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Two Photos + Several Videos @ Stillwell Ave

Cait Sith

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Great shots and vids! I love the first shot, and the vid with the RTS and train in the background.


I love my CNGs...Starting to hate the RTS.


Heh on the first and second shot you caught a double whammy, B68 and R68.


Great shots and videos as always!


Have you gone mad???!!!

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I think he gets high on CNG fuel.


I can imagine the dude masquerading as a mechanic so he can go into West Farms or Gleason and smell the CNG. Mwahahaha..

What I do in my spare time is my business. B)
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He who dislikes the RTS and/or chooses CNG shit over them is stdupid and just damn messed up. What the hell can the CNGs give you that the RTS' haven't been providing for the last two decades?


they should get some RTS suburbs and make the coach seats just a little smaller.

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