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metro north bronx commuter shuttle info needed


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Good day


Metro north runs commuter shuttles to/from the RR stations,,routes are designated by letters.



Does anyone have the routings ,,turn by turn,,descriptions????



the public timetable maps,..etc,,are not complete..


thanks .






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Why are you saying that?


Hudson Rail Link is not a very publicized system. The map is detailed enough, but that omitted route "L" is something I wonder about too.





As me Amtrak7 says^^





I guess you don't know much about Metro-north since u want it locked.....


I didnt even know such a thing exsisted untill right now


Yeah the Hudson Rail link provides people in Riverdale and Spyten Duvil bus service to the MNR station




Theres already a thread about this///

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Mind showing us where?




Theres already a thread about this///



Before putting that lock up, please pin point where the dupt is at...


And if the thread is like a year or more old, i dont see a problem with creating a new thread.


They're convenient because Spuyten Duvill (sp?) station is located near a steep hill and no local bus serves it.


I wish it was expanded a bit more on the HL. Theres always a hill to go to some MNR stations on Warburton Avenue/Broadway/Route 9 in Westchester.. Such as Greystone or Hastings.

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