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Train pics and vids of the R-32 and R-40M/R-42 F @ 57th Street and Kings Highway!

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So Majinvegeta (Shane) and I decided go chase after the R-40M/R-42 on the (F) yesterday...long and behold we finally got them, also caught some R-32's as well...here are the pics and vids....hope ya like:tup:












57th Street!


Attention Attention: R-40M/R-42 F train from Ditmas Avenue to Kings Highway via Culver Local!


Attention Attention: R-40M/R-42 F trains @ Kings Highway (Culver Line)!

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Nice pictures, and video. Good job on catching those R32s/R42s.


Thank you very much!

Nice catch on those trains!






Nice SHots!


Thanks guys!


Nice images, you're lucky to catch an R40M/R42 train on the (F). I can't even find one set of those cars when riding the (F), but luckily I get the r32s yay! Great catches!


Thank you. Patience is a virture...waited @ 57th Street several R-46's (ugh) and R-32's went by and then the R-40M/R-42 rolled in...rode to Kings Highway and then to Neptune Avenue and back!

Stunning photos. I think I've seen 4748 operate on the (R) too...


Thanks Charles!


Nice pix and vids... I caught a R-32 (F), an oddly mixed up R-40M/42 and a R-160 (E)... Saw the R-40M/42 (F) across the platform leaving Roosevelt Island... Was a cool ride today, :)!


Perfect Views on the R32 pics! Keep it up!


Thanks guys!

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You guys are so lucky. Everything happens when you're around! And that's good, because you provided us with fabulous picks of this rare sight! I must, must, must get out with you guys when I come back in March. Awesome pics!


Why thank you....Majinvegeta is my good luck friend, yes you must railfan with us when you come back to New York City!


Great pics and catch! Around what time did you get the R32 and R42 (F) trains?


Thanks and its b/w 4:30-5:45pm!

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