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CSX Tilford Yard,Atlanta


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I got some pics from a CSX engineer that was sent on a trip by CSX to Atlanta....

Well, I just got here a few moments ago here in the ATL. The city is nice, but the outsides of it suck. Anyway, heres some pics. :D






This was going to be my ride around the yard as I got a tour of it. Finally, I got to sit in the conductors seat for once. ;) B) B) This shot was taken from the office tower.







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The outsides of Atlanta should suck. Your in the wooded south. Your in Jaw-jah. Nice pix.


*How to pronounce words kun-tree style*

Jaw-jah (Georgia), Texus (Texas), Verginyah (Virginia), Nawlins (New Orleans), Ten-us-see (Tennessee), Weezie-anna (Louisiana), Kin-tuck-ee (finger licking state), Yonkus (Yonkers), fixins (I want turkey with all the fixins, she just took off all her fixins), own (turn the lights own), hawspital (hospital), Samin (Salmon), kissah (kisser), san-which (sandwich), etc.....;):o:o:o (cause I sound like this when tawking normly). When angry the West-Indian part comes flying out the closet.

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Im glad you guys liked my pics!:rolleyes: Anyway, Ga did suck. Delta is slow as molasses when it comes to getting on the plane and all that other junk, and the airport is the largest airport in the southeast I think, so I think thats why it was slow. All those guys in ATL had southern accents, so it was kinda hard to understand them.B):P:p:p I hope I never have to go there again. LOL!!(NJT)

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