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R68A's on Sea Beach/Broadway Express

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This morning, afternoon, and evening (about 15 minutes ago), I rode three R68A (N) trains. Very weird. As a daily rider, I haven't ridden on a R68 (N) since early last year. Here are some pics from my Blackberry Storm (my smartphone)...sorry about the last one. I had to capture the pic before it leaves: 8th Avenue has too many people!

R68A in the morning (departing 1115 8th Avenue)





R68A (and a R160 in the background) [5148-5147-5145-5146; 1825 departing from 59th Street]



Any news on why these 68s were on the (N)? Maintenance on R160s? Testing? (possibly, because I saw two of them run by on the Manhattan Bridge)

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The R160s have a MDBF mileage for a reason meaning that at least one broke down already. The high number means that it's extremely rare, but still took place. If none broke down, there would be no number recorded for that year as in the case with the R44s back in 2000, 2002, or 2003 and the R68/As in another year.

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