Jamaica Line Improvements. There’s more already in an existing thread which you can check out here:
  19. The has not released an official study yet, but I found this: Even though the study hasn’t been released yet, come on! $8 Billion Dollars to restore the ROW. Yet the whole project should cost no more than $2 Billion.
  20. Hey, is anyone at the Parade of attains today?
  21. I mean, if you don’t want to be called a leech. You should try to learn how to develop your own BVE Route then. There are a few tutorials and groups aimed at doing that.
  22. Looks nice. There are a few things I don’t agree with but I’ll provide a more detailed explanation tomorrow.
  23. Nice Plan. What program did you use to make that? Also: I don’t agree with the Q66 plan, if you’re going to have it avoid the Queens Plaza Congestion, at least have it terminate somewhere in LIC/Hunters Point for access at the very least. Q4 is fine as is, and I think that the Q96 seems redundant. your Q94 Seems like a Cool idea. But Flushing is already congested as is. As for the Q26, Q27 And Q76, I can not say much cause I don’t know Northeast Queens that well. But I’m all for making the Q76 more effective.
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