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06-10-10 LIRR around Glen Cove

Fred G

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I have a project going on in Long Island so of course I must railfan while I'm there. I'm here now, but when I'm there I railfan. I got a few standard shots along the Oyster Bay branch in Glen Cove and at Locust Valley station.



Locust Valley rainy shot.



LOCUST tower; the switch from double to single tracks is just around the bend.



Basic LIRR diesel and bivalves heading easterly into Locust Valley



Hysterical marker at Glen Street station.



Oyster Bay bound train crossing Cedar Swamp Road



Again but with product placement.



Bonus shot at Port Washington.


thanks for looking.


your pal,


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Slammin pics! The Locust tower name plate is unique.


Quite PRR lookin' ;)


Awesome pictures Fred! The last one was pretty nice:tup:. And i see they have the new concrete grade crossings. MNRR should invest in those.


Noooooo...do nothing the LIRR does! :P Well other than choosing locomotives, ok.


@Fred: How did you get that shot of Port Washington? How do I access that ramp?








I guess so, since the concrete ones are more solid and car-friendly in ways, only con is that if it cracks, it would be bad...


It's the first street that crosses the line south of the station.

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Nice photos as usual, you made those C3's actually look good, a hard thing to do! :)


WOW! The locust tower has a restored or reproduction PRR controlled era tower sign, that is something else!! :eek::eek::eek::tup: Many of the towers had these at the peak of PRR's profitability.


- A

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