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Footwear (what do you wear)


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Doc Martens




Dunks (low tops for now, at least...mine are at least 5 yrs old and it aint fun when it rains)




Top Tens (yes, in this color scheme too)




Don't know if I should get some hi-top Dunks or AF1s next...

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Dang KR, you don't let your feet breathe every know and then??? Lol just kidding.

I wear Vans for skating. I bought a new pair but I haven't worn them yet. I have four pairs of Nikes that I wear when I don't skate. I have a pair of Timbs in brown that I wear when the weather sucks.

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What's a good local place to get AF1s & Dunks (Nike stuff in general as well)?


Foot locker I guess, but they don't have a lot of variety. I was shocked to see the ones I posted cause I saw them online and loved them. Plus they were on sale for $62 or so

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I got my most recent pair (Nike Force South Shoe) before knowing what Nike SB's are. Here's a pic I took of them back in February:




(BTW, the shoes in the background are for track)



These are the two pairs of SB's I want, but which unfortunately are both out of my price range:


New castles (which ironically are reminiscent to metrocards)



Sea Crystals


(I would not be able to keep those in good condition)


note - photos not mine

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