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05-26-08 Construction Progress at MN Yankee Stadium Station

Fred G

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These are from yesterday 5-26-08. Enjoy!



Taken from the train; we're under the new walkway and you can see the new stairway.



Another from the train showing the new platform.



Detail of platform shot from the existing walkway



Platform shot with a M3a passing.


Here is my 9 photo album

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As usual, you take amazing photos. Thanks for sharing. Is this station suppose to open by opening day of the new stadium or is it adjusted to a different schedule?

It could be earlier, I think its for sure next opening day when the new stadium opens.


This station would work out great for me once NJT serves Grand Central Terminal. B)


Great pics btw Fred!

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Sorry for bein a bit slow...

Do trains already run by Yankee Stadium? Or was that M3 there just a coincidence?


The MNRR hudson line tracks run to the west of the site along the harlem river, the (B)(D) and (6) runs to the other side to the east on an elevated section that is connected directly to the existing stadium. The hudson line and the harlem line split point is a bit farther south near 149th st on the (2)(4)(5). I did not think there was a yankee stadium MNRR station, but it looks as if they are constructing one from the photos. The current site will become either a park or a parking lot (or both) and still allow access from the yankee stadium (B)(D)(6) station.


- Andy

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Thanks guys! The station is slated to open in Spring 2009 so they'd better get crankin'!


Unlike other forms of construction, the northeast usually has quite rapid transportation related timeframes. Also, new techniques allow for even faster construction these days. I bet it'll be done by winter.


- Andy

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