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Your favorite piece of subway art?

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I like seeing the HOJO and Pray tags all over the system. While there not part of the Arts for Transit program, it's always cool to spot these 2 tags all over the system. I know alot of people wont agree with me or like that fact that I like graffiti in the system, so save it.

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Guest Charles

Q is for Queens, which can be found on the Flushing line. i think it does a great job of representing the ethnically diverse culture & people of the Queens neighborhoods that the (7)/<7> serves.

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The revelers, and the one at GCT are my favorite.


Branching out isn't so bad either though, and those weird little people (life underground?) that are found all over the west side's stations. I also enjoy the brooklyn bridge station's cable fare control gates/fences that look like wire rope from the bridge. City hall station is also very beautiful.


- A

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That poem thing on the passage way from the 8th Ave part of 42nd St Station to the part where the 7th, Broadway, and Flushing lines meet.


Is that the...


Overslept / If late / Get Fired / Why bother? / Why the pain? / Just go home / Do it again


'cos that's probably my favorite piece of subway art. It's so strange and ambiguous.


Otherwise I haven't had a chance to check out the new South Ferry station, and I don't know... there's so much great art in the system. The "life underground" guys gotta some of the oddest. I hope to see them pop up at other place around the system... and more sewer gators/monsters, too. Haha.

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That would be Life Underground by Tom Otterness. My favorite as well.


Yup I like that one as well. It's subtle, but there. The figures are interesting to look at if you check out the details.


I also like the artwork at Stillwell and 28th St (6)

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Old South Ferry (1) and New South Ferry-Whitehall St (1)(R)(W)

5th Av-53rd St (E)(V)

Lex Av-53rd/51st Sts (E)(V)(6)

Lex Av-59th St (4)(5)(6)(N)(R)(W)

50th St (1)

59th St-Columbus Circle (A)(:((C)(D)

47th-50th Sts/Rockfeller Center (;)(D)(F)(V)

110th St (2)(3)

23rd St (6)

Grand Central (4)(5)(6)(7)<7>(S)



23rd St-Ely Av/Court Sq (E)(V)/(G)

33rd, 40th, 46th Sts (7)

Flushing-Main St (7)<7>

74th St-Broadway/Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av (7)(E)(F)(G)(R)(V)

Stainglasses along (J)(M)(Z)

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