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Official Rapid Transit Trivia Thread

East New York

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For all who have seen the Surface Transit Trivia thread, this will be basicly the same, but obviously for RTO. Enjoy!!



Rules of the Rapid Transit Trivia thread:

  1. One question at a time from one member at a time. One question gets answered correctly and then the next person posts the next trivia question.
  2. No questions about "how many cars at this yard", "how many NTT at this yard" or "what do yo do at this kind of signal". Those are not trivia questions. Let's get some historical facts and figures of the subway system.
  3. No multiple choice trivia questions. All it does is encourage more guessing creating more clutter than needed in this thread.
  4. This is Rapid Transit Trivia. These are questions mostly about the subways past, not what's going on now.
  5. Please make sure the answers to your questions are clear and concise. For example, What year the subway unification happen? 1940. There is no other answer to this question.

Updated August 29th, 2008

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La Guardia?


Correct! Fiorello H. LaGuardia posed for a picture in the cab of a BMT train at the Times Square station in 1940. He was taking part in a ceremony commemorating the transfer of the Brooklyn-Manhattan transport properties from private to public ownership and the unification of the city's three separate subway systems under direct municipal control.

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