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2 Orion V's at Basiley Pk Depot

R32 3838

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They don't store buses there, Its a New Arraval, Most New Arrivals Are Parked in the Back.


Thats true to some extent, but they have kept temporary buses at the back lot before and sometimes around the depot, also at the front. I dont think these buses are for keeps, seeing as there are no drivers at BP who are trained for any Orion V whatsoever,and it would also make no sense to train them for buses that are going to get scrapped in less than a year or so. There has been word flying around that JFK was going to receive more Vs, not including those WCBL Vs that everyone knows about.


I think these are going to JFK, but we'll see in due time. It would make sense to send these buses to the 2nd top MTA Bus Depot to get worked on since Eastchester is rushing those WCBL Orion Vs out for service very soon.


Overall, Nice catch!

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