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via White Plains Road

Subway pics I took yesterday (10/07/08)!

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Here are some train pics I took with Orion @ New Lots Avenue, Propsect Park, Sheepshead Bay, Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue, Brighton Beach, Times Square-42nd Street and Bowling Green


R-142 (2) and R-62 (3) trains @ New Lots Avenue




Franklin Avenue destination sign @ Botanic Garden, R-40S (;) and R-68 (S) @ Prospect Park





R-40S (:(, R-160B (Q) @ Sheepshead Bay and R-160B (Q) with broken F. I.N.D





R-68 (D), R-160B #9062 (N), R-160B (N)(Q) trains and Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue entrance on Stillwell Avenue side







R-68A (:D(Q) trains and R-160B (Q) train @ Brighton Beach





R-42 (A) train @ Broadway-Nassau Street



R-160B (W) @ Times Square-42nd Street



R-142 (5) train @ Bowling Green


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Nice shots, C. Well I dunno about you fingering your camera in that first one :D:P

Thank you Fred.....I didn't know my finger was in the shot until I uploaded the pic lol


The (S) is the Best if seen :D what type of Digtal Cam you have mate??

Thank you Mark and I have a Kodak Easyshare V-603!


Nice SMEE shots!! I really like that R62 (3) train pic.

Thank you.....glad you liked that one!


Oh, thank you for paying a visit to my home line (and practically my home). Nice photos all around.

Thank you very much and I've been staying in East New York since the 2nd to last weekend in September


that the first time i've seen a R142's front LED so clear in a picture. (5)


And was that Deshawn with you at Sheepshead Bay?

B/c I stood still and the train wasn't moving and yes that is DeShawn with me @ Sheepshead Bay!


The (5) at Bowling Green is Hot!

Thanks and yes it is;)


Very nice!

Thank you Pablo


The R40M on the A is the best when I catch it in the morning. ;)

Hahahahah cool:)

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