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1884 X1 Bus


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LOL! Keep your eyes on the road!


Great shot btw! What phone do you have?


That shot is nice and clear.


Great photo, I wish my phone could take photos like that.


great shot Harry, MCI 2111 always fascinated me./.thats my lucky number now


Thanks guys. My phone is the RIM Blackberry 8300 Curve. It comes with a 2MP camera that takes more than decent shots for a camera phone.



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Oh, thats right, I forgot you have a Blackberry.

Yes, now I remember showing it to you at the Popeye's in Coney Island that Saturday afternoon when some of us met up.


Great shot, Harry!


Thanks Sebastian! Always trying to get a shot everywhere I go.

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I shot this pic of an X1 #1884 express bus on with my camera phone while driving across the Verrazano Narrows Bridge yesterday afternoon. When I was previewing the pic I almost rear ended the thing. I gotta be more careful.


You could of gotten a real close up shot then.

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