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01-16-10 Upper Hudson at Poughkeepsie and New Hamburg

Fred G

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Nice variety of liveries & locations!


I've always wanted to ride the empire connection from NYP & the hudson line from GCT... Perhaps this year..


- A


Thanks. You won't be sorry, (A)




Thanks, other FG


Looks like worth visiting! Great shots, :tup:


Thanks Paul and it is. The Hudson line is scenic both on and off the train and there are a lot of good vistas.


Man soon i gott get up there! I love em!


Does it snow a lot up there?


Like PATCOman said, check the weather as it varies. And thanks!


Nice stuff!




Slammin pics!


Mark: It does snow up there but your best bet is to check the weather. In that blizzard back in December, Philadelphia got more snow than Poughkeepsie, IIRC.


Thanks, and yeah what you said.


Really clear, crisp and a splendid touch of awesome photos from the Metro-North rumbling Poughkeepsie and New Hamburg, the last three surely is way above not only the Hudson but also the tracks...


Thanks, Megabus


Nice Fred!


Thanks, Dan!

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