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MTA: Service cuts up ahead


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New York state came up $200 million short of its payroll-tax projection for 2009 -- and that could lead to MTA service cuts as early as next year, sources said yesterday.


But there won't be a fare hike in 2010, not with one already scheduled for 2011, MTA officials noted.


"If fares are off the table, I don't know how else to rescue the budget by that much money without service cuts, as well as additional administrative savings," one board member said.


Since Gov. Paterson cut $143 million from its budget this year, the MTA has to make up $343 million by the end of next year

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So, let me get this straight.... With economy in a slump, the state's best plan is "spend less & have less service"? I think most of these people are bean counting idiots who have no idea how transit/rail transportation works.


If you reduce service, the % of reflected reduced fares will be lower, as in less people will use the service provided after the decrease, not just proportional to the service cut, but even lower. If you change a bus route to 10 stops from 20, those 10 stops will have less people, A. because some of the abandoned stops will be the destination or start point, and B. people don't want to risk missing a bus at a stop that may be all most as far as walking.


Rail transportation, how it really works, relies on expansion of routes and increases in service where possible. Holding steady is fine, but decreasing service or shortening the route will result in severely diminished ROI, if you want to save money, cutting length off a route or eliminating it will cut into fares generated, so you basically lose income while losing possible future increases in income. What should be done to generate income is to sell or lease stuff (objects etc) you don't need anymore, such as older rolling stock, surplus parts, offer as many special service and/or excursion trains as the public asks for (paid with special ticket sales), focus on the day to day costs that can be trimmed, such as even the lube grease used, the sand for traction etc, save small to save big, because those overhead costs will always be there no matter how huge or small your 'road is. Cutting routes only harms rail transportation. The retiree generation, who worked with the Reading, PRR, NYC etc etc, they have the knowledge to save the (MTA), if only folks in charge would listen.


- A

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Definally, I will be ready for next public hearing and go to every public hearings as possible and make speech.

I don't want to see express bus to be ended up like $7.50 something or $2.50~$3.00 and 30-Day MetroCard going to be more expensive like maybe $110?


Staten Island properly will protest toll hike paying $11 in pennies if one way toll goes over like $14-$15 and Long Island Bus could become seperate fare which I will not support.

I do not support elimation of service cut on low ridership buses, train service, or subway service.

Even Bee-Line buses will properly affected.

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I would say we all knew that some type of cuts would come down the pipeline somwhere......the bailout in my eyes was just a short answer.......there is a list of bus and rail cuts on another post.....but what is amazing is that the Politicians last summer voted to get a pay increase with the shenanigans they pulled and bobble head seems to not be able to get Albany in order!! So with Albany in disarray New York will just be a mess till we elect a guy that is a recovering drug addict or something (Marion Barry)


poor one guy/gal that needs a bus or train to get to work and it is on the chopping block....

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