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Frolicking through the Woods....ide and other places


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Love those Queensboro Plaza Shots! By the way, Orion 123, is that the same bus that used to be under New York City Transit Jurisdictions?

Thanks, and yes from Staten Island I believe. You can tell from the black back with the white MTA Bus and # in white instead of at the top being blue.


Excellent pics.



Brilliant! I see you caught 7253! Nice express shots especially!

Thanks. I would've gotten the front but I saw it from the Q37 first stop so I had to run to it via the Q10 stop and I almost got hit by a few cars, lol.

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Nice pix and happy to see CitiBank Building laying in bed, :)!




Good stuff



Even though the QM2 is a CP route, this is the first time I've seen a picture of an Orion V on it. Overall, nice pictures!

Thanks! College Point puts Orion V CNGs on express routes during AM/PM rush (mostly AM)


Great shots, my favorite is the one of 8070



Nice pics, love the 123 catch!



Nice pics , 7253 still has the Orange LCD , amazing

Thanks! I think it'll keep it till it retires

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